Vw Jetta Tdi - Relay 109 ?? Won't Start! Won't Shift!


So, you know, the globe plug light should come on right? There. Try no glow. Plug light should be on.

You know, right up there. And it just cranks all girls alike. Awesome.

She is cool boots. She is cold on the side. Mm, Volkswagen, Jetta, TDI. That means diesel for you though those you that don't know that I'm sure everybody watching this knows that though probably the reason you're watching it super could out.

Let me tell you a little about what's going on. So yesterday, I drove this thing down on my wife's. Work, and as you can see there are a lot of miles on it, two hundred and sixty-two thousand seven hundred for a diesel it's, not that bad, but for that many miles on it, there are a few little things that could happen here. There it's its been around a while, so I shut it off visited my wife at work. And then maybe two minutes later, I went to go restart it. And it wouldn't start a couple of things I noticed when I wouldn't start, and I've done a lot of research on this. So I'm, hoping this can help people.

This thing would crank and crank and crank, and it wouldn't start it wouldn't give me my glow, plug light. And it would just it would just crank crank crank, but never catch. So it was like great. This is awesome glow.

Plug lights not coming on has me worried it's, a's, a major thing or something like that something with glow plugs. So I left, and I went home to go get my tool kit. I came back I was going to disconnect the battery and reconnect it just to see if that would make any kind. Of a difference, and the freaking thing just started up so that figures it's running, but then once it starts up it's through a check engine, light code. So let me stop there for a moment.

And let me explain no glow, plug light. And crank crank could be that there's a little real lay underneath here. It's real a109. It could be bad. These things are notorious for having real a109, go bad.

And then things like glow, plug light, won't, come on and car won't start. And then you replace that little you. Know, eight to twenty dollar part, depending on where you're going and bam, it works like magic. But the other weird little things that happened simultaneously with that problem, not only that the check engine light then come on. Once it did start I did run the codes I'll tell you about that in a second. But then the transmission went into limp mode, which means it usually gives you either second or third gear.

And it won't shift out of that, and it'll give you reverse still as well, but there's a issue. Right so did do a little of research online. Some people are saying, there's, a transmission like output speed sensor kind of deal it's, not a very expensive thing, probably 40 or 50 bucks replace that could fix this from being in limp mode. You know, what else fixes it putting it in first gear, it'll actually come to more scare, and then I can manually shift the gears up, but from two to three it's, a little weird, and the Rpm will go up a little, and then it'll shift. So that's, a little.

Awkward, but doing a lot of research all has to do with more or less that sensor for the transmission, output speed thing rather than an actual transmission problem, which is good news. That means you know, cheaper check engine. Light codes. There were three of them. The last two all related to the first one, and I'll put the code in the description of the video because I don't, remember what it was, but the code was for engine, speed sensor.

So it's like what the heck so engine speed sensor. And then that. Transmission output speed sensor thing.

Those are all separate. Those are separate sensors. But it seems to be in my case. All three little sensors decided they wanted to be a .

And cause this random occurrence of multiple issues. All at once, of course, don't, you know, that's how things work. So after that I didn't drive it after I mean, I got it home after having a Code Red and stuff I, don't know if it's going to start, but it's cold and frosty out, so we're going to try it see what happens and. Then I'm going to check under this I might have to go back up and get some tool. Oh, just kidding. My tools are right there and check to see what the fuse looks like under here that real a109, just because I'm told that if it's a real a109, and I'll show you what it looks like. But if it's black, it's, probably the original one that came here, you know, from the factory, which means with this many miles on it that little part needs to get fixed.

And then it'll start turning without any problems. Hopefully limp mode will just go away when that happens, but we'll see. And then if it's not black it's, actually gray, then gray means it's got the newer updated one that still probably wouldn't hurt to just go ahead and replace it. So let's, see, if we get our globe plug light here when I turn, the key forward fingers crossed it came on folks and started up. And we do have that check engine light. You are such a bastard all right that being said it started up and that relay as it starts to go out at.

First can do exactly this leave you stranded or cut out in the middle of driving and then start and run good for like a week or two before you have another mishap and blah, blah, blah till you get it fixed. This on the other hand is that engine speed sensor thing. So I've got a lot going on here with this little car. If any of you guys have ever experienced this type of thing, please leave a comment or something about your experience. And what you found it to be. So this is engine speed sensor then I.

Have maybe a transmission speed sensor, which is being weird with limp mode on top of that I had that no start situation yesterday where it could be real a109. So like I said, a lot going on with this I suppose I could just fix all three of these things. And then sort of just, you know, see what happens?

But alright, so I'm going to go ahead and shut this bad boy off, and then we're going to I'm going to look under here and see what I need to actually get under this panel thing and check out that little. Relay show you what it looks like this totally isn't, what I wanted to show you. But this is the one on the side of the dash and I decided to open it up, and I just wanted to point out I like cars to do this little thing like they give you a little pair of fuse tweezers, it's so cool because you can, I'm actually holding it the right way you can sit there, and you use it to like grab hold of one and pull it out, and it makes it so much easier than trying to like to scrape your fingernails up trying to. Get in here, but as you can see this isn't, this isn't, what I wanted to show you, but I saw it here. So I wanted to take a peek inside just to see if there was anything that might be sort of relevant to what's happening.

