Rg350 - Retrogame 350 Review - The Best Emulation Handheld?


What's going on guys this ETA prime back here again. Today I am super excited because I finally, got my hands on the all-new retro game, 315 otherwise known as the KG 350. Recently, a lot of people have been talking about the KG 350 and how it could be the best retro emulation console out there right now. And hopefully by the end of this video, we can find out how this thing performs so let's, go ahead and get right into it. The price on this thing is around $85.

You can find out on Amazon or retro mini-. Com and I'm sure there are other sites online, but I'll leave a few in the description, supposedly, this perfectly supports ps1. Cps. 1C. PS2 final burn alpha, Neo, Geo, Neo, Geo, Pocket, Game, Boy, Advance game. Boy game boy, color, Super, Nintendo, regular, Nintendo, Mega, drive/genesis, Game, Gear, MIX, pc-engine, wonder swan and Pokmon mini so right out of the box. I'm, loving the form factor of this thing.

It looks really nice. We got dual analog sticks up top here. We have two USB, type-c ports, mini HDMI out SD card slot.3.5 millimeter audio jack we have dual analog sticks, they're a little springy, but they should get the job done decent feeling d-pad with a pivot in the middle. And the buttons feel great.

We also have l1, l2, r1 and r2. So overall, we definitely have enough buttons on this console to support all the systems that it claims it'll support at full speed inside the box. You're obviously going to receive the console itself, a USB type-c cable and the KG 350 user manual. They do offer a few different colors. Variants, I actually chose that black and orange.

They also have a crystal black, which is kind of a see-through plastic and finally a gray version. But I, really like the way, the orange and black looks it certainly sets the little console apart from other ones that are on the market right now, one of the things that really caught my eye was the inclusion of a mini HDMI out port. So you can display this on your monitor or big-screen TV, plus the use of USB type-c ports. Now, there's, two, USB, type-c, ports, On here and I have heard rumors that controllers are supported, and I will be testing that in a later video. But in this video I, really want to take a look at this in handheld mode and see how it really performs so let's, go ahead and jump right into the specs.

The console is known as the retro game 350 or the KG 3 thing, and it's still using a mid-CPU. But this is a much more powerful. Dual-Core 1 gigahertz. This is the JR 4770 512 megabytes of ram 3.5 inch, IPS display at 320 by 240 with the 60 Hertz. Refresh rate a 2500 William hour battery, and they claimed six hours of gameplay built in 16 gigabytes of storage, plus the option for a micro SD card up to 128 gigabytes, dual speakers, USB type-c, mini HDMI out, and the 3.5 millimeter audio video jacks.

So if you don't want to go HDMI out, you can still use that Jack for video and audio as for the operating system, it's using open ding UX. And for the menu as the G menu, 2x, so it's, the same interface as the KG 300 or the LD X game. So getting custom. Firmware for this unit, shouldn't be an issue in the future.

Alright? So let's. Go ahead and get right into it. This is our emulator section. We have MADE Postbox, FD, a regular Nintendo, Game, Boy, Game, Boy, Color, Sega, Genesis, wonder swan, PlayStation 1. We also have another Genesis emulator.

This is PICO tribe, SNES Neo, Geo, Pocket, main for all Neo, Geo, PC engine and Game Boy Advance moving over to the next page. We have a lot of freeware game's pre-installed like Cave, Story and I believe quake and do more in here. Somewhere, yeah, there's quake and doom is up here. So we do have doom quake and Cave Story pre-installed under settings. We have about GM menu, 2, X, Network. Now, I got excited when I saw this I thought, maybe this did have Wi-Fi built in. But unfortunately, it does not.

This is only to access our PC over USB type-c and finally applications, we have clock explorer terminal there's, a music player. Video player and photo viewer. We also have input tester. Just in case, you want to make sure all of your buttons.

