Top 10 Disney Burps


Welcome to life opinion today, it's time to count down the top 10 Disney burps. So all the farts, especially pompous farts are not included on this video. Number 10, Julie, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, would you like to see more? How about it Joan? Number 9 Simba, The, Lion, King, 3, number 8, Maggie and Piggy's home on the range.

Number 7, Mikey recess school's out number 6, Hydra Hercules number five, L, Toy, Story - number four, whoa. Nice. One, Simba. Thanks man. I'm stuffed number three, Busy, valiant. Number two, bloat. Finding, Nemo, it's, just there 's's, pretty good to me, uh, don't.

You people realize we are swimming in Arms before revealing my top pick here are some honorable mentions that's. Why you're hiding Oh Felicia my precious. My baby did daddy's little honeyBun. Enjoy her. Tasty, Pete. Oh, don't. Forget need to hear broad.

New trees are number one, Mike, Wazowski, Monsters, Inc. So did you like the video? What is your favorite burp for more videos? Make sure to subscribe to life opinion. So I guess that's your. Special power what a weapon.

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