How To Fillet A Grouper Fish | Most Meat, No Bones | Plus Cheeks


All right so today, we're going to show you how to fillet this beautiful red grouper here when it comes to filleting fish, 90 of them are exactly the same it's going to consist of just a couple cuts. The first things you need is your supplies to fillet with you need a bag for the fillets. I recommend if you're new at filleting fish to use a chain mesh glove, something like this right here prevent you from cutting yourself use that on your non knife holding hand. The next thing you're going to pick up. Is your knives now, everybody's got their own personal preference on knives. This is what you'll see most people use it's going to be a thin filet knife, very flexible.

What I prefer is a set of two knives. We use a round one like this it's called it's made by Victorinox it's, actually a boning knife. And we use this, which is a slicing knife as well. This is very flexible. Now what we do here at wild seafood is we do tag all of our fish. So the first thing I'm going to do is take this tag off to go in the. Bag with the fillets first thing you're going to do with the fish here is you're going to run your knife directly down the dorsal fin making sure your knife is following the bones on the back side.

The next cut you're going to make is right behind the gill here cut across all the way down to the belly. Now most fish. These are the cuts that are made. There are some exceptions, such as flounder or some tunas where you may have to make a few other cuts you're going to get in here. I like to split it. Open just a little with my thumb. So I can see what I'm doing you're going to run this knife right across the bone right across here.

You'll feel your knife run across. If you're going to cut all the way down to the spine. Next you're going to move your knife over the spine and run down the bone on the bottom side as well. A lot of people cut straight down, but they lose a pretty large portion of the belly meat here.

I like to go ahead and split the pin bone section in here. And let my knife run all the. Way down the rib cage. So I can get all of that belly meat. And you end up with your fillet so that's, where you'll have a skin on filet. If you look at the other side here, if you like to cook with the skin on before, you start filleting, go ahead and scrape, all the scales off with your favorite scale, or the back side of your knife today. We're going to lay this grouper skin off, so I'm going to pick up my more flexible, skinning knife, or if you're using a traditional fillet knife you'll use that in the.

Same procedure, you're going to start right at the tail and cut down, but don't cut through the skin and turn parallel to the skin work, your way all the way up to the front. So now we have a nice skinless fillet discard that the last thing we're going to do is trim this up there's, a strip of bones through the middle of the fillet here called the pin bone section, you're going to cut just on either side of that and discard that chunk as well. Now what we're left with on this side is a boneless. Skinless fillet now moving on to the second side here, I find it's a lot easier to start towards the tail portion. Instead of the head due to the fact, the fish is laying a little more flat on the table.

You're gonna start at the tail portion. And just like you did the other side, let your knife run directly across the bone, make your second cut across there. And then finish filleting the fish out by running your knife right down the bone over the spine, get the bottom section make sure it's split. Apart here, same thing I'm going to pop the pin bones and let your knife run straight down, the rib cage and there's.

My other fillet right here now what's special on a grouper, especially some other fish do have them as well. You get an extra piece of meat, uh, which is the grouper cheek you're going to start just in front of where their cheekbone sticks out you're cut at a downward angle straight up under the jaw. Just like this you're going to flip the cheat meat over slice away from the skin and.

Peel and you end up with some nice grouper cheeks here as well, all right. So what you're left with is a carcass at that point. Some people will take this, and they'll boil it make fish stock, um, some people will roast this hole and pick the meat away from it.

Um, my preference with them. I like to use this bait in my crab traps. So we'll set that aside from now we'll, go ahead and skin. The second fillet trim, the pin downs.

And you wind up with two fillets and two cheeks, get that bagged up include the. Tag in the bag, so you can look up where your fish was caught. And what vessel it came off of all right if you'd like grouper fillets, just like this, you can go onto our website at You can order a grouper just like this red grouper, right here and just request that it be filleted with the skin off we'll, send you some beautiful fillets, just like this. You.

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