Self Awareness Is So Simple Yet Easily Dismissed


Welcome back guys, I'm, Jan, and I'm Jillian. And we are your relationship and life coaches of entwine lifestyle. And we help people go from feeling powerless overwhelmed stressed, underappreciated undervalued in their life to feeling powerful getting what they're worth and setting healthy boundaries to feel respected.

And today, we're going to be talking about why your self-awareness is vital to you forming relationships when it comes to self-awareness, it's, one of the most crucial things you need in. Order to be successful in life as well and into your relationships. And so we need to be aware of how we show up when we're engaging with other people, how we look at materialistic items. And what our relationship is with maybe food or things that we consume on a day-to-day basis because it's going to impact how we feel right. And in fact, 95 of people think they have self-awareness.

But in reality, only 10 to 15 percent of people really have true self-awareness. Now, that's a huge gap in terms of what. People actually believe, and what is actually true, yeah.

And so if you lack self-awareness, you're, not going to be able to form connections you're, not going to be able to build relationships, and you're, not going to be able to actually be successful in life right? All right guys if you haven't subscribed to our channel do that now and don't forget to give us a thumbs up as well on this video and hit that subscribe bell. So you can be first when our new videos are released each week. So one of the first. Benefits to self-awareness is being able to sort of know who you are what are your limits, what are your needs based on?

So you can thrive in this world. And if you don't have that awareness around what it is that you value or require in life, it's going to be hard for you to build connections or feel satisfied. Yeah, it's going to make life feel out of control it's going to give you a lack of clarity and chaos is going to feel like it's erupting everywhere, because you don't feel like you have control over what it. Is that you need to thrive so knowing your limits or knowing understanding yourself is the key to living a peaceful and successful lifestyle.

And one way you can look at this is like ask yourself. What is your relationship with your partner like? What is your relationship with food like?

What is your relationship with, um going to the gym like? How do you? What is your perspective or viewpoints in terms of those relationships? You have with other things outside yourself as well as things with. Yourself because this is going to bring you clarity to understanding yourself and connecting with yourself on a deeper level, yeah, the more clarity you have in terms of how something brings purpose to your life, or how it's just more or less, maybe an entertainment piece to your life it's going to help you understand where to advocate your time in your life in order to reach goals.

Yeah. So writing down what things mean to you in your life will bring more awareness around what's important. So you can. Make better decisions or decide if something's no longer a fit in your life.

Then you need to let it go. Yeah. The second benefit to having self-awareness in your life is that it allows you to have power over specific outcomes in your life. And what I mean by that. It means the more you have self-awareness in terms of who you are your belief. Your perspective, the easier it is for you to handle adverse situations that might pop up in your life. Correct?

You know how to position yourself in the best way. Possible because you are fully aligned with who you are based on your value system. And so you know how to basically show up ask questions that get create engagement and know how to help people navigate uncomfortable situations where you're going to also create more of this win-win outcome, right? So having self-awareness makes you a leader in your life and with others around you. It allows you to put your best foot forward and have the outcomes you want to see.

But in a way that it's, um beneficial. And like from a loving perspective, we're, not here to manipulate people or not have power over people we're connecting with them and creating alignment through our self-awareness and positioning, yeah, it's all about influencing a better outcome for all parties involved. Yeah, it's a wee mindset, it's, not me. And how am I going to use this to my advantage over a person it's?

How are we coming together? So it gives you ability to bridge the gap, which is all about setting boundaries with other people and. Really coming to mutual agreements. Yeah. So once again, it's, the benefit is to have the power to influence, but not feel like you're the underdog, if something doesn't go your way either or superior over others.

Correct, yeah. And the third benefit is making better decisions for life fulfillment and healthier relationships. So this sort of goes back to what we mentioned earlier, but being able to trust yourself to know, who's a good fit and who's, not a good fit in your life. And sometimes we can have. Relationships that have been in our life for a really long time, and we're, not even aware of how they're impacting our mental and emotional health right. And so the more self-awareness you have about yourself and your limits of behaviors, you're willing to accept or unwilling to accept this allows you to know where to spend your time in your life, or even not even with people, but just in certain aspects of your life in terms of what brings you fulfillment and happiness and joy.

