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Greetings if you have a 2010 through 2015 for truck, and you're experiencing a condition where you have no four-wheel drive, you may have a message displayed saying check for by system, possibly stored code, P 1867 or P, 1861. Then I got a quick tip for you, you're watching the car. Doctor, tan, hey, welcome back to the channel.

I'm, Tim I'm here by repair shop, don't, rot emotive in Anchorage Alaska. And this time of year just winter's coming on strong and customers coming in with their for buy issues that. Cropped up as soon as the snow flew. So this one came in with customer complain of no four-wheel drive engaged. The four bite on the switch on the panel, and he just gets a clicking noise from underneath the vehicle, but it would not engage. And it did have a message check for by system on the dash, Power Stroke diesel going to transportation because he on went engine off all serious codes here. Folks.

So if we have a P 1867, transfer case contact plate, general circuit failure. You zero, four, one, eight, Invalid data received from brake system control module. Not current P, 1861, TK's control plate indeed, short circuit to ground, not a current DTC. So the first step in diagnosing this code or symptom would be to go into your data. And then as you're moving the switch to the different four by positions, monitor your data in your transfer case and monitor the contact switch plates. And for instance, to high position, if you've moved from four high to two high contact switch b, should remain open and. Momentarily contacts, which is a C and D will indicate closed.

But then they'll after a couple seconds, they'll all revert to open since the module, just checks. It momentarily. And then all positions will revert to open you'll have to move the switch again for it to check the switch position, the plate switch. Okay, the first thing you want to do is disconnect the contact plate switch connector at the face of the shift motor. And then if we change the shift slack switch, these should all. Remain open now and that's, just verifying that there's, no short in the wiring like short to ground anything like that.

So now all four switches remain the open position that lets us know, there's, no short in the circuit. And now what we can do is ground the different switch wires, starting with contact plates, which a which is a green and orange wire. We ground these two, the brown and white, which is the ground supplied there, which you probably should check and make sure the brown and white, which is. Supplied a ground through the shift control module is getting a good ground. You could end up feeding that from a separate good ground as part of your testing and even a repair if you've lost that circuit somewhere, you can just pick up a good solid ground supply.

It there but go to the individual switch wiring. Then if you feed a ground, and then we have to switch the switch, and then the module will momentarily look at those different circuits. And it should show a closed position on all the. Switches that have been jumper to ground. So if you have any of those that remain open when the switch is moved after you've grounded it then that'll show that you have a wiring related issue. But if those check out good, then highly suspect your shift motor is at fault.

Okay. In this case, I'm grounