Sharp Lc24Dv510K - 24 Inch Hd Ready Led Tv


Hello, my name is Mark and I work here in the RGB superstore in Milford in Essex. And today, I'm going to be reviewing the sharp 24-inch television, which is the LC 24, DV 5 1, 0 K. This is a gloss black design television 24 inches as I said. And it comes with a square black pedestal base, which is fixed. It also has built into this particular model, a DVD player. So fairly unusual these days, but it does have a DVD player.

It will also play CDs. It will play mp3s, and it will also play JPEG files as well. Furthermore, it is. Full HD it's 1080p. So for watching Blu-ray films, you will get full HD on this television. It has connection. Wise.

It has one HDMI port. Furthermore, it has one USB. One composite, one component, start socket. And it also has a PC input a VGA input, which is also fairly unusual. These days for this type of television has a headphone output. So for silent listening at night, you can connect a pair of headphones directly in. And finally, it has a coaxial digital output.

So if you do want to plug it into a home, cinema. System, you've got one coaxial socket. Finally, the energy consumption on this particular television, it's, a glass, energy rated. We'd like to see a demonstration, please pop into the store, or if you want any more information on this TV or any of our other televisions, please visit our website, which is at WWE, RGB, direct Co UK. Thank you for watching.

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