Installing New A/C Compressor | 89-93 Dodge D250 Cummins


Morning, everybody, um today, we're going to go and get my ac fixed, um so, that's. What we're going to go ahead and do today? Uh, the ac compressor stopped failing it only stays switched on. And it doesn't sound like it's cycling anything. So I got me a new ac, compressor, clutch, uh, and I'm going to take it to a mechanic shot, real quick, and they're going to change it out I'm, not really going to say how to do any of the stuff. I mean, it's kind of simple. You just gotta remove those bolts, but I'd rather take it to a.

Professional because I don't have the vacuum or anything to take all these chemicals out like all the Creon that we still have inside there so let's head on over there, I mean, it's its easy to remove it's its, not rocket science. I changed out all my lines from my ac, the condenser and all that stuff. But like after they did the recharge on it. I think a month later, the ac compressor, clutch stopped cycling like right now. It blows cold air into everything, um I'm, gonna use this paper as a reference. So. You guys can see how hard my ac blows.

So that was another thing I did to my truck that I uh made the ac blower. Uh blow a little harder. Uh, I think it was getting like nine volts or something like that that's. What I was getting, so there's like this whole like wiring process that you have to do to uh make it blow a little harder.

And one thing I did kind of did wrong on. It was that whenever you have it at the high setting it's supposed to blow that hard. And once you get like, I guess like.

Your medium and you know, your other settings, it's supposed to go back to its, um original, uh, original settings that it has. And I don't think I connected a cable correct on it. So it's, only it only blows hard at any at all the settings. So I need to fix that. I will provide that, uh wire and dining room. If you guys want me to make a video about it, I'll do it. And while I'm at it, I will go ahead and fix the problem that I didn't do right here.

Now we have to remove those two bolts off of there. So we're. Just about done already we're, just recharging it, and hopefully my ac should be blowing cool all right, so we're done with the ac. It is blowing a lot colder than it was because before it wouldn't, even it wouldn't. I mean, it was like average, it was just okay, but it wasn't all bad, but I'm glad I got this fixed. Now I have code ac.

Next thing I have to do is I have to uh go. I need to do my watermelon so that's. The next thing I have to do so the next video you guys can see we'll be recording on my. Motorcycle so, alright, guys, I'll catch you guys up in the next video.

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