Top 10 Greatest Lin-Manuel Miranda Performances


Excuse me, this place, is it? No, I think maybe I don't know, welcome to. Ms, mojo. And today we're counting down. Our picks for the top 10, Immanuel Miranda performances. I've never met anyone who could clean up after Canada, except my uncle tony from the Bronx he's. A janitor for this list we'll be looking at the most notable times.

This multi-talented performer blew us all away with his talent, whether it be on stage on camera, or in the vocal booth, which performance do you think history will have its eyes. On let us know in the comments. Number 10, Jonathan tick, tick, boom, we may have never been introduced to the Immanuel Miranda. We know today if it weren't for Jonathan Larson, once upon a time, teenage Miranda saw Larson's culturally earth-shattering musical rant and was inspired to follow in the late composer's footsteps in 2014. He did so quite literally portraying his idol in the revival of Larson's, tick, tick, boom, as the lead character. Miranda speaks with a youthful optimism. That's muddled with a. Twinge of exhaustion that comes with being a dreamer in the modern world.

I made a vow. I wonder now am I cut out to spend my time this way? The performance is a touching love letter that unites two men who have forever changed musical theater.

Plus it provided a killer warm-up for Miranda's 2021, directorial, film debut in which he provides a smaller, but still memorable performance number nine. Dr, Rubin mascot do no harm having Miranda as a BFF sure sounds amazing, especially if you've got an evil. Alter ego to contend with here's your coma for the night, oh great. Thank you for your brilliance, but even more for your discretion. Thank you. I'm going to make bank off this. The short-lived NBC medical drama, do no harm sees Jason Cole, a modern-day.

Dr, Jekyll wrestle with that exact problem. Dr, Rubin mascot is Cole's, trusted friend and helps the troubled man to suppress and ultimately conspire to eliminate the Mr hyde-esque IAN price. Jason that's, impossible. I don't care I'll do anything I'll. Take. Anything even if you could, we're talking extensive research trials, how are you going to buy yourself that kind of time I'll make a trick with that Miranda fits the prescription perfectly as the encouraging sidekick, and he's great at showing the great concern and camaraderie that his character often expresses.

The unconditional support comes at a fault as the quickly canceled series leaves Marco's ultimate fate, open-ended it's, a shame we'll never see what more Miranda could have done playing a. Complicated man's, faithful buddy, all right. Look I'll work on something new I'll. Start right now I won't leave until I figured it out. Okay. Number eight, Juan Alva, Alvarez house from having bedside manor to becoming a patient with mannerisms Immanuel Miranda had a heartfelt run, opposite, Hugh, Laurie's unforgettable, doctor house. He played Alvin Alvarez, house's roommate at Mayfield psychiatric hospital.

His mind is burning the wheels are turning the butter is turning you think no link can keep house. From strolling yeah, it's easier to come up with a new plan in silence. Right? Cool. Alva's. Bipolar disorder makes him prone to rapping uncontrollably, providing a perfect outlet to showcase Miranda's skills with syllables. Yet the character finds himself tongue-tied at the mic.

During a hospital talent show, you know, I'm a man of Hispanic, I'm trying to make it work. But the doctors think I'm lazy, it might be hard to imagine a thespian of Miranda's caliber experiencing stage fright. But he plays the. Scene like he's, drawing from experience. Luckily, he gets some surprisingly touching help from his roommate. You have to think before you act in order to progress if you don't make connections, then your whole life is a mess seriously. How many people could make the great Gregory house?

Freestyle. Number 7., Benton, crack shell, Cabrera, duck tales, it's time for a quick stop in duck burg. The 2017 reboot of duck tales got a few upgrades in animation and voice talent, including the addition of Immanuel Miranda. You posted my top secret plans on the internet, you were having so much trouble keeping your inventions from turning evil. So I turned to the net to crowdsource a solution. Co-Creator Francisco, ang ones reportedly wanted Miranda to play the enthusiastic brainier, Benton, crack shell Cabrera as a longtime duck tales fan.

The actor was ecstatic to be offered. The part you can really hear Miranda's love for the birds' universe in every joy-infused line and perfectly timed comedic beat that he delivers that's. Sure to get Dr, gear loose's attention. It could work I'll clean that later Benton is also iconic duck berg. Superhero, gizmo duck and Miranda's. Lovable voice proves to be both endearing and inspiring as both identities equipped with unwavering optimism and premium lavatory laboratory headquarters. He truly makes crack shell Cabrera, an adorable joy to watch.

I guess this is happening. Number six himself, curb your enthusiasm. We can debate just how fictionalized Larry David's character is on curb your. Enthusiasm, but we're, hoping Miranda's appearance involved a lot of creative liberties. He plays a controlling egomaniac version of himself working on the production of Larry's musical fatwa. Listen, not only do I want to play salmon.

I want to write the songs. Yeah, but I I I've written all the songs, yeah, that's all done it's, a great starting point for us. You know what you've written is its a great bedrock. His brief appearance makes for more than one hilarious moment, including Larry's desire for. Hamilton tickets for his sucker and the implications and authority that go with sitting behind a desk. It all culminates with a gentleman's paintball duel, where Larry becomes an Aaron burr-like adversary to the musical star. It was an accident.

I was gonna fire in the air I'm, not Aaron it's, a bizarre version of the humble and generous Miranda that we know he nails, it, and it's. So enjoyable seeing the Pulitzer prize winner. Not take himself too seriously. Okay, you're driving this poor guy nuts. Okay.