So really finding out. What it is that benefits your life, it comes from having self-awareness in terms of who you are only we can more or less create happiness in our life. And we do that by making a choice every day of where we engage our time. Yeah. So if you're on the fence of like feeling confused about your next move or just feeling uncertainty about life. Instead of externally, looking outside yourself, look internally within who you are and that's where you're going to find your true answers to navigating those. Steps forward, and if you can't put connect the dots, sometimes writing things down on paper can really help us find that clarity to make our next move.

Yeah. The fourth benefit to having self-awareness in your life is that it gives you great interpersonal communication skills. And what I mean by that is that it allows you to connect with other people, because you understand outside yourself, you understand what that person's needs are as well as what your personal needs are. And so anytime perhaps. Somebody, um is coming at you with a fear or anger or aggression. You have awareness of how to bring that connection to, um, a calm state, because of your ability to communicate in a way that brings peace to that situation.

Yeah. So you're able to advocate using your voice as your most powerful tool during times of uncertainty or uncomfortable topics of conversation. You're able to actually speak up you trust yourself in terms of how to navigate that type of situation, and you're, not going to hold back. Because you know that what you have to say is valuable to the connection, and you're not going to lie you're, not going to cheat to dodge a bullet you're going to be very forward and explain something without damaging, the connection right, which assertive communication is when we are confident in our inner voice, and we have no problem communicating or articulating what it is in order to get our needs met. But we also have clarity and understanding or willing to see perspectives outside our own in.

Order to make sure that that relationship or that connection thrives, even though we might have different perspectives at the time. Yeah. So we're, not dodging conversations, we're, not avoiding. You know, uncomfortable topics. We're also, not people pleasing and giving the other person, the upper hand or having all the like more or less control in the situation, no, but we're willing to communicate. Because we know communication is oxygen to our relationships, which brings more clarity and self-awareness to.Whether do, we want to keep this person in our life or do we need to let them go right? And the fifth benefit to having self-awareness in your life is all about emotional regulation, emotional regulation.

It gives us the ability to have control over how we utilize our emotions to benefit us or how they actually might cause more disconnect or discontentment in our lives. So when we have the ability to regulate our emotions, that means we know how to position ourselves and how to express our. Emotions in a constructive, calm concise manner, that's, not going to be destructive or flood another person in that very moment, correct. And so we don't want to project any emotion that feels uncomfortable onto the connection or relationship. Because then we might be at fault for damaging that connection, because we are expecting an outcome from our partner or family member or friend, or even a calling because we're, assuming that they're going to respond in a certain way when they may not. So we can. Set ourselves up for failure.

If we use emotion to try to resolve differences in the connection, right? And if we're putting all this emotion on another person, we might be expecting them to take responsibility for our emotions. But at the end of the day we are responsible for our own emotions and how we process them. We can express our emotions so that we feel heard or understood, but it's, not the other person's responsibility to rescue us from our emotions.

And so when we have emotional regulation, we. Actually feel less stress in our life. We feel happier with our relationships. We feel like we have more control over the decisions that we're making, we know how to take heightened emotion and make it peaceful. Yeah. And so the more self-awareness, you have it's part of you req in terms of being able to have healthy relationships with others.

Because if you don't know you, how can you have someone else meet your needs? And how can you advocate for yourself in situations? Yeah. So the greater you practice. Self-Awareness, and that comes from being able to look at our actions, we take every day and assess is this helping me or is this hurting me is this holding me back or is it going to help me move forward? Yep.

So if you're wanting to move the needle forward in life implementing, these five benefits of self-awareness is going to allow you to have the success and happiness that you deserve and again, guys, if you loved this video don't, forget to subscribe to our channel, give us a thumbs up and don't. Forget to hit the bell, so you can be first to be notified when our new video release see you on the next one.

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