And there isn't, really so in case, you're wondering, it took a little t20 Torn head thing to get these little screws that are shaped all crazy-like off to some persuasion. I usually break things when I work on them. So maybe don't fight pay attention to this part I might be doing it.

Totally wrong, oh, come on the hell stopping here it's like this thing. So the side pieces there. We go say, that's, a good way of doing is rip the whole thing apart. All right anyway, got it open ground, copper. Strange hair, come on get out of there all right so got the entire stream inside there.

So it looks pretty ugly and barren. Let's. Take a look under here. Oh, still don't, see what I want to see like there's. Another cover we're going to have to remove I'm, actually using the phone's camera to look under.

Here, yep, I think, we're going to have to remove some more junk to get to what we need goody. Well, here's, what I'm going to try I. Think this little metal cover thing is in the way it's got a bunch of the same little Torn screws, just want to Peary.

Then I, take this plate off here, see if that gives me what I want so that helped, but the thing I can tell you right now is this other half of this plastic piece, that's going to have to come off to you. So this whole metal thing comes down, and as I was doing. This I peeked inside here, remember that real a109 I was telling you about Wow there's, some relays in here. So I can get the camera kind of where my finger is and this one right there. You can see where it says, oh, nine, I think that's. The one on I'm I'm after what I'm thinking anyway, it's such a pain in the butt all right. So we're cut that stupid plate off.

And here it is just a metal plate that's behind the plastic parts. And as you can see in here now that you've got complete access right. Under the steering wheel, real a109 here's. The confusing part as I told you guys earlier I was told black box means old version gray box means new. This thing is like white. If anything is kind of like, you know, yellowish, old colored like it's, just it's like I, don't, even know, um.

But it looks relatively original I. Don't know if the replacement parts are going to say made in Germany with the v-dub out tie logo on here. So that's, the confusing part that being said, I'm going to unplug. It plug it back in.

Disconnect the battery like a first thought and then see how long I can drive until I really need to get another one of these actually I probably order one of these on like Friday, today's Sunday. So I've got a ways to go, and you know, see what happens? What is this?

Huh? Cool stuff all right? Well, I don't, see anything else that I can really fiddle with under here. Am I going to put all this back together, probably not till I order, a new 109 and get that replaced? But thanks for watching I. Know, it was an incredibly long video. But if this helped you at all, let me know everybody.

Alright. So this is just going to be tacked on to the end of the last clip that I made of this video I, haven't, actually created the video yet. You can see super high miles having issues with hopefully this relay right here, I'm going to replace and like I said, just to recap there's. Some people out there that said, the original is black. The replacement is gray. The good one, this one's kind of like off-white, well, Ok, like a week later, I finally, got my new relay 1:09 for this thing, and it's great just like everybody in these forums that I was looking at TDI forums and whatnot said that it would do I know you've got that, and we're going to put it in. Oh goodness, it's in a whole other two bags inside a bag.

Well, check this out this bag that they put it in inside that bag is so tiny like you can barely get this I don't, even know how they put it on to begin with it's. So perfectly fit it's ridiculous. All. Right let's stick her in here, here's the old 109 kind of warm that you worm it's, a new 109, the gray one doing this, using the camera wonder if it's bit the same 109, 109 it's, not that's. Why it's not working look at that - check this out. The new 109 is significantly smaller.

And if you look back here, the contacts are a little different. So you have to actually flip it, completely upside down for it to fit all right, so it's going to be an upside-down real a109. Plugged right in going to meet a neat little. Snapping sound when it did it.

Alright? And as of late just to give you guys, an update I, don't know. So if I'm repeating myself forgive me because I made the original video, and I'm, adding this clip to it and the period of time, that's, elapsed, it's been like a week. So I, don't, really remember what was said, but I drove around with this after I, did the video of taking this apart and showing that real a109. And of course, it's driving around with a check engine light. And then I put this into like you. Know, lit mode or something.

So the check engine light went off while driving one day, and it started shifting just fine. And then it did it again, we're excited, too didn't want to start so drove it around again, a little. And then one day we started it in the check-ins and lights back off again, I think that was actually yesterday.

So today, the check engine lights been off as well. Look at that down there upside down, just like that 377 is so hopefully because we're going to test it out it'll continue. To not have chick engine light.

And then it'll always give me my little glow, plugs. Well, plugs still looks good all right, and I always got that little airbag light on don't really know why? But all right it started up. So now is the real test after replacing 109 to see if it ever gives us that fail to start situation and make sure that it doesn't throw codes and make the transmission act funky. So all right there, you have it new ones installed, hopefully we're good to go.


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