That's the gig he's going to quit, oh he's going to get in the weeds with us. You're going to merge with the perfect robe. Okay? Well, I'm telling you he's, one foot out the door right now. Well, as long as he's one foot out the door, finding the right robe. Number five, lee, scores by, his dark materials, the colors of Miranda's versatility shine darkly as he embodies lee Crosby, a gritty cowboy from the world of Philip Pullman's, his dark materials, damn yo rick you're racking up deaths faster than me heard there was.

Some action occurring. I thought I'd come see what's going on. Hello again. Mr sizzle man having fun. I hope.

So you might expect a Texan astronaut to show up in a fantasy drama about as much as you'd expect Miranda to play such a character. But of course, he makes the role his own running around with a child's. Mind man gets lucky. Just a couple of times the animated eyes that we're used to becoming the ominous glares of a man who's seen his fair share of darkness. His southern accent is slight, but ever-. Present as is the sense of principle and isolation that the actor brings to the character Miranda lovingly describes scores by as quote, the Han, solo of the series and his unique performance, flawlessly emanates that complicated respect, I can fight, and I can fly.

I don't come cheap. And neither should I'll get gold for gold. Number four, Vito, Vito, ladies and gentlemen, I have evil the king of jokes. Oh once again, could you oh baby. I think that you're ready to learn a thing or two watch me swing as I.

Sing at you every single thing, I can think of to make you scream. Lynn is front and center running the show in this unforgettable animated musical. He voices Vevo, a musically gifted Kickapoo who embarks on a trip to play a very important song for his former owner's. True love that's. All I have to do is sing louder than my fear. I need you here for one more song, just one more. You require an encore.

I need to go while Miranda is widely known for his signature rapping, which is still on display here. It's. Easy to forget his strength as a singer as Vito, we really get to hear his ability to command and sustain powerful notes and inflict wondrous inspiration into the character, Vito deals with personal tragedy and celebrates the value of friendship. Thanks to Miranda's portrayal. Every bit of this little Kickapoo's tale feels deeply personal and relatable. Number three, jack Mary Poppins returns. Can you imagine anyone better to be a protg of the legendary?

Dick Van Dyke? Miranda has said that he started. Writing musicals to be part of them. And he calls roles like jack, the lamplighter quote fruit of the harvest. And maybe soon from up above you'll, be blessed.

So keep on looking high while you're underneath the lovely London sky. Jack is a happy-go-lucky guy. And the former apprentice of Bert the unforgettable multi-talented character from the 1964 movie Miranda brings the character to life with cheerful buoyancy, a cockney accent and some impressive dancing shoes. Jack even owns, what is arguably the. Movie's signature number just like the troubadour playing him. He always looks on the bright side of life.

So the casting is perfectly memorable who wouldn't fall in love with that smile side by side is the best way to fly once I just looked above. But now I am part of the lovely London sky. Number two us de la. Vega in the heights. This is the role that put our honorary renaissance men on the map. And it came from his own groundbreaking show in the heights. You probably never heard my name reports of.

Fame are greatly exaggerated Miranda drafted the musical while in college and would eventually play Navy the story's humble. Narrator, on Broadway his role in the ensemble, cast is critical as he must firmly hook, the audience's attention. Yeah, I'm a streetlight choking on the heat, the world spins around while I'm frozen to my seat.

The people that I know I'll keep on rolling down the street. But every day is different. So I'm switching up the beat Miranda clearly stuck that landing since the musical. Won four tony awards and became a major motion picture heights was heavily influenced by the star's own background.

So he fittingly appears in the film as the Prague guy, a character through which he paid tribute to his grandfather, looking back Miranda's embodiment of Navy perfectly showcases. His roots as both an artist and a man I just keep watching you'll see the late nights, you'll, taste, greens and write the super shades I'm going to say it twice before we unveil our top pick here are a few. Honorable mentions cracker, jack, sugar man, back, horseman, a minor role, but an extremely memorable horse. Will you hold on to it for me? Me, that's, right? I'll fight better. If I know blink's safe with you Roy Schneider, Fosse, Vernon, Miranda, portrayed the actor with ease.

You guys, David Santiago, Brooklyn, nine-nine. He perfectly plays Amy's. Golden brother.

I have more allergies than you. Not the best Prague. I have so many allergies. I just found out I'm allergic to chia seeds, but apparently effective I'm. Allergic to chia and aa berries. Yeah, my throat gets scratchy when I eat stone fruit, Guillermo, modern family, who wouldn't buy doggy treats from him, she's still full from the bad doggy treat.

But there you have it the good doggy. Bad, doggy training system. Welcome to the first floor, Reggie the odd life of timothy green, an unbelievably sweet and helpful, botanist, they're, beautiful are they most unusual? Can you cut them off, but they're perfectly healthy? Why would you all right before? We continue to be. Sure to subscribe to our channel and ring, the bell to get notified about our latest videos, you have the option to be notified for occasional videos, or all of them if you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one, Alexander hamilton.

This is the founding father of Immanuel Miranda performances. I am not throwing away the cultural sensation that is Hamilton was Miranda's dream of America then told by America. Now.

So his historical icons. Could be played by anyone he showcased his idea, then a burgeoning mixtape with a performance in front of president, Barack Obama, and it was magical connected it to his brain. And he wrote his first refrain, a testament to his pain while the word got around, they said, this kid is insane man, there are many layers to this Hamilton he's, a writer, an activist a soldier, a family man and a complex hero. Miranda hits all of these beats like he's lived a lifetime.

Rehearsing them. It takes a true. Revolutionary. To captain generation defining theater like this, which tells you everything you need to know, we're, impatiently, waiting in the wings to see the million things he hasn't yet done all right overwhelm them. This is the eye of the hurricane.

This is the only way I can protect my legacy do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from ms, mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring, the bell to be notified about our latest videos. You.

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