Why Apex Needs To Add A Loba Swimsuit Skin (Video Essay)


Hello everybody, my name is big citrus and let's get into it. Um. So sometimes I kind of post these community polls on my YouTube, you know, kind of asking what videos you guys want me to make next. And you know, I posted this one today, you know, this one, this option got some numbers. And this got some this got some more, um. And then the very hippy top here. Uh, yeah.

I mainly, uh, put this option here as a complete, uh joke option, uh, but I absolutely should have known better. So uh. Now I am in the position that. I find myself in, and you know, of course, I would have done a four-hour video essay on this topic, which you know, I'm trying to get this out before the escape launch trailer. So I feel like within this time frame that I have, I can say pretty much everything that needs to be said about one of the most pressing topics and matters that the apex community have seen in a long time.

I've prepared a lengthy and girth thesis statement on this. So you know if any of this is too like high intellect speak for. You people to understand, I am sorry, but just try your best to, uh, you know, keep up with me here, Bob from apex. Legends, absolutely needs a swimsuit, uh, you know, bikini style, skin and there's.

A lot of reason for this let's just go over 10 points, and we'll delve into each of them. Number one representation, women in video games have often been unrepresented in terms of the strong, female sexual outstanding character, whenever there's a strong female character in a video game, and they force her to be. Strong, you know, they cover her up, you know, they don't really let her be a free. Uh, you know, majestic, beautiful woman, it feels like in gaming. We really, you know, hide, the fact that women's bodies are beautiful and there's.

Nothing wrong with anything being. You know, sexualized or kind of under-representing women in a sexual way in the gaming industry. I honestly cannot think of any examples off the top of my head, tell me why for male characters. This is okay to show this vulgar, just. Absolutely out there and there's, no apologies like just sexual design. And this is all we get for the women characters makes no sense for me.

Number two, respawn, desperately needs the sales right now. I've talked about the life of Apex Legends many times on this channel about you know, how is the game doing is it dying? Is it killing other games, bloody bloody bloody block and right now with ranked Kings Canyon and kind of dead period in between seasons, it's been a lower point for apex and my initial. Theory when they added Cuba, the first time was, they were like.

Alright, our numbers are down. Other games are beating us. It's time to add something with an incredible asset that will ultimately put us over the top and ultimately get lots of eyes on the game. That is why with logo's design. They decided to give her braids, because we all know, braids are very cool.

And they knew ultimately that everyone really likes braids, because it reminds them of Norwegian vikings, and it would ultimately attract tons. Of eyes to the game and get people downloading it just to check out this new character and how absolutely thick her hair is adding a swimsuit skin to the game would be a great way to boost sales numbers and downloads for the launch of season 11. Number three logo does not have many good skins like I was saying kind of in point number one, I feel like with a lot of logos skins. I just don't necessarily think that you can really see a lot of her body, which let me just say right now, I'm, not some. Sort of pervert or fiend, I don't necessarily find it necessary to have women showing off their bodies, even in video games.

But you know, let's be honest. Can you see anything here? I didn't think, so I think a swimsuit skin that was a little more revealing would definitely help. I feel like this would be perfect for low.

But I actually get a chance to show off her braids, because I feel like the clothing is a little distracting from the braids. And if they probably took some of it off, I feel like we. Could see the braids better number four, it would go perfect with season, 11's theme, obviously, we're getting some sort of tropical island map for season 11. So I think it would be perfect.

We had a logo swimsuit skin. I think it's really important that we kind of get people in this tropical feel and people can really enjoy and get invested inside the absolute mass. That is the tropical island having skins that complement the theme, I think is very significant number five. It would help lobe be played.

More than amazing as lobe is she's, not one of the most played characters. And there are a few reasons for that it's a little difficult to use her bracelet. And I feel like a lot of people don't use black market correctly. It seems like respawn really wants the pick rate of each character to be very near in line with each other. So I think adding a skin that ultimately makes people proud to play lobe and just kind of relate to her more.

I think that would definitely help the pick rate number six it. Would go with lobe's heritage, it seems like lobe is a mix of a few ethnicities, including Portuguese Spanish. And of course, Brazilian we're not 100 sure, but I think it's safe to say that she is probably Brazilian for two big reasons. And there are specific types of Brazilian swimsuits that logo could certainly wear that I think would be a great way to embrace the heritage of this amazing character and bring some more cultural relevance to this game. Number seven, it would make for fantastic. YouTube.

Thumbnails, I don't have anything extra to add at this point. I just wanted to put that out there number eight, it will actually make players more accurate. See a lot of apexes. Players are very good, but some are not so good.

And I feel like they would need an easier time having something to look at having this skin have less, clothing will really highlight lobe's braids. So people can actually have a much easier time seeing her and focusing on her. I feel that the clothing with the other skins is a bit. Distracting and distracting the braids, ultimately, swimsuit skin would help with this regard. I think would increase the focus of a lot of people number nine. It would make for a incredible global Halloween.

Costume Halloween is right around the corner. And I think this would be a very easy costume to do for any aspiring cosplayers who want to do it. It would be quick, easy, cheap and effective and definitely be good for the marketing of the game. I saved the best season for last in the sophisticated. Amazing in-depth video essay number 10, this opens up the possibility for a Gibbs swimsuit skin. If I can be perfectly honest with you guys as many great reasons, there are to add a logo swimsuit skin. Nothing really outclasses.

The need for a Gibbs swimsuit skin, we're, talking sales numbers through the roof when you're talking respawn and Apex Legends are getting a huge statue memorial in front of the White House. And ultimately, I don't really think that it could ever be disputed. What is the best. Battle royale ever again. You would ask someone on the street, and they might have to think about it for a little. But then you would show them the Gibbs swimsuit skin. And their opinion would immediately be decided, and they would go home download the game immediately and never touch anything else.

Again. Those are my thoughts and reasons if you guys have anything sophisticated to send me, make sure you send it by raven, and please use black ink. I've had some people use blue ink. Also, if you can make. Sure it is already wrapped in a scroll when you send it to me, that'd be really cool if there are any doctors or scientists or philosophers who have anything to say about this, you can also comment down below and yeah, let me know your guy's thoughts. Hopefully you guys understood all the reasons I said in this video and yeah, thank you guys for watching join my community, discord and follow my social links in the link to description below. We can further discuss the need for a lobe and Gibbs swimsuit.

Skin and as always have a damn good, one.

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