Most Popular Sugar Land Tx Neighborhoods Of 2021 (Southwest Houston)


Are you curious what the most popular neighborhoods were in sugar land, Texas in 2021. Well today, we're going to be talking about just that hi you all. My name is Jordan, fallacy broker owner of Franco where my goal at drone co isn't, just to be a realtor it's to be your resource. So today and today, we're on to video 10. But today for me, not for you today.

I've covered all the most popular suburbs, it's a series that I had. And there were about 13 different cities that ended up on this list, and I'm. Bringing you the most popular ones in sugar land today, but I also wanted to talk about which cities were the most popular really quick. So Katie was the most popular city where homes were sold with about 8 000 homes sold number two is spring with about 6, 300 homes sold this encompasses the climb and woodlands areas.

And then we kind of have like this three or four-way tie with Richmond, cypress Conroe. And then the humble king wood area all of those homes. All of those cities had about 4 000 homes sold. So sugar land is not too far from that. It had about 2, 400 homes sold. So the top most popular neighborhood in sugar land was river stone with 321 homes sold all of these areas are really established and really beautiful with really great amenities and perfect shopping. And also a perfect commute into Houston.

Number two on the list is great wood with 257 homes sold last year. Number three on the list is new territory with 184 homes sold last year. Number four on the list is welfare with 125. Homes sold and number five on the list was sugar creek with 84 homes sold.

I do have a runner-up Sweetwater, definitely love that neighborhood as well. Sugar land, Texas really does have a lot to offer to everyone. We have tons of blogs and YouTube videos about sugar land. If you want to learn more about sugar land, everything is going to be linked down below, including a link to schedule call with me again. My name is George Lacey broker owner of Joan co here at junco. My goal isn't just to be a realtor. It's to be a resource so tons of e-books and relocation guides, local maps, uh, all the blog posts and YouTube videos and tons of amazing links that I want to share with you.

All of those are going to be linked down below, including that link to schedule call with me. Thank you so much for watching this video. And I hope you watch another one I'll, talk to your soon bye, guys, you.

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