Today I Groomed A Disabled Duck Named Frankie


It's, not every day that I get the opportunity to work on a physically disabled duck. This is Frankie, and he's, an American domestic Peking. His wheelchair is still a work in progress. So it's, taking him some time to learn how to use it. Now, I know what you're thinking, why on earth would a duck need to be groomed, but because of his disability, he cannot groom himself. So he needs some assistance there you go. You are dirty.

Look at that it's, not exactly certain what caused Frankie to lose his ability to. Use his legs, but he has to be supervised in the bath to ensure his safety. We are bathing him today, just using fresh clean water. And Frankie is definitely having the time of his life don't fall. So he's missing feathers.

Yeah, that's. What happened there? You know so that's because he's not able to walk and stand completely upright.

So he gets a little of damage to his wings. So we have him. He sleeps in a plane. So that it's soft it's, one of the soft clay, pens, so there's as minimal damage as possible. Um, but to be able to give him a little of freedom and allow him to have fun.

Frankie comes from a place called gray's haven farm sanctuary. They became a non-profit corporation in 2018. And since then have become a home to many residents that have been previously neglected abused or have been taken in from the meat and dairy industry while Michelle, the founder of the sanctuary also takes and rescue dogs.

Their main focus remains with farm animals that do not have anyone to advocate for them and. Their primary goal is to provide a safe and permanent home where their residents are protected and allowed to live freely for their natural lives. They also run a volunteer program. And currently they are short on volunteers. They provide humans the opportunity to experience the unique intelligence found within these amazing creatures. Bennett is a commercial bred turkey that was found on a back road with 11 other turkeys.

He was brought to the sanctuary in August 2019 where he will live out the rest. Of his life with his wife Margie, all of these animals here have a story, and they all have a name there are currently 11 pigs on this farm. And the big blonde one's name is Ruben in July 2018. He was saved from serious neglect. He was a three-month-old piglet that was left to be exposed to the elements and had severe sunburn as well as a terrible eye infection. Furthermore, he did not know kindness and his life was not valued.

That was of course, until he went to gray's haven, sit down dead. Good. Boy, speaking nice, Sit down good come on kids if you'd like to donate to this sanctuary or learn more about the residence or how you can help please check out the links that are in the description now let's get back to Frankie after his bath, or should I say my bath it's off to the blow-dryer? Ducks do something called preening, which helps them to stay dry. Preening is the process by which ducks groom themselves. This gets rid of dust dirt and parasites from their feathers during preening.

Ducks spread a waxy. Waterproof oil throughout their feathers. This is secreted by a gland that is located near their tails since Frankie can't groom himself properly. He remains very wet after his bath. So he needs some help in order to get dry Frankie's current. Wheelchair is great, but he requires one that is better suited for him.

So it's easier for him to walk so on behalf of my subscribers. And this pet loving community that we have created, I have decided to personally donate towards his new wheelchair. If you haven't. Already, please hit that subscribe button and comment below what animal you'd like to see next. Thank you so much for watching.

I hope you enjoyed the fabulous, Frankie.

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