Monster Bass Jump For Shad!


I'm down at the pond today, I got a bag of fresh shad just thought out. And then I got my feeding rod today. The bass have been really actively at least I'm going to try to get some cool, slo-mo videos and them jumping up and eating the shed. The turtles are out today. To tank is climbing up. The turtle ramp.

There you go they're a bunch of turtles today, there's a tank right here and melon, melons, awesome, here's, emerald. So guys, this turtle right here is the one in my what should I name this turtle. Video. And I decided to name them seven because it looks like he has sevens on the side. Look at that seven right there. So it's, a good name I'll go with this pretty easy to recognize got a real pretty shell.

All I have left are big shad. So I'm going to feed these to the Turtles, hopefully they don't get taken by the bass there. You go melon, here's, seven, there's, a big old shed there's, seven, again, you're going to get it.

Oh, seven got it. He chopped it, and they still haven't gotten it I got the last shot here on the. Feeding Arab going to dangle it oversee the big bass takes it. That was a big one as always thank you guys for watching stay safe, and I will see you on exam.

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