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I'll see you soon, I'm, loyal, I'm, very happy that we meet again, yes, in this video I want to discuss the major 7 chord types, In fact, the majority have been free three years ago, If the problem is that it's, not complete, I'm only Egyptian in 2 forms in the video, this time I want to give everything so that there are a lot of Naruto Juts forms later, I will tell you from the basic to the shape in all the front feats. It will also be Egyptian as well as the sport line type, make sure you watch this. Video from start to finish, so you know, all the shapes and understand the task in the middle. Okay. Okay. Let's.

Go straight to the tutorial. Let's. Go Okay.

Let's, start the tutorial. So in this video I want to discuss the major 7 chords. First in my video, which is about March I've made it before, wait for it. There are still two forms, namely, the form which is on the 5th string and 6th ray, Now in this video I want to complete it, So I'll start from the baseline sen, AR, 4 strings, 5 and 6 and that's not r. Form, okay?, Now, I want to expla n. First, the easy form, yes, It means from chord A1G, but in ma, or 7, it's, ok, chord, Amir 7, Turn, t, like this. Okay? Ab, ma, or 7, The shape is the same as Amir is cute UT shifted Freed keeps the other finger straight, like a regular key, But the 3rd string goes down by half WB, March, c-mar, too, yes, The ordinary C key, Jerry releases the other one on mir7 like a lock, but down one string, okay? Mir7 is shaped like this.

So it looks like the key of E. But the 4th string is. Halfway down here fy7 looks like this okay, The other one is in the oven or the easy shape is like this Okay, it's like a regular F key. But we open the snapshot. Hey, okay. Gmail 7 looks like this Hey so that's, it Now that's, the usual, form, now I want to explain the form that you have to memorize, But first you have to memorize it, you have to memorize the root or another buzz on strings, 4 5 and 6, okay, for example, here it's a G Here. It must be Fall Mom. If for example, friends, you haven't, memorized.

Friends, you can check the link above here. Yes, I've made a video too how to memorize roads or other buzzes on Smart 5 and 6 from fret 0 to fat12 hi, okay, But in this video, we also learn the Bismark 4 form, So friends, you have to memorize also the notes or roads on the strings. 4, starting from feat 0-12, The method is actually easy, for example, If your friends have memorized, the 6 rays, all you have to do is combine the concepts, it's grouping, So for example, G is here, Four of them are. Irradiated, here. Yes, and so on, you just have to pull it out like that, So for example, not gay, string. 4 means where friends, just imagine on string 6 here and then four, meaning here, You can immediately shoot here like that just now, only here, Everest in Crash, that's, the fast, way, like that, But you have to memorize the road on the 6th string, So if you haven't, memorized it, then you'll be confused, So you have to memorize it first, okay, I think, friends already memorize it, namely, the.

Bassline or bread that was in Sinai first, 4 5 and 6 Okay. Now we start from the 4th string first from the d, minor 7, chord, It looks like this Hi, This is what I recommend memorizing, It looks like this baseline that is in spare parts D, major 7. The original dimer 7 looks like this, But because this donut is white and white, So our index finger, doesn't need the result like this. So. If you want Joe major 7, it means it's D&D, Crash, e-mail 7 is like that, If you haven't, you can use one finger, So one. Finger is three strings, friends, You can do it like a key, yes, This is it, One string is lowered, All of them can be like this 5, Hi mir7, F, major 7 is up The gal. Just keeps shifting to pice17, ores, major 7, I, see., So, it's, just a matter of moving it according to the root.

Now, let's move on to the skirt that is illuminated by 5, The standard is from c major 7, It looks like this Okay, maybe friends already know, what's right, is it because In the tutorial, lice often make or like this, C, major 7. Looks like this. So. If you want to COD in major 7, you just have to move it. C continues to grow, it's already in major 7, m. AJU can just slide it like in string, 4 A., B, March, Ciara, smart, digress, Nero 7, Gmail 7, like that Okay, We got this form, which looks like this five, Now let's go to the stomach of the 6th string Hi, The standard is Gmail 7, ah, this shape or like this I also use very typically in tutorials Yes, The song looks like this Hey, I pressed the wrong button, so press it, Now, the Managing.

Director of Hero Mobile Legends, in another Abbas, The 6th string is in the form of Arjuna's game, it's like it's, not complete. It's, not complete. I mean, not all the strings are pressed, So not all the strings 1 and 5 are signed. Turn off the ones we pick, or the ones we play, just press them, So the 1st string is sad. Sorry, the 1st and 5th strings, died.

How to turn it off, We just have to decide it's just the index finger or finger. Hi, is this forefinger or not, what's. The name, it's. Not full, So he just presses the bass strings, strings, 6 continue to float on strings 1 and 65 floats, So you push them.

So they float, Gmail. You Amir 7, -just slide it according to the other base or the root is sharp, Major, 7F, mir7, fresh mir7, like that today, just take care of it. The shape is the same, We all have three shapes, right, string, 4 like this, 65 like this, string, 6, like that, just memorize the three shapes, That's it, Now I want to give you another form. Hi, apart from the three forms. Above, but what I recommend memorizing, the one that must be memorized first, is the form like this, this. And this became three, that was first if for example, your friends are just learning, eh, This chord is Mar 7, type, just memorize the three first, but I also want to give other forms too later. Who knows if for example, friends can already play port 3 I want to develop this form.

Again, I'll, give you another shape, So on string, 4, let's, try again from string 4, It looks like this Hi, So this is. A funny Gmail, we use 4G strings., I use major 7, but use effort like that. Well, It looks like this, If the 5 string is like this, if the CR7 was like this, it's, a normal C key.

But we let go of the first finger or index finger. I want to go to D major 7, It looks like this, so it's like the key of C DJ, But we cover it with the index finger. And then we let go of the middle finger, But I think this is a bit difficult, because the distance is too small. Up far and finger. One has to go through three. Strings of ml7, all you have to do is slide it around according to the skirt, that's okay, So the Lesser 6 is actually the same as the 4th string, only the bass is in the gym.

We move to the 6th string, It looks like this, So it's, actually the same as this Hi, Now we just move the bass to the 6th string, We can use our thumb too, It can be like that, It looks like this, Now, the fiber is the same as the 4th and 5th strings, So we have to die, for example, If we are loud, we can't live if we live. Later. Fall is not good, So we have to Let's close the 4 strings and all of them.

We close using the middle finger and the middle finger, but we're happy to press Hi, the 4th and 5th strings are here, How come we type Yoga 123 and 6, like that? Ok, maybe that's? What I can share, I hope.

This tutorial is useful, wait for the next chord. Tutorial Thank you for watching see you in the next episode bye.

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