We Packed The Goat!! | Epic 1,000 Sticker Pack Opening 😱


Right Ryan do you know what we're doing today? No we're going to search for Messi? Do you want to find Messi and Ronaldo? Yes, because they might be in the top European Champions League collection right now, we're going to open the packs and see if we can get messy or Ronaldo, oh, my, gosh.

Wow. What are these packs they're? The packs inside this we're going to open them up. These are the new tops European Champions League sticker collection with the sticker book, and we're going to see if we can find Messi and. Ronaldo, oh, someone's got some moves out here.

Today. We have to open the sticker book. Oh, I bought this, but it's different from that. Oh, my gosh, are we going to get messy and Ronaldo? Are we going to get some good players in the book? So we're about to open up the wafer Champions League top sticker collection. We've got packs here to open.

I want to open one. Yeah, you could live into an older one, oh he's. There he's there at the bottom as you can see. So we've got to try and find his sticker and put it over and.

Bappy Neymar, they've got some good players, PSG. So let's count. How many packs we've got we've got 50 packs in here and there's 10 in each pack, 10 stickers, 10 stickers.

There 10 stickers there. We've got six packs here. And we've got one two, three, four, five, yeah, which one do you want to open dad, let's open this one actually right?

We're going to see how many players we can put in the sticker book? Okay, Rome. He's focusing. This is his focus face. Do you want me to help you? No?

Thanks, oh, um. Look, how many bags. I've got, oh, my gosh, roman that is so many packs I can't, wait to open these and see how many stickers we can put in a sticker book. Are we going to get messier? Ronaldo? Are you doing arms?

Come to join us? Give me a spud? Do you want to help open in the packs? Yeah.

So am do you know what this is. This is the UEFA Champions League top sticker collection. Okay. So you get the players you find their number. And then we found already a messy on them. Yeah, but we found where Messi is, but we haven't got the cards.

Yet, the sticker that's where mercy is. So the challenge is, and who's going to unpack Messi or Ronaldo Emily, should we make this a battle? One versus one I'm, going to try and open this one? Okay? So can I open it?

The first pack is getting open right now I'm sitting there darling. So all right, oh my gosh, have you got your first pack, no way, no way the first card of the first pack next one, but that is, uh, hold on one. Second, babe, hey, it's, literally got messy. The first, hey, that is mad. People.

Gonna think that's a fix guy you're going to think that is a fix. I can't believe that I'm going to keep this okay, something then, oh, my god it's going to run is it a goalkeeper? I can't roam.

Furthermore, I can't believe that guys, I am actually unless it's messy in every pack. Furthermore, I am fully in shock. Furthermore, I can't believe that out of all the packs the first pack he opened that is just crazy. Yeah, yeah. He's. The best player in the whole book mess is on he's in the book. Yeah, Messi's in the book.

And I've got a trophy. I just me. Cannot believe that the first card of the first pack we're going to be here, pms people, ain't even going to believe that happened. I think Emily's a good sticker isn't.

She'm the best pig in the car right when you can open yours at the same time. Pedro is a great player. Wow. We got the last one Marcelo, great, carter, great sticker to have.

She could pop out. Would you say that again, guys, I'm ready for this? Joel Felix is a great player around rays. James what a baller for Chelsea got a shiny look. At that round, which was shiny guys that is amazing that's, a good car to have where's. My, um where's, my trophy.

What are we trying to find? Oh, okay. Dad tries this one now. Okay.

Am I going to get Cristiano Ronaldo? That is the question. Look? How clean I open that? Yeah, I'm sure I've got shiny there. I've got a tray let's, put the shines in the pile in here. Some good cards here, but no Ronaldo.

Can I just open one more? Can I just open one more? Please, please, please, please, oh god. Dad, you sound like a kid, my.

Boyfriend in one day, so we're, both opening one come on vote courts. We've got lots of cards already to be stuck in. And you are going to be being sticking these in guys, the big ones that we need. Now are these two there's Neymar.

And there is m. You see them there, hey, they're, the biggest ones we need to get out. Okay, okay. And then we've got dusty sitting down there, hi baby.

Wait Rome. Do you want to get it? Or do you want Emily to get it?

