Super Splashing (120K Xp Per Hour)


What's going on guys, my name is Co Asterix. And today, I'm, bringing you guys a bit of a different video today, it's, a method that I found when I was killing Kraken on a slayer task where you can actually attack Kraken while he's underwater and still hit numbers, but they don't show up. So basically in this guide I'm going to show you how to splash on Kraken and get up to about a hundred K XP per hour, splashing and joy.

Now, in order to kill Kraken in the first place, you need to have him assigned as a. Slayer card to do this. You need at least 87 Slayers, which is a very, very high requirement. But the main reason I'm making this video is that I found it more interesting rather than practical as I said before you can get up to about 100k XP per hour, casting fire waves, I calculated that altogether. It would cost you about 30 to 40 mil to get 99 magic from level.

One here, if you were using fire wave, which obviously you can't do, but it does round up to be not that much money compared to other methods. Of training magic. The awesome thing about this kind of splashing is you can wear a Slayer helmet, which gives 15% damage bonus. And also you can wear full magic gear, which allows you to hit more than opposed to actually splashing as you can see I'm, not taking any damage whatsoever and I can sit here for as long as I need and stay logged in all I need to do is just click on the boss under the water, and I'll still cost the spell I. Think this can also be done with ranged.

But since Kraken is weak to. Magic splashing is the best method my inventory set up as you can see, there has magic potions, prayer, potions and food. But this is for killing the actual Kraken boss, which I'm doing right. But in order to splash, all you require is the rune and magic.

Potion I did try this out with ancient magics also as a splashing part, but I found that I was using so much money on runes since most spells require 2 to 4 blood, moons and death runes on the ancient spell book. Thanks for watching this quick video on a. Pretty cool topic that I found if you did enjoy it, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe, if you want to see more cool old-school content. Thanks for watching.

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