The Russian Sniper Who Killed 242 Enemy Soldiers


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Money, click, the link in the description below to get the game now and join. This simple history, Club, oh and established or aspiring content creators can apply to join the World War, DOH, creator, program link, also in the description below the Russian sniper who killed 242 enemy soldiers. The snipers' role in warfare is to stay concealed at all times.

And avoid detection then from long range eliminate valuable targets are caused disruption using high precision rifles. And if possible high magnification optics, snipers also carry out valuable secondary roles such as gathering. Intelligence on troop positions, snipers are a special breed and are highly skilled individuals.

They require cunning and patience and as well as being a skilled marksman. He or she must be an expert in camouflage, survival craft infiltration and reconnaissance techniques by World War ii sniper had become an essential component. And all the major nations had set up specialist training schools.

These schools produced men like private. Bruno suit kiss of the German army who had achieved 209, confirmed. Kills by the age of 21, and in 1944 was awarded the Iron Cross first and second class for outstanding bravery. And then there was the Russian a silly Raised born into a peasant family in the rugged snow-capped Ural Mountains in Russia, which marks the divide between Europe and Asia Raised learned to hunt deer and wolves from an early age with his grandfather. Remarkably he killed his first wolf at the age of 12 with his single-shot rifle in 1937 at the age of 22, he joined the Soviet Navy. He was. Made a clerk and posted to the city of Vladivostok near the Chinese border, which was the home port of the Soviet Pacific Fleet.

Every time Germany broke the molotov-ribbentrop non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union in June 1941 Raised had risen to the rank of chief petty officer, eager to defend the motherland. He voluntarily transferred to the Red Army as a senior Warrant Officer in ordered to be sent to the front line. He was assigned to the one thousand forty seventh rifle regiment of the. Thompson division in September 1942 Katz F's unit was sent to reinforce the 62nd army in the besieged city of Stalingrad there. He very quickly impressed his commanding officer with his exceptional marksmanship and was reassigned as a sniper.

Typically, he would work with a spotter, allowing him to take full advantage of having an assistant sights F used the Russian M 1891, 30 mosin-nagant rifle, a sniper version of which was simply a production version that was deemed better made than others with a. Simple telescopic sight and melted-down bolt added to accommodate. The m18 91/30 was a bolt-action rifle famed for its durability and reliability and had a five shot magazine and a range of 900 yards, which its powerful 7.62 millimeter round could cover in roughly one. Second, the mighty German 6th army. And the 4th panzer army had attacked a Russian city of Stalingrad believing that with its weakened garrison. It would fall in a matter of days, allowing them to advance towards the rich oil fields of. The Caucasus Mountains, however, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin had issued order number 227 instructing, the defenders of Stalingrad that they would take not one step back, therefore, as the German tanks and infantry started to push deeper into the city.

They were met with increasingly determined and fierce resistance from the Soviet troops, taking Stalin's ordered to heart. The city's defenders made the Germans pay for every step of ground as they advanced forward from within bombed out ruined. Buildings, they used grenades, anti-tank, rifles, Molotov cocktails. And of course, snipers to deadly effect.

Then an unexpected attack by Soviet reinforcements cut off the attacking Germans trapping around a quarter million German troops in Stalingrad. However, at first the Germans did not seem unduly worried and were confident. They could defeat what they perceived as an army of poorly trained and ill-equipped peasants much to the German surprise. The Soviet troops proved resourceful and exceptionally. Gifted at fighting savage, urban warfare, German officers complained that the Soviets fought like gangsters and did not play fair soon, German, general, Friedrich, Paulus, requested permission to break out of the city, but Hitler remaining confident in a German. Victory refused weeks of fighting quickly turned into months.

The battle became a brutal war of attrition with the Red Army attacking the encircled Germans constantly day and night Soviet snipers like Mass F started to specifically target German. Officers and this tactic soon took a devastating toll on the German, Army's morale and command structure. The Raised had a number of pioneering tactics that allowed him to become one of the top snipers of World War ii, the different soviet uniforms for summer and winter combat, which were respectively khaki, and snow color allowed him to blend in seamlessly into the ruins of Stalingrad where he would wait patiently for his targets to come into range. Moreover, he effectively used decoys, which would. Draw the Germans attention away from his own position. In some cases, Raised was known to switch places with the dummy.

Once the Germans had realized it was not really catching them off guard in order to tell where the German sniper was hiding sacks, F would hold up a helmet, which the enemy would shoot through. He would then put a rifle cleaning rod through the bullet hole to determine what direction the shot came from. Furthermore, it was important that sight Saiph killed with his first shot as.Otherwise, he would give away his own position and waste ammunition, which was scarce in Stalingrad as all Russian supplies had to be shipped across the three kilometer wide, Volga River and were vulnerable to aerial bombardment by the Luftwaffe. The role of the sniper was not just to eliminate enemy.

