Jamieson's Gold Cup 1962 , Penny Slot Machine


Okay, guess what David I bought another one at first, so I want to thank my good friend, Stuart Dale, because without him actually went and got this, you know, for Blackpool from he came from an old arcade us along the Pleasure Beach. And he picked you up , ain't, working so Thank, You, Stuart because we're now in this done, what exists now let's? See what David thinks this is become a regular thing.

Now, it's little surprise, I, don't think, it's quite as spectacular as the other world. Oh, here we go. Now, oh. Wow, I, don't think, I've seen one of these.

Well, you think the top ten right, you're, not top. Ten are out, hmm, Bella space, 12, yeah. You're on Billy. Shame saw Fame look, maybe 962 by Jameson's of bridling ton. This is gold company do a few like that. What do you reckon lovely neat looking thing in there? Well, very good Yeah, Yeah, right?

You'll. Never play. If I'll visit Lee taught me one stars loss.

And again, one more come estate. We do the two teams and the shilling. And the winners there David just said to.

Me is ready winners on. It varies year I'll show ya silly there. One of starting that's two on the Troops man, let's, try the ball on the six down, then we'll talk, the tape I'm really pleased with this one way now we'll stop that that loss is pretty ambient. It will try the fall asleep. Hey, get it again, I thought would be old date older this. You don't, try to get the winners, but I do remember seeing, you know, I've seen these in the 60s already do they did a few of these with one called big chop and cold.

Top seven shot, gosh, I think, it's a very nice machine. I really do one more. And when you say that was the one with my own self, riser I'm, just looking at the thumb Reinhold caught, and I think it's, probably based on the stronger cockney, which is in July. But these names right leg around a performs vagabond admiral champagne and phoenix they're all made up names. You know, you have machines in the sixties right, royal county, little coin. Dumpy, only mister although names these are made up made. These are these horses did not exist in real life.

This is pleasant machine, though I'm pleased with it, we're going to finish it by betting the lot of watch. The lost couple will go again. We will finish up this jumble machine. Alright. Now I will focus level. The slave very possible. Nothing going around down there.

Look - the selector now see that if you're a backup maybe just look at the lights here parity shows up Rene, pretty good for a talk back training. Obi. The fact you can do this what keep it going. Keep. Going along device we've got the relay coil you all are then really lift. Cobra.

Ii. Guess I get shocked. Our will do how to be scheduled if he's done the plumbing, good job. Now, Schumer Thank You mayor. You've got the squeegee.

And we just show that James, a senior positions, I'm very on the ice position, that's, probably why we want to watch a.

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