Green Mountain Grill Vs Traeger Vs Z Grills. Which One Is The Best?


Hi my name is Trevor with embers fireplaces. And after living today, we're going to talk about is there's. So many pellet grills out in the market today. The question is is is what kind of tell it smoker, pellet grills, should you buy? Or should you be in the market for, so we're? Going to have three different options for your sort of good better the best lineup here? And hopefully this video will help you decide what direction you want to go.

And what kind of grill will work for you, so we'll start with our good. Product this is a grill made by Z grills. Now, the main selling feature with this is going to be price point in value. So you get a lot of value here for under six hundred dollars, you're going to get a unit that's bigger than the traditional trigger Pro twenty-two series. So you're getting to get more cooking space.

And then a few other add-ons that you're going to get that we really like about. It is you're going to get these brackets here, which sort of stop this lid from hyperextending you're going to get. A wider hopper base, which allows you to fit more pellets in the smoker, and then you're going to get a storage shelf down below. And then on top of all of that you're going to get a cover, so cover is going to be standard as well. So you get a full turnkey unit or a very, very important. Well, price still has a three-year warranty.

So this is our good product. So it's going to be an entry-level product. Tremendous value, get it all in product for under six hundred dollars and that's. Why we'd recommend this. Deep grill is for value, and we move over to our trigger product.

This is our trigger Pro, 22 series of triggers the original pellet grill. They've been doing it for a very, very long time. They definitely know what they're doing. Furthermore, they have a three-year warranty on their products. But most importantly is the trigger gives you the whole infrastructure so to speak, they have their recipes, their rubs they're, our barbecue sauces, they're warranties.

So they have a three-year warranty. And then they have a. Great technical hotline, 1-800 trigger. So if you call that you have a warranty problem, they'll figure out a place for you to get your product service at and what's really cool about triggers something that we don't really see. We haven't seen a lot of is, they will pay for labor if something's under warranty, so they'll, actually pay for your grill to be serviced, which is really, really cool.

So from an infrastructure standpoint, we won't go through the details of the trigger because they're pretty. Straightforward, very popular product, but we really like the Traeger product based on their infrastructure and how they're backed by trigger because their warranty very very very well and trial you're definitely stood behind their product. And you know, you get this grill for $7.99, so it's, a sort of step up from the Z grill from a price standpoint, but you're buying the backing of the Trader name and the trigger company with this product, which is what makes it a nice product. And what you're gonna. Pay a little more of a premium for now. Another product we're going to move over to is the Daniel Boone by Green Mountain grills. Now why would somebody buy the Daniel Boone?

And why do we have sort of a good better the best lineup? What makes the Green Mountain grow the best from our opinions? Well, putting it together? The simple answer is you get just you get a lot more grill for your dollar. This grill actually comes in fifty dollars cheaper than the Trader model, it's heavier duty. It weighs.

More you're going to get more cooking space on the inside, a heavier lid, you'll get a dual fan system. So we have a fan inside the hopper. And what that does be that blows smoke away from the hopper. So that way you don't have any hopper fires or your whole pile of pellets, can't start on fire. So it has a dual fan system versus a singular other things we liked about.

If I was going to get a baguette, a retractable storage shelf, standard that's, an add-on with your trigger unit. But the biggest thing is. Going to be controllability, we still have a three-year warranty here. But from a controllability standpoint, we get built in Wi-Fi control. So you can set everything on your phone through the Green Mountain Grill app. And for that reason from a pure functionality standpoint, you know, there's, nothing, neither one of these other units you can control like you can the Green Mountain grill.

And you get these extra features, and it's cheaper. So for those reasons for from a 749 price standpoint, with all the. Extra add-ons you get, we can't see a reason why we would declare this one the best buy.

And so those are our three liners. All three are great products. It just kind of depends on what your price point is what you're looking for, hopefully that kind of helps answer some of your questions. If you want more detailed reviews on each specific model, we have other videos, check out our YouTube channel. And you can get more in-depth videos per model. But this is sort of a vague lineup on why we'd go with one. Grille over the other all again, all three great products we sell and recommend all three of them, but we'd have to declare the winner, the green and grill hope this video helped you can check out these products on our website at

You can check these products out in person, either one of our showrooms in Templeton California or a brand-new showroom, that's opening up in Westminster Colorado. So thanks a lot for checking out this video. You can call our tech store staff as well. Eight, oh, five. Nine, five two, five, four, four zero.

Thanks a lot.

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