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Adam it was a really nice weekend. I think no complaints for most people. Yeah, no, big complaints. It took a while for the fog this morning to get out of here. But after it did, it was really pleasant and sunny and yeah, the extra clouds. And the fog this morning did lead to cooler temperatures.

We weren't able to get that sunshine out in time to get up to that. 53 average, but 50 degrees, not too bad. The low this morning, all the way down to 32 degrees, a cold, one and we'll be close to that number again, record. Was at 26, so we were safe in that department, but you can see precipitation zero, no rainfall out at seat ac airport that will change as we head into Tuesday. But a lot of the week actually featuring some relatively quiet conditions. Right now, we're, quiet we're, clear and 42 in Seattle with a calm wind.

And you can see the clear skies that are currently or not this clear skies, but the dark skies. And the quiet conditions that we have here at the waterfront temperatures, they're already, dropping quickly. Bremerton down to 33 36 in Shelton, not dropping as quickly for areas such as Renton and Tacoma effort anywhere here around Puget sound as we keep more in the lower 40s in those locations, 35 in Olympia right now sitting at 39 and Mount Vernon, the clear skies are going to be in place. Now again, we could see some patchy fog late tonight, possibly a few more clouds moving on through as this disturbance right here actually moves off to the south into the east and hits more so down into Montana. What is. Going to be our rain producer, this disturbance right here, that's going to continue to work its way around this area of high pressure that will start to scoot a little farther back towards the west, and it will ride down the bc coast and here into western Washington heading later, into tomorrow night and more so into Tuesday. So for tonight and into early tomorrow morning, here we go.

I mean, a sprinkle or two possible, but I think we're relatively dry we'll have a mix of sun and clouds throughout the. Day on tomorrow, and then we head into tomorrow night. And this is at 1 to 2 a.m. We start to see that rain and then mountain snow starting to appear now looks like generally initially around Everett and northward is where we're going to get the rain chances in. But by about that morning commute time, 6, 7:8 a.m that will start to move down all through Puget sound and that's. Probably when we're going to see the heaviest rain with this event that will continue southward as we go into Tuesday evening.

But it is starting to come to an end by that point, it's still holding on to some snow into the mountains down around crystal mountain and also white pass so that's where you could probably expect to see some higher amounts of snow as we go throughout this event amounts of rain between a quarter to a half an inch lesser amounts as you go northward around a tenth of an inch if not less. And then, as we go on into the mountains, we're talking about a half a foot to possibly closer to a. Foot of snow around crystal mountain as we get up to around 10 inches, there, here's, your forecast 54 tomorrow, 46 on Tuesday that's. The rainy day then it's dry for the rest of the work week.

Next weekend turns wet again with rain on Saturday and.

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