Turbo Eg Honda Civic K Frank (K24/20) First Drive!


What's going on guys welcome back to another video, uh, today's. One is going to be sort of like the f6 and the 32 GTR video. I've done where I do a bit of a walk around of a mate's car.

So today we have a Honda e.g. civic. So as you can probably tell now it's, not exactly stock.

So this motor is what they call the k. Frank in the Honda community it's got the k24 bottom end, the k20 head. And as you can see, it's got a 3076 turbo there as well. So it's, uh, it's running on the helped elite, 1500, ecu. And uh, it goes through to a hell. Tech rt-7 dash as well, but we'll show the interior in a second, but it's got the uh, sidewinder, manifold and uh, yeah, 45 mil gates, screamer down there.

And yeah, this thing ripped, so I'll, uh, yeah, I'll, go around it and show the rest of the car. But yeah, I think you'll, you'll like the sounds this thing makes and how good she goes. So it's got the anti RPF ones with the uh Hancock, rs4 tires, give it a bit of grip, which it'll need the mickey Thompson because. It still spins with the power this thing's making, which is a 410 horsepower at the front wheels, which is 307 kilowatts. I think it makes on 13 psi. So she definitely goes hard, but yeah, that's the interior there I'll show you a bit more once I'm in it. But yeah, here it is now.

So this is probably my favorite shape of civic the ear used to have an EK, which was pretty cool. But yeah, the e.g. is definitely, definitely one of the cooler ones. So yeah, I'll do a few little cinematic shots of it. And yeah, a bit of the interior and go for a bit of a rip. I've got the GoPro. So we can set that up on the windshield, and I need to do a few pulls in it.

But yeah, pretty cool car. So I'll get on to the next ones. So we're, just in the car now, we're, uh, currently running on low boost as you can see, there's got a little hell tech switch that you can, uh, choose between your tunes got the k-tune billet shifter. And at the moment on low versus what is it 260, 260 kilowatts at the front wheel. So for low.

Boost that's, definitely not bad as you can see health tech dash. And yeah, this thing this is good that sounds so good, right, it's. So strange like having v-tech and turbo as well because v-tech is always like just a p-plate, turbo, that's, not good and that's Lopez. So all right guys.

So, uh now, I'm in the pilot seat as you can tell so, uh, yeah, time to give this thing, a bit of a try for myself and see if we can get converted back to the civic life let's do it? What do you reckon? Do you turn? Uh, You've got this one's, pretty good on this one, the waist like left that's, so cool it's definitely got that torque steer all right. So this is six speed.

Yeah, that's just left over here. Right? Yeah. That's so cool, oh feels good to be back in the city. So small, oh that's. So, so cool fun. The steering wheel feels pretty good too.

Yeah, oh, these are not the best roads. Yeah. So is this still like just a stock transmission. Yeah, it's got an m-factory LSD, put in and carbon synchros that's. It that's so much fun that. Torxy is crazy isn't it.

Yeah, it's pretty it's pretty bad. Oh, I just gotta turn right to go straight. Yeah, yeah. That's. Pretty nice that'd, be awesome for roll racing. Yeah, oh, because in the falcon, I'm just steering while it's spinning in the back. Yeah, wow.

I actually thought it was going to be a lot louder than it is. Yeah. It's. Pretty quiet. Yeah.

Let's. Go lighter with the turbo now shuffles a little. Yeah, yeah. Once we get to the stroke part. So that's, a wrap for today's video with the e.g.

civic. I uh, Hope you enjoyed it if you do smash, the like button, leave a comment and uh, subscribe, if you haven't already I'll, see you next one peace, you.

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