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What's up, my name is tech number here for troubleshoot and welcome back to another video in this video I'll be showing you how you can get Star Wars, battlefront 2 for free between January 15th and January 21st, 2021. So all you need to do is simply open up the epic game store launch room. If you already have it installed if you don't head across to the link in the description down below, which will take you across to from here, simply click get epic games in the very top right and. The installer will be downloaded simply click on it to open it up for your computer and follow through with the installation instructions after doing that, you should be able to open up the epic games launch room either automatically through an icon on your desktop or an icon on your start bar after it opens up simply sign in with your epic games account, otherwise go ahead and create one. When you eventually do, you'll be dropped onto this page over here.

This page over here, or simply the epic game. Store what we need to do is navigate across to the epic game, storm scroll down until you get to the free game section where they have weekly free game drops this week from January 15th to January 21st. At 6 pm, is Star Wars. Battlefront 2 celebration, edition to get this simply click on it to open up the store page for this game scroll down a bit. And you should see a free button over here, clicking it will allow you to activate it for your account after it's activated.

You should be able to head. Across to the library section, where you'll see the game over here. Now, unlike most of the epic games, it doesn't install through epic games, instead it installs through ea's origin, launcher. So how exactly do we get there? Well, first click, the icon inside the epic games, launcher, and you'll be asked to log in with your ea account into origin after doing that origin should open up.

And you should be prompted with where you'd like to install the game and a couple of other things. If. You're, not you should be able to head across to you my game. Library after signing in with your ea account then scrolling down on this page over here.

You should see Star Wars, battlefront, 2. I have two copies because one of them is actually owned on ea. And the other copy is added through the epic games launch room. You can tell which one is which by the icon in the top right after clicking the application now that we know it's the correct one simply click download and choose an installation.

Location if you haven't already, then you'll, notice in the bottom left, we have a progress bar for the download itself it's a little odd that this epic game store game doesn't download to the epic games launcher it downloads instead from ea servers through the origin launcher while you can click the game to try and install it multiple times. All you have to do is wait for the origin download to complete and the installation to complete when it's done. You should be able to launch it up through. The origin launcher as well as from the epic games launcher this installs icon over here should simply change to a launch icon like this one here, but you can click on it. And the game simply opens up as you'd expect, but anyway, when mine's done downloading I'll release a couple of other videos, if you're having any other issues check the description down below as I may have already covered your issue, if you're having issues with actually opening up the origin launcher make sure to check the. Description as well as I've already covered that topic.

Anyway, that's about it for this video, hopefully you found something useful in them. Mine is being techno here for troubleshoot, and I'll. See you all next time? Ciao you.

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