Funniest Odd1Sout Memes ๐Ÿ˜‚


Hi Oh. Next time, don't, steal, my monopoly Ariana, give James your $200. You landed on his property, no he's in jail. I'm not going to give money to a criminal that's, not how you wish I was never born me, too.

You think I wanted this hi. Would you all just witnessed is the phenomenon known as family game night only to come to the disappointing realization that no Neo pets championship exists, which is sad? So if there's any YouTubers watching I, want to find my scorch Oh square up. If you see a spider don't, put. It through torture, continuously smashing it with a blunt object, still moving its, still moving Joe scoop up your new best friend with a piece of paper and get it back into the wild with the rest of God's, glorious creatures, there's a high chance that they won't make it being thrown into a completely different environment. But they should have thought of that before they decided to live in my house I was in the back and was playing some Clash of Clans. And we have a computer that shows what the.

Camera see, and I see this woman who was eating there. She reached over the counter and took three large cups and I did nothing to stop it. You know, I'm the kind of person that's like the fast-food employee is always right say if I was eating somewhere, and I asked for a chicken salad. And they said, we only have tuna salad I'm, the kind of person that's like, oh, well, I guess I'm having the tuna salad. Then the first time I got stung I was outside, and I guess I was playing too close to a water age. Because I got stung on my arm and I cried a lot.

The second time I was in my backyard, barefoot, and I was walking around. And you know how sometimes when you're about to do something and your brain realizes that you're about to make a mistake, but your body is already committed to the motion. And you don't have enough time to stop yourself. So I was in the middle of taking a step and I saw that I was about to step on a bee, but my body didn't have the reaction time or the motor skills to avoid the step. And take the cash register I was making someone sandwich.

And this one kid asks for just a water cup, so I gave it to him, so I go back to making a sandwich and I just hear the fuzzy soda sounds being dispensed, and I look over. And the kid is putting soda in the cup. He didn't even try to hide it when I put soda in a water cup, I at least wait for the employees to go in the back, but I didn't, even say anything I was just like all right?

Man. This guy I totally saw I'm talking about our chips, and he hid. It under the counter. So I, couldn't, see. So when I rang up his sandwich I asked anything else, and he said, nope, whatever whenever I would see a bee I would silently freak out and stay as still as a rock. But then when a bee lands on your arm,

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