I want to get it. Oh, that's. Nice, financing. That's.

Good. You've got. Raheem sterling you're, getting some good ones and any shines, hi, dusty, how are you doing baby's there are you?

Okay? Baby sleeping what's. Baby, doing baby, very done. Dark. Baby. Stand up.

You want me to do it. Okay. There's.

Baby standing up. Yeah, it's got Ronaldo. Yay. We got Ronaldo guys. This might actually be. This is the lucky round for me and roman.

Okay. So let's see who's going to get the luckiest out of you in Rome. I got trophy. Yes, roman has just literally opened up and got mo Salah. Rome you're, an absolute. Machine at this pulling out some absolute wellies, oh, no, don't, chop his head off open.

It properly. Guys. We've got PS3, shiny PSG shiny.

I remember shiny was everything shiny is everything babe babes for some reason roman's opening up some absolute wellies got my boobies out here. Mate all right? I just wonder where he gets that type of banter from do you answer, but you're going to give me the sausage. We've got loads of shines. Look at them.

Oh Bruno, Fernandez. Bruno, Bruno, Bruno right, I'm going to show. You guys how to get Neymar, give me a pack watch this. Yes. I got one.

He really didn't want to do that I'm telling you guys, you think positively it will come to you attract it. Oh, cheerleading on a shiny. That is unbelievable. Oh, van dyke. Oh, my gosh, who has packed out Killian and paper, boom, boom. Move baby. You believe that I just thought I just attracted that positivity guys I'm telling you just believe it's going to happen.

And it happens. I pulled him out. I said, it. Furthermore, I pulled him out the chances of that are. Very slim it's like that is it? Can you believe that people are going to think this whole video is fixed, I know, it's just crazy and Mbapp is getting stuck down here?

We go guys, oh, well, wow. I protect that my pain don't even make him like that. He's a girl guy. Can I mention one tiny thing here, a mess, no, not the mess, romance, got football training in 15 minutes, right? We're going to have to finish off opening these when we get back guys while roman is that football training. Should we tell the guys where?

Emily will be Emily will be at swimming. Her swimming is unbelievable we're so proud of her, but she's so shy. She doesn't want us to use any footage or talk about it, but she is she's one of the best swimmers around for our age right.

So we're going to get changed let's. Go Rome's, getting ready for football. Now you guys doing, oh, you smokey Mumbai.

Right? We got a get ready quick roam. Otherwise, we're going to be late for training.

So close on I'm going to get mine on, and I'll. See you downstairs in a minute. Okay, my Eddie does shirt. I use it for training. Look at that you guys mix, and I have another kid. Oh, unlucky. Good, try, so he's just come in guys, and instantly he wants to go back over and open.

The packs tell the guys how training was RO perfect. What happened anything? Um, really, good lad. Well, why don't you just find the numbers? And just look at the numbers? Look if that's 112 next pages, the next page, what that's 100 next pages will be num112.

Look. Look at the top, where is it seeing there 112 see right?. So we need to get all this organized. Okay. So let's, organize.

It let's, see how many you can stick in before Emily gets home. Okay, guys. I found my salad and my salad here. So two more ones, stick them on then put them on a sticker, put them on really carefully if you're sticking them on it's, not free. So far nice.

Well, done pressure's on this. One is he going to do a good stick or a bad? Stick pressure's on guys, good stick or bad stick. What do you think no that's, right? That's, a good stick. I like that so I'm. Just getting a trim with cheetah barber and roman's come in and said, what I got this player anymore name off Neymar junior.

Hey, martini, go and stick him in the book. Mate give me some skin. You cute little dog, you have to get out. So the guys are doing a great job. I've just got my hair cut. I've come inside, and you've all organized it up, which is brilliant Emily went swimming today and absolutely smashed it so guys, we hope you enjoyed this video. These packs are absolutely brilliant.

We opened them. All up can't believe we've got Messi first and foremost, we've got the book that's nearly complete we're, absolutely buzzing until next time. Guys now, we're after in based, Neymar and we're going to see if we can fill out the book with all of these stickers, come on the guys having so much fun opening up the tops Champions League sticker collection and filling them in look.

How many packs we've got look. How many packs is ridiculous. You.

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