Red Bull Line Up Review - Red Bull Vs Red Vs Blue Vs Silver


Hey, guys, it's Ken from KVD productions TV. Welcome back to another Thirsty Thursday. Just for you. We are going to be doing Red Bull this week. This isn't a challenge where I'm trying to figure this is me trying to figure out which Red Bull I like the best a bunch of you guys have already emailed me our left comments on last thirsty Thursdays. And you guys told me which ones you liked and which ones you didn't, don't bother doing this one don't bother doing this one.

So this is just from my own. Personal taste bytes, I want to figure out which one I like the best. So we have Red Bull. And this one is it doesn't say, this says, Red, Bull, oh, the red edition. And this one's, obviously regular Red Bull. This is blue edition. And this is silver edition.

So each one has its own unique flavor and obviously color, let's. Move those other way then put the much if you can see the list there, but then put it there I'll show you in a second, so I, kind of you can kind of probably figure out which ones which just. Off the top. But again, this isn't me trying to figure which ones which this is me, just try and figure out which one tastes the best for myself. This is just my opinion. People.

Okay. Let's start with number. Once I think this is Red, Bull, regular, mmm for sure. And just by looking at the top of the can this is red, actually, not you can't tell, this is probably blue because that has a purple look to it as opposed to a red look to it. Hmm.

Every one of them, I'm just guessing, but I'm thinking, everyone who's. Going to taste like I, always compare it to a sour suitor or sour key those, uh, candies as that looks like a key. So this is probably read this. One kind of has a berry taste to it. I know, some of you guys tell me to have a cleanser I forgot to pour one that's just going to have like a glass of water just between. So this has like a's like grape red bull.

This is like berry, red bull. This will probably be like sprite, red bull. As soon as it started blowing them out.

It smelt like a sprite, it's, a. Little on the cloudy side, I guess that's what they want. But maybe my taste buds are getting whacked. The second row there's, nothing laughing here.

This wanted to cleanse my mouth. This one because it is completely different this one tastes more like a cross between sprite and lemonade is this if they put sprite and lemonade together and that's pretty much what this one tastes like it definitely has a lemonade taste to it for sure, well, ladies and gentlemen, this wasn't much of a blind taste test, but. What it comes down to is if I'm going to have a Red Bull thing. This is the one I would pick I just love the taste of Red Bull by itself. Well, just to give you a heads-up I got these on special.

There were two cans for four bucks. So four dollars Canadian for two cans. So that's, why I only got four I think I'm, not sure if they have any more than four flavors, let me know in the comments below. But this is the only ones that they had in their display case. I was a 7/11 I wanted to.

So yeah. So number one. Was Red Bull. Nice. Number two was blue, I was correct once again, it wasn't a taste test to see which one I could figure out red was three silver was four. So like I said, guys, let me know if you've tried all of them I think a bunch of you guys have already tried them, and I've already made your decisions that. So which one do you like I, am just a straight-up Red Bull kind of guy if I need a kick pick-me-up energy, boost I'll, pick this regular Red Bull.

Well, I don't think we've talked about calories, but. I'll make sure they're up in the video as we're going. Alright? So, thanks for watching Katie productions TV and Thirsty Thursday. Next week, we're going to be doing the monster.

Let me just grab it just aside. Where is it? Oh, behind this. Okay, it's in the fridge there we go the monster, assault we'll, be doing this next week for Thirsty Thursday.

So, stay tuned, and we'll talk to you then I, don't, forget to thumbs up the video David Inge, ding, ding, and we'll. See you next week? Bye, hey, guys, it's, Kent from cavity. A little app so been in his awesomeness, poured them into the can fan where'd. You put the whole thing the stickers on here.

This is the red bull taste-off, just for you, and we'll do one more time now that I got that out of my mouth.

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