Targets sight Saiph was also skilled at intelligence gathering which he'd completed using a trench periscope, the information he gathered regarding German, booby traps and impending assaults was passed on. To infantry soldiers and doubtless saved many Soviet lives, indeed, his constant sniping and intelligence-gathering, prevented the German army from reaching its full strength and initiating a full-on assault, but pushed the Red Army. The river came out of Stalingrad, the Soviet General Vasily Zhukov, who commanded the defense of Stalingrad understood that his men needed inspiration.

If they were to endure a winter of hard fighting in the appalling conditions of Stalingrad Raised had an unflinching. Dedication to the Soviet cause and possessed a humble demeanor Zhukov felt, he was the perfect role model to inspire his hard-pressed. Troops Raised was heavily featured in Soviet propaganda and much effort was put into creating a cult of sniper ISM around him.

The Soviets glamorized, the myth of the almost superhuman lone sniper who was completely dedicated to their craft and was exceptionally patient and cunning soon's access was the most famous and revered Red Army sniper of the war Radio. Moscow which broadcast all across Europe and Asia in 22 languages and spoke constantly of his daily achievements. While the Red Army newspaper hailed him as a model soldier and citizen. Moreover, crudely printed flyers produced in Stalingrad itself, spread information of his heroic deeds, which helped inspire the Soviet soldiers to fight relentlessly to save the city, much like Raised, who was also realized by the Russian command that snipers legs EXIF were having a tangible effect on the Germans in. Stalingrad as a result, they got him to set up a sniper school within the ruined buildings at the sniper school, specially selected soldiers were given brief target training in the bombed out Lamar, a chemical factory in central Stalingrad before being taken on live missions by Raised to complete their training. The sniper school proved, highly effective with its graduates killing over 3,000 Germans during the battle for Stalingrad.

There were tasks to kill key enemy. Personnel like artillery. Observers radio operators and machined they're also sent on counter sniping missions where they hunted down enemy snipers between November 10th to December 17th, 1942 in the frozen wasteland that was Stalingrad Raised killed 225 enemy soldiers, including 11 German snipers, an average of 6 kills a day. The Soviet propaganda said that the Germans became so frustrated with Raised success, but they had sent their own top sniper, major evenings sometimes referred to as hind Stonewall to track him down. And eliminate him the propaganda alleged that after a three-day battle of whit's Raised killed the enemy, German sniper worth a shot to the head evenings was either hiding in a burned-out tank, a pillbox or a sheet of iron sights F used his glove as a decoy. And when Koenig shot it, he figured he was hiding under the iron sheet.

Mass F fired a shot at the sheet and took out evenings despite being repeated in history books and popular movies. The historical accuracy of Katz F's duel is doubtful for.Once it is unlikely that the German High Command would send their most skilled sniper to Stalingrad when they were fighting a bloody war along the vast Eastern Front and North Africa. Secondly, Stalingrad was a large city that stretched for twenty miles along the Volga River and is improbable that the two snipers would have been able to find one another for a duel.

Finally, no historian has ever been able to prove the existence of a person called major conics or a high score vault in the German army. In January 1943, Zack Saiph was badly injured by an enemy, mortar shell and nearly lost his eyesight due to his great value to the Soviet military. He was operated on by the pioneering eye surgeon, Dr. Vladimir Vetrov Raised was able to make a full recovery and return to the front lines training others to become snipers commanded a mortar platoon and became a regiment commander. He finished his fighting career and about of See low Heights, which were popularly known as the gates of Berlin as it was just.70 kilometers from the heart of the German capital. Unfortunately, as OF was once again, injured during the battle and did not take part in the Soviets final assault on Berlin for his sniping achievements. He was awarded the hero of the Soviet Union medal, which is equivalent to the British Victoria Cross or the American Medal of Honor.

This award entitled him to a pension priority, housing, a 50%, rent reduction medical benefits and an annual free visit to a sanatorium. It is thought his tally of kills. For the war was around 242, but some historians have suggested it may have been closer to 400 after the war sites have studied textiles at the University in Kiev upon graduating. He found work as an engineer and rose to become a director of a textile factory. He died in 1991 at the age of 76.

Just 11 days before the Soviet Union was dissolved sites F was initially laid to rest in Kiev. But in 2006 as per his final wishes, he was reburied in Volgograd formerly known as Stalingrad with full military. Honors.

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