Hp Envy Photo 7855: Scan A Document To Pdf With Enhancements


You in this tutorial, we will show you how to scan some documents that have jagged edges as well as non-white background and how to make it a smooth edge as well as a white background. We will also show you how to straighten the pages that was again in the event that it was not scan straight all these by simply using the HP scan software. So for a start let's start up the HP printer assistant from the HP printer assistant select scan and scan a document or photo. Once the HP scan software is loaded. Select save as PDF. And here are some shortcut settings. The item type is document and a page size is one site.

The page size is a4, and the sauce will select document feeder if loaded the image will be scanned in color. And once that is done let's place the document into the ADF as well, SD flap a scan class. So this is a two-page document that we want to scan. And for this speech itself, you'll, notice that the ages is religious. It could be an old document. And it has got the background, a bit of grief as well.

And this is basically a test for Erie's ages and cleanup background for the HP scan. Now for the second page is going to be a test for straightening the scan pitch. So we will place this first page duty, Ragga each into the ADF and for the straightening test, which we are put into the flatbed scanner.

And we will intentionally put it such that. It will not be straight, not that the documents have been placed into the ADF and scan glass. Let's click on scan. It is scanning page one, which we will scan from.

The ADF so now it is scanned from the ADF. We can select this icon over here, which is to add more pages from the scanning device. And we can click on scan in which case it will scan from the flat bit since the document feeder is now empty. So both pages are scan click on the thumbnail to enlarge take. So this is the page they scan from the scan class. And this is the page that is scanned from the ADF itself. So as you can see over here, if you do a zoom in, you can see that D jagged edges has been scan as.

Well so let us show you how to remove this checker edges by going to the more function, select that under the detail adjustments, select document now there's an option over here for Erie's edges, click on the plus sign over here and click on this box to anybody h erase as you can see over here. D. It just has been erased just show that again, if you unchecked it over here, you can see that the edges are jagged which was scan in. And once you check on this box, it is erased, but he has erased part of the.

Document as well, so you need to make sure that the borders they erase is maybe 0.5 of an inch, and you can see that it doesn't erase our document. So for a few colors, you can select it as white black, or even the pitch color, we'll, leave it as white. So now that we have erased the edges, select okay. And we can do a cleanup background again, click on the plus sign over here. And once you select this check box over here, which is to clean up background, you're, not a sturdy background.

Now is white once again, This is before the cleanup. And once you check on this box, the background now is white. So you have erased ages and also clean up the background, remember to select okay. So the first page has been done let's go on to the second page. So once again, this was intentionally place at a crooked angle on the flat bit. And you can see that it is slanted. So in order to straighten this document page go to manage images, and you have some selections here where you can straighten in this case, we will rotate it.

Anti-Clockwise and you can actually crop the document if needed I'm using these to check that it is indeed straight. This is a little too much rotation. So our move it back one notch. So now the document should be straightened, and I will not drop it. So this is how you straighten your document after scanning. So let us imagine that we want to have a certain portion of our document.

So we can click on this icon over here, which is to create a new selection, you'll, notice that it has added a new page. And you can click and drag new selection so let's do that. So maybe I just want the first four lines. Okay, so this is what I want to crop for the peach tree. Once that is done, you can go to save we'll name. This document enhanced click on save. So the CF document is over here and let's.

Take a look edit topic, click on the document. And this is page 1. So you can see that the ages has been erased, and the background is white. So the page 2 is where we did the straightening of the page, and you can.

See that it is straightened as well in the top page is where we do our selectively cropped and data page. We did not do a straightening of the scam page and that's why it is a little crooked. So the three-page document has been safe as needed.

So hope this tutorial is useful for those who want to get the best out of the HP scan software. Thanks for watching.

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