How To Replace The Camshaft Position Sensor 2005 Honda Odyssey


So I'm working on our 2005 Honda Odyssey is the 3.5 in it EX. The one has got the V taper off in it, I'm, replacing the camshaft position sensor. And then took that over now it's got some signs that it's been gone. But reason I'm making the video is because according to the book according to modern logic information, you do have to replace it by removing the timing belt. And as you can see I'm trying to show this video or share this video because I was able to take it out without removing not. Even the cover even all I have to remove was the power steering pump. Oh, you got the reservoir upside down.

I don't, see any leaks. So, um, that's pretty much what I'm doing, and I'm I think you're going to be able to see it. But now let's see I think if you get to do this job, at least you're going to know where the location is up. So the camshaft position sensors, those right there right here, but heir, the timing cover, and it's a little hard to get to it, I'm.

Not going to lie it's hard to get the boat out it's. You. Can only get it with a wrench all right? You see the hole right there, that's where the hole is up right there with the bodies hanging on right now. So it's hard, why say it's not hard by dough. The main point of the video is showing you that it's possible to remove it without removing the timing belt. So we have to use one why a use one is because we've replaced the engine in this van.

And so you know, you never know how long the engine has been seen from the salvage yard, and we're, replacing it with. The one that came off from the original engine, this van was never getting gave us problems or gave the customer problems on injection problems. And so we're thinking to this cam sensor that's, good so that's, why we're replacing it with it and try to plug the middle video when it's running. So you see how okay. So now I got all the sensor in as you can see, I was able to do it from the back I, got it in there I'm about to put the bolt in it, and it's a simple as that. All you got to do is have a. Little skinny fingers and be able to squeeze your fingers in there, and you don't have to remove the whole time about to do this.

So hopefully this video was helpful for someone and please share in comment about it. Thank you so much.

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