Saris Superclamp Ex 2-Bike Overview


Misery super clamp few bikes is the easiest most secure way to transport two bikes up to sixty pounds, each making it totally ebike friendly at the heart of it. All is our design philosophy to create a rack that is lightweight. Yet, durable, a little something we call simple strong secure, the super clamp does just that.

Thanks. The two bikes, sharing a single horizontal bar. This lone bar design, yielded a rack that way significantly less and sports a smaller footprint compared to others yet is strong. Enough to ensure peace of mind and live up to our lifetime warranty, the super clamp, you buy it comes with Universal wheel, trays to fit a wide variety of bikes and wheel sizes and wheel straps are provided for use with ebike bikes and fenders or bikes that weigh more than 50 pounds when not in use the rack folds up and out of the way, the super clamp can also tilt down for easy hatch access.

Even when fully loaded with bikes, the dual Shepherd's hook holds the bike by the top of its wheels, which is. The most secure way to transport a bicycle, plus it will keep your bikes paint scratch free as a super clamp will never come into contact with the frame of your bike. Locking cables provide peace of mind that bikes are securely locked to the rack and a locking, hitch pin lets me know that the rack is securely locked to the car.

The universal hitch accommodates, both an inch and a quarter and two inches, hitch receivers, which makes for a smooth transition from car to car with different, hitch sizes, plus. The super clamp features, universal adjustability. So it fits almost any combination of like, oh and one last thing, the super plant comes to the beverage openers because every ride is worth celebrating and like all ferrous racks.

The super clamp is made in Madison Wisconsin and is backed with a lifetime warranty.

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