Pay Statements And T4'S


Hey, guys, so today is tech Thursday and today's topic is going to be about how do I access my pay stubs and mighty force. Okay. So here tie cleaners, we use ADP to process all of our payroll and any payroll documents associated with that. So like your pay stubs and your tea force. We do not issue them directly to you, but ADP, you know, will populate them and store them for you on your own personal ADP.

You know, dashboard, okay, which then you will have access to it as long as you're here, actually, I think. You have access up to a year after even if you decide to leave us, or you've been terminated, you actually have up to a year access to your pay stubs and tax documents. So obviously, the first thing you need is access to your team pay account here at ADP. Now, usually this happens when I enroll you into ADP. So if you've started if you've just started out here at a cleaner, you probably won't get any email until that first pay when I do I like I said, I'll, enroll, you into the program here. And then. You'll get an email from ADP.

It won't come from myself, and it doesn't come from I cleaners. It will literally say ad, ADP and you'll just go through and register yourself, create your password. And then when you require your pay stubs and your T fours you'll just go to this website here. Okay. So here we are at the login page of teen pay. So you'll just go to team, pay, I think, it's team page, ADP comm, which will bring you right to here, and you'll.

Go ahead and put in your username and your password. It is.Case-sensitive so just make sure that when putting in your password you're doing it correctly. So we'll, go ahead and sign in okay. So this is like the dashboard.

This is your home page. What you'll notice here is that there is a section for notifications. And these notifications will be anything that important that ADP feels that you need to know, so maybe they'll let, you know that, hey, your t4 isn't ready to be downloaded all that kind of stuff will be right here.

The second tab is where. You'll find your pay statements. Now, this is my personal dashboard. So I'm, not obviously going to go into my pace statements.

But once you call, you know, click on pay statement tab you'll be able to again, you know, download all your pace statements from the first time from your first pay all the way to your last pay. Ok? When you're looking for your t4 that's going to be under this tab here called tax forms. So I'll go into it. And then you'll see the taxation years. So there's only two taxation years here. Because I cleaners was incorporated in 2017.

So we needed a whole new account for the corporation. Whereas this was my old account, you would see a bunch of years here. But yeah, so all you need to do is you're going to select the taxation year that you require. So it is January 2020 and 2019 will be coming. You will see it just above 2018 here. And then all you got to do is click on t4 s. And the PDF version of your t4 will come up on the screen. And then there you go, you can just print it off and use it.

For your accountants or your bookkeepers, whoever does your taxes I've been the same with the pay stubs. You just hit the little link, and it'll take you to a PDF version of that pasted up. And you can print it out for whatever reasons you require it. That's.

It guys quick easy little video here, how to access your pay stubs and your t4 s. And as always if you have any questions, just let me know, but hopefully this video answered them. Take care have a good day.

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