The Power Of Kyäni Nitro—Wednesday Webinar 11/20/19


Hello Khan and welcome to the Wednesday webinar and room and Paris here, the chief product officer here at Khan. I want to welcome you to our Wednesday webinar. We host these every week on Wednesday at 6:00, p.m., Mountain, Standard time by way of announcement next week, we will not have one due to the holiday, which will be moving day here in the US on Thursday. So there will not be one next week. So we got a special guest on our program this evening. And what I'd like to do is first start off and go. Through a little about the disclaimers that we typically like to have here, the statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, the products, not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease or condition.

And we are going to go through several clinical studies in here. And these clinical that are pictured in this presentation address, the impact of specified ingredients, generally and not any Khan product specifically. So with that we're going to talk a little tonight about Nitro and one. Of the active ingredients in nitro, as many of, you know, is non, which has a high concentration of nitrates. And with us, we have a member of our scientific advisory board, who is considered an expert in this field and has spent much of his career talking about nitric oxide and the benefits of nitric oxide. So we have Dr. Thomas Burke with us.

Dr. Burke are you there? I? Am here Andrew, great. Well, let's, go ahead and get into it.

You've got several slides here that you would like everybody to review go. Ahead and tell us a little about what you've got on these slides. And some of the most recent studies that have been done on nitric oxide or nitrates. Well, as Andrew said, we now know that Khan has nitrates and nitrates in their FX and extreme products, and it's well known that nitrates affects the cardiovascular system. The first interest in the cardiovascular effects of compounds that positively impact cardiovascular function arose around an amino acid called L arginine. This was the subject of.

The night 1898 Nobel, Prize l-arginine was studied for many years for its role in producing something called nitric oxide. This slide shows that following the interest in l-arginine scientists began to focus recently on nitrates given to animals with cardiovascular disease. Nitrates have benefits clearly to animals. This was a review published in 2016. Next slide. Those authors also noted that clinical trials were underway to see if nitrates would help not only animals, but people with cardiovascular. Disease, including hypertension, peripheral artery disease.

And in patients who had suffered an MI or a heart attack. Remember, nitro produces night nitro products contain nitrates next slide. This slide shows that once swallowed nitrates increase in the blood and take some three hours later when you swallow FX or extreme, it is likely that this increase in nitrates would occur with the same profile that is peeking out three hours and lasting for several hours. Next slide.

This next slide shows what. Happens to nitrate and nitrite after ingestion, shown at the very top on the left and the right now I want you all to sit down and memorize these slides. This slide, the most important step, however, is the formation of something called soluble granulate cycle, shown at the very bottom of this slide as s, small. S, capital, G capital, C and that's, an significant compound.

Next this soluble granulate cycle is activated by nitric oxide activation of soluble. Granulate cycle leads to every one of the. Cardiovascular effects as well as others, including dilation of blood vessels, which affect blood pressure blood flow to various organs, nerve function, including feeling or sensation. What do I mean about feeling or sensation? Some folks have difficulty determining whether their foot is on the gas pedal or the brake pedal that's, a loss of spilling or sensation granulate cycle also impacts pain relief the growth of new blood vessels to help in wound healing and the formation of new mitochondria. Which generate ATP or energy, all of these are due to nitric oxide activated, correlate cycle, where did the nitric oxide come from to start this process?

Nitrates next slide. Look. We've known for over 20 years that the human stomach can make nitric oxide from nitrates in our diet.

This is due to acid formed by the stomach you swallow nitrates and nitric oxide is formed in the stomach. You also may run into folks as you try to recruit new people to Khan's family, who are taking medicine for heartburn. So-Called PPI or proton pump inhibitors PPI's will abolish the formation of nitric oxide, because they decrease the secretion of acid by the stomach. You might want to listen to things like these points when talking to future recruits for the as new partners, keep your ears open. Folks, next slide research has continued showing. This was a recent review showing that I'm trying to stay with you here.

Hold on a second showing that the effects of nitrates last several days to several weeks, where. One slide behind Andrew. Okay, sorry about that. Okay, this is the slide I was referring to this review was updated last year in 2018. They report that the effects of nitrates last many days to several weeks, we're out of sequence here. Don't.

You want me to go to the next one, or you want to let's go to the next one. Okay, there we go. Yeah, this is the one the chronic effects of nitrate ingestion on blood pressure has been investigated in 15 studies, and they lasted from the effects lasted from over six.

Three days two over six weeks in duration, all right next slide, the effect of dietary nitrates on cerebral blood flow has also been recently, investigated the inferred effects, the observed effects of nitrate on vasodilation, which occurs throughout the body also increases blood flow to the brain diminished. Blood flow to the brain is likely to contribute to the pathophysiological processes underlying vascular cognitive impairment. In other words, dementia or possibly Alzheimer's disease.

Next slide.Therefore, consumption of a high nitrate diet, such as happened in this study 769 milligrams of nitrate over a 24-hour period has been shown to increase cerebral blood flow in the frontal lobes, that's, the white matter in older dolt, those folks that were upwards of 75 years old. Now, at some point people like this, 75 probably had normal blood flow when they were 15 or 20 or 30 years old, but it so happens that as you get older, the blood flow to the brain tends to diminish leading to dementia and. Possibly Alzheimer's disease, memory, losses are serious next slide. We also know now that vegetable derived bioactive nitrates leads to improvement in cardiovascular health. Again. A recent study showing in the press next slide vegetable derived nitric oxide is now recognized to have an important physiologic effect and cardio protection nitrate increases nitric oxide, it's, a metabolized to it's metabolized its metabolism. Excuse me is pivotal to cardiovascular health clinical trials have now observed.

The dietary nitrate as similar effects to nitric oxide when given exogenous these effects of nitric oxide or nitrates in vegetables, include reduced blood pressure and blood flow improvement in metabolic energy, endothelial function, lessening arterial stiffness, improving ischemia. The reperfusion after a scheming car detects blood flow. And in fact, reducing platelet aggregation, platelet aggregation leads to blood clots and blood clots can clearly cause strokes and heart attacks next slide. So if. You were to talk about nitrates and vascular health. You have to include both the nitrate effects on endogenous nitric oxide through vegetables and things like nitrates found in plants, such as the non plant, nitric oxide and vascular health is an important cytoprotective component of a diet rich in vegetables.

And remember, our sunny sunrise contains several green vegetables next slide. And that was my last one. Ok, let me finish your because those veggies contain nitrates clearly we are a. Wellness company now you cannot say to your clients that our products help with hypertension or dementia or any disease. You can say to them, in fact, in fact, you must say to them, there are supplements contain nitrates and nitrates are known to produce nitric oxide and nitric oxide has been shown to help people with stay well and get well. I hope to see you all in Las Vegas. My name is Dr. Burke and I, live Khan and I apologize for butchering this presentation.

Thank you. Dr. Burke. We appreciate it and. Sorry, if I messed up, but some of the order I guess on some of those I apologize for that we want to thank you guys for participating on this Wednesday webinar, just a reminder next week. We will not have one due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but we will have one the following week, and that will be with Skyler Stephenson. Our vice president for North America.

So thank you guys again for joining us, and you will be able to watch this on our YouTube channel. If you want to see a replay of it and use it as. A great resource for prospects or people on your team and share it with them. We appreciate all you guys. And thank you and have a wonderful evening.

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