Are working on your KG 350, so I'm ready to get into some emulation here, that's, what this thing's built for so that's, what we're going to do now I'm gonna start off light with some lowering systems like Sega Genesis, and then we'll work our way up? Alright. So first up, we have Sega Genesis. The menu can be accessed from most of these emulators by pressing start and sometimes select you need to press l1 and r1. But we do have settings in here like displaying the FPS on screen and frame skin.

So far so good. With the PICO Drive core, but this did work well on the bit boy and the LDK game. So I expected, it would run fine on this machine. Next up.

We have some Neo Geo with Metal Slug for now. This game is infamous for being slow even on original hardware. And so far it's running perfect on this machine. I do have the FPS listed on screen, but I know, it's kind of hard to see here we're at a constant.

60 performance is great with Neo Geo here we have some SNES and I wanted to test Joshi's Island. This game is. Very slow on the bit boy and the LD cake game, but even without frame skip on we're getting 60fps. So this machine is definitely going to handle all of your favorite SNES games, even with special chips like the FX chip game. Boys Vance is running really well.

I touched some Pokmon games. But those aren't that hard to run so here's sonic advance 3. This is a little laggy on some other Chinese consoles. But here we're getting full speed. So far the KG 350 is looking perfect.

So I haven't. Extensively tested a lot of main games on this unit, but here's one, this is baseball Batman. And unfortunately, it's pretty slow here. This doesn't mean, the mains not going to run on here.

There are tons of games. That'll work, I'm, pretty sure you'll be able to play your favors from Ninja, Turtle, Simpsons and x-men with some tweaking PC engine. Turbo graphics, 16 or super graphics. Games are going to run fine on this machine, I actually like running these on the pip-boy, and they work fine on that unit, but I. Wanted to bring it over here, just to give it a quick test so here's, the big one PlayStation 1 games. This is Taken 3 frame.

Skip is completely off we're getting around 43 FPS, which is unfortunate because they do claim that this will run ps1 games at full speed. And it will width frame skip set to auto or frame skip set to 1, but then we're dealing with brain skip and I personally hate it. Now I know, for a fact games like Crash, Bandicoot or Crash, Bandicoot 2 will run at full speed on this machine. With no frame skip at all, but with some harder games to emulate like bloody roar - even with brain skip on it's going to be a bit slow now, I have frame skip set to 1 and that's about as much as I can deal with we're at around 52 fps. But if I completely disable frame, skip it's going to run at about half speed, actually 3232. But like I mentioned, there are ps1 games that are going to run on this machine at full speed with no frame skip on whatsoever, completely disabled, and we're, getting the.

Constant sixties with crash, bandicoot Wars, just keep in mind it's, not going to run every single ps1 game at full speed. So overall I actually, really like the KG 350 and I plan on making at least another video on this thing, I want to see how the HDMI outperforms, and I'll also test out some more ps1 games. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below build qualities.

Great buttons are nice. The analog sticks can be programmed per emulator. Now they were working with the PICO Drive emulator. Right out of the box, but in this video I didn't, take the time to program I'm in the PlayStation 1, emulator and that's. Something I will do in my next video. The screen is absolutely beautiful.

3.5 inch, IPS display, it's, definitely a great-looking display. The sound isn't that great I kind of expected, a little better out of this dual speaker setup. But there is a sound mixer inside the settings, and I'll try to mess around with that just to get a little more bass out of it.

Overall it's, a decent unit. It is the most powerful MIPS power, Chinese handheld console right now on the market, but that doesn't mean, it's the most powerful handheld emulation console. But it does a really great job. If you want to see more on the KG, 350, certainly stay tuned to the channel because I have at least one more video coming up. And if you're interested in purchasing one of these I will leave links in the description, keep in mind it's, 86 dollars as of making this video. The price could go up or go down.

You never. Know if you have any questions at all, let me know in the comments below, it'd also be really cool if you could hit that like button or maybe subscribe to the channel, but like always thanks for watching.

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