Unboxing Glock 18C Full Auto Bb Gun


Oh, I thought what's, good, YouTube. Welcome back to another video. And today, I'm going to be unboxing, the elite force, Glock, 18c. Gen, 3. All right. So this is the little package that it comes in it's, very nice, it's, a gas.

Blow back, airsoft gun. Six millimeter caliber, 300 feet per second. Pretty good.

It is working blow back green gas. Powered 50 round, mag capacity, let's get right into it. All right. It comes in a little plastic wrap just pop that out.

So this is what it looks like 18c looks like they lube. It. Up pretty good before they send it to you because it has a lot of smudges on it. And it also comes with a very detailed instruction manual.

It shows you how to work together on with the green gas, how to load the pistol if this is your first gas, blow back pistol or your first Glock replica, you might want to look at that a little just to familiarize. And at the bottom of the box, there is the 30 round magazine. Now, this is the actual replica of a 30 round magazine for a Glock. So on the back, you can. See it has all the bullet numbers, but you actually put the BB's right here. And I believe it holds 50 BBS. So this is a 50 round magazine for BB's.

Just first look at it with the magazine in sheesh with that full auto switch. The slide is working. So you pull that has a working slide catch take down pins that's, the chamber right there. When you take the magazine out, you can see straight through it.

Pop that down looks very nice full auto switch. Take down pins do work. So you can disassemble this gun and. Clean it out or adjust the hop up.

The hop-up is on the inside of the gun, got the pleasant iron sights on it. So when you have it pointed up it's on semi-auto flick it down, it was on full auto. There is no safety on this gun.

As you can tell there's nothing on the trigger either side. The mag is drop free with this button. Right here pops right out all right. So this gun is powered by green guys. And we going to make this bit work, maybe twerk boy, all right. So to load the magazine, all you have to do is pull.

This spring down and drop the BBS in like this. All right. So this is what the magazine looks like fully loaded looks about right 50 rounds so to fill up the gas. All you have to do is put the green gas right there. So when you get your green gas, you know, shake it up a little make sure you put it in upside down.

You never want to do it like that put it upside down. The second one the hole right there with the gas valve, and you want to do it for two to three seconds until you know, it's full so. Let's go right here. First one, one, two, all right?

Maybe one more time because it's brand new one two all right. So gas is in there should be pretty solid. I got my BB's. You can see the BB right there within the chamber pop that slide catch down, and it's ready to shoot. So you know, we got to test that for auto bro that's, mandatory let's, go ahead and flip that switch.

So after shooting this full auto outside the window, it was extremely loud, and I could not do that inside the house that bit feel powerful. Bro I'm, not even going to hold you that big a little kick to it. Man, stop playing them.

Damn all right. So, as you can see it's ripping through the tape and the box brush, even puncture, my wall, a little do not tell my parents' brad ain't going to beat my ass all right. So they take down pins work. Just pull them down on each side right here. And right here, the slide pops right off got the spring right here.

We got the barrel. This is where the hop-up is located. You can adjust the hop-up by twisting that. Little switch, then just sliding the slide back on. You got the middle slide right here. It's, pretty lightweight. Full auto switch, sounds like you could screw it off.

But I don't think you actually can if you do take your orange chips off, you're, probably going to have to use pliers for this one. You got the frame of the gun right here once you get everything assembled back just line up the grooves for the slide, one solid motion, and it's back. And there you go beautiful as you can tell the handle shape is.

More curved like the Glock 17, this is my Glock 19, right here. I will do a full video comparing these two models. So if you're interested in that make sure you stay tuned, I also did an unboxing video for my Glock 19. So if you want to see that as well make sure you check out my channel, you all see that full auto ripping bruh that full auto is no joke. So comment down below what challenge you want to see me recreate or what new challenge you want to see me do with this full auto pistol. You know, Everybody wants to see that spin, the bottle part 2.

A lot of people want to see trying not to laugh part, two, being, tear whatever terror, you know, type out first challenge, let me know in the comments. I might do your challenge, or if you want me to redo one of my past challenges, I will as well. And if you want a chance to win your own BB gun, make sure you go check out my giveaway video. I am giving away a BB gun at 20k, subs, we're, climbing fast, we're almost there. So make sure you subscribe tell a.

Friend to subscribe let's get to 20k. So I can get back to you guys all right. So this is the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed me unboxing and just shooting it. A few times.

I will be doing another video, comparing this Glock 18c to the Glock 19. I will be doing more shooting videos on this, stay tuned for that full auto. Oh, my goodness we're going to do challenges with it. This is definitely my new favorite addition to my collection. I appreciate you guys for watching my full video.

If you haven't. Seen my other Glock unboxing videos, make sure you go check those out. This is my third Glock, I'm, very excited to get more. And a lot is full auto so stay tuned for a lot of full auto content. Man, I love you. I appreciate you I'm going to catch on my next video.

Gas, blow back, airsoft, gun, it's, a six millimeter. Pistol, 50 round, mag capacity, shut the fuck, oh.

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