Lelang Mobil Ibid Bandung.. Tp Bukan Lautan Asmara Ya.. 😁🙏


Hi, okay, bro, I'm, trying to review the car auction at Ibid Bandung, bro, by watching this video, We can compare the price of cars in Jakarta and in Bandung or outside the area, bro, okay, let's. Just watch Hi. Okay, Let's start with the car. This is the Toyota Amanda Type G, year of manufacture, 2019 with a manual. Transmission, yes, Hasbro, The interior is in DC. Then. The exterior is drippy for the body or frame.

It is graded. And the engine is grade. A. The Udo meter is just running 47,000.

And the. Base price is 134 point. Five, a million., Okay, let's, watch.

When Hasbro touches it, it turns out that this Toyota Amanda has already been sold at a price of 141 million. Then for the next car, namely, the Honda CV, automatic transmission, the year of manufacture, 2008. Then for the condition of the exterior interior. And the engine, there is no registration data, Nor is there any odometer data., there's, Herbert, basically, 86, a million, just pause, touch Hasbro, The current Honda Civic car. I have been sold. At a price of 96.5 million Then for this next car, namely, the Mitsubishi Outlander type, PX, automatic transmission year of manufacture 2014, exterior interior and engine conditions.

Also, no database. Price 142.5 million t4i touched Hasbro. This car has been sold yes, with a price formed of 147 million Then for the next car, namely, this Daihatsu Grand Max manual transmission, which is a binman model, yes, Hasbro, the year of manufacture, the condition of the exterior, interior, mechanics. And the.

Frame, there is no data, The basic price is cheap, Bro, only 35000000, please contact. Mas. Bro. MBA This has been sold, yes, with a price that is only 35000000, it's, cheap, Hasbro, then there's. Another Grand, Max. Hasbro, The model is also the same, The year of manufacture is the same.

And the grid condition is also no data on the base. Price, only 35000000, Hasbro, This car hasn't been sold yet., Ibis Bandung. Then this car is the Isuzu Panther LV manual transmission year of manufacture 2015. Interior Grace, exterior grade, C, DC engine and frame or frame, GC, sank, no data, yes, Hasbro the base. Price is 132 point.

Five million Hasbro, Isuzu Panther. This has not been sold, yes, Then for the next car, Toyota, Agra type, G manual transmission, Hi condition, the interior exterior and the engine. There is no data on Hasbro and the STNK there is also no data on the price of the nglige 81167814ba at a price of 93 million Then for the next road, The Toyota King In nova type, Go, automatic year of. Manufacture, 2016, the interior is in DC exterior Bridge, This is a story machine and the frame or frame is drippy. The odometer is already in 81 thousand, The basic price is 178.5. A Million, Hasbro, This car has been sold for a cheap price of 178.5 million, Hasbro Hi.

Then this car is a Daihatsu sigma type, R manual transmission in 2017 Hi, The interior condition is in group C, The exterior grip is grade A, our frame or frame, The odometer is already running, 114 thousand basic price of the car. This. Is 81 point, five million Hasbro. Daihatsu sigma has not been sold, yes, Then the next car, namely, Toyota, Rush type, S manual transmission, year of manufacture, 2017, the condition of the engine, exterior interior and the frame, there is no data. Yo, yo, Jo.

The meter is already running 183 thousand. The basic price is 133464133 with the price formed. The basic price is 133464133 magic year of manufacture 2015. Hi.

The interior condition is in group. C exterior Bride grade, A engine, Rita frame, the odometer. Is in the 100 1000s, the basic price is 260.

6.5 million Hasbro. Toyota Camry is not sold yet, right Dan for the next car, namely, the Toyota Harrier automatic transmission year of manufacture 2014 Hi, The interior condition is in. The, exterior WC DC engine, grade A frame or frame, odometer grade, New, Japan, 33 thousands. The basic price is pretty good Hasbro.

399000000, Hasbro. This Harrier car hasn't been sold yet. Huh?.

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