Just Go To Bed By Mercer Mayer - Little Critter - Read Aloud Books For Children - Storytime


Just go to bed by mercer mayor. I am a cowboy and I round up cows. I can lasso anything, dad says, it's time for the cowboy to come inside and get ready for bed I'm, a general. And I have to stop the enemy. Army with my tank. Dad says, it's time for the general to take a bath I'm, a space cadet.

And I zoom to the moon. I capture a robot with my ray gun. Dad says, this giant robot has captured the space cadet and is going to put him in the bathtub right now. I'm a sea monster attacking a ship dad says, it's time. For the sea monster to have a snack I'm, a zookeeper feeding, my hungry animals. Dad says feeding time is over here are the zookeepers pajamas, I'm, super critter, flying over the city, I'm, a train engineer being chased by bandits, dad says, the bandit chief has caught you so put on your pajamas, but I'm a race car driver. And I just speed away.

Dad says, the race is over now put on these pajamas and go to bed I'm, a bunny hopping around my garden. Dad says just go to bed, but I'm, a bunny and bunnies don't. Sleep in a bed, mom says, shh, dad says, go to sleep. Well, maybe a tired bunny could sleep in a bed just this. Once you.

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