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All right, uh, Aaron Donald a similar issue with him. And that was the surprise that popped up on Sunday during the pregame show. I caught wind of it before we started the five-hour extravaganza that Rodney was going to say something about Aaron. Donald was really going to stir things up. And Rodney said, there's a strong possibility, Aaron Donald retires. If they win on Sunday spoiler alert, they did win for any of you out there, I'm sure, there's, nobody out there who has like not watched the game yet and.

Has resisted like I can't really carve out four hours until Tuesday night, I'm going to wall myself off from what's happening. And if you are you're, not watching this show because obviously you're going to hear at some point in the course of this hour who won the Super Bowl, but they won the Super Bowl. Aaron Donald's saying, all the non-committal things about the future, same as little Sean and Aaron Donald. Uh, I I I don't.

I don't know where this goes. I don't know where this goes, because he put so much of. Himself into his preparations for each and every season that may be the thing that causes him to say, you know, at age 30, and I've done everything that I wanted to do. Maybe I don't do this anymore.

I would totally applaud that. I mean, we've seen a bunch of players, not a bunch, but a handful of halls of fame. Players, first ballot hall of fame. Players walk away at a young age, and they're still able to walk and enjoy life and do all the things with the rest of their life. And I would applaud that if.

Aaron Donald did that, and you know what mike if he walked away today at age 30, I am saying he's, one of the two best defensive players in NFL history. He will be in the hall of fame within in five years when he becomes eligible. First ballot, everything he's done it's, just been an amazing career. And to me the Super Bowl ring capped that off. So I would applaud that if he did that, and it would be a shame because I think there's a lot more of Aaron Donald to see in this game, and he contain can continue.

To play at a high level. He was third and defensive player of the voting, uh this year, and he should have been higher than that. He should at least been second behind TJ watt, but he's still an outstanding defensive player. The best defensive player in football. No one's going to question that everyone would tell you that there's, no argument there great player.

One of the greatest players in history period into story. He also should have been Super Bowl 56 MVP. That is a topic that we will be discussing. Later in the program and ultimately for something like professional football, or even coaching, whatever or any other job that is demanding physically mentally spiritually, emotionally, a demanding hard job. If you don't want to do it doesn't do it if you're done you're done and there's?

Nothing wrong with that. If Aaron Donald is done, if he's put everything that he can into the sport of professional football and is ready to move on bravo that's. Your call fans shouldn't get mad about, and I'm sure fans of. Teams like the 49ers and the Seahawks and the cardinals and the packers and the buccaneers and any other contenders in the NFC probably happy about it and the Bengals, if the Bengals get back to the Super Bowl, they don't have to worry about Aaron Donald anymore, but uh, if he wants to move on, then that's his call. And you know, one thing that has been lost in all these sims. And I talked about this earlier today, Aaron Donald is a Pittsburgh guy through and through.

And as I've learned very recently, Living 100 miles south of Pittsburgh and being in Los Angeles for nine days. It is like you got on a rocket ship and went to a different planet. It really is I'm, not passing judgment, I'm saying, it is the equivalent of going to a completely different galaxy between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, and you're there for five months out of the year, minimum that's your life that's where you are and that's part of the overall toll that it exacts upon you as a human being there's, only so much crap. Any. Of us can deal with whether it is physical, whether it is mental, whether it is emotional and spiritual. You get to a point where you just can't do it anymore, and he's climbed the mountain he's reached the pinnacle he's, a walk-in Hall of Famer. And his sim said, Sunday night after the Super Bowl, he goes straight into that that inner room that is reserved for the guys where we don't have to have the debate.

And some would say those are really the only ones who should be in the hall of fame. Anyway, That everything else is filler. The ones who walk right in without question, the Brett fares, the Peyton Manning, the Tom Brady, the Aaron Donald, the Lawrence Taylor, maybe that's, the only ones that should be in it anyway, but that's where Aaron Donald goes know it when you see it Hall of Famer, and if that's what he wants to do that's, his prerogative and shireen. If this is also a leverage play to replace the final three years of a contract that is due to pay out a total of 55 million more power. To him, it's time for Stan krone who's been ripping bills off that big-ass bankroll.

You know, he's got that George Constanza wallet that he pulls out only it's, not coupons for a free save the tiger. Uh poster from the Exxon station in Fort Lauderdale, it's cash, baby cold, hard cash, filling up that hamburger size wallet it's time to start paying if you're going to fork over 790 million without blinking to st. Louis it's time to start paying your guys who got you that trophy that you seem to be so. Immediately in love with, and if you want to keep Aaron Donald, you got to pay him if you want to keep Sean McKay, you got to pay him and then a damn thing wrong with Aaron Donald or Sean McKay, saying, hey, Stan, you want to keep me here time to pay me well. And mike, you pointed out in a post, I think it was earlier today.

It might have been yesterday, but he has three years remaining on his contract. And the average of those three years is 18.3 million per year. That's. Not enough to me. Aaron Donald is us.

In that quarterback money, right? He makes that big of a difference. There are very few of those players, especially defensively who I would say that about, I would say that about Aaron Donald, you pay him like a quarterback because he's earned that. And he showed it again in the Super Bowl to me, the rams don't win that Super Bowl if they don't have Aaron Donald. Yeah, um.

I agree, uh completely and as we'll discuss. He was the the the MVP, hi I'm, mike, trio. And thanks for watching make sure to hit. Subscribe for the latest news and highlights from NBC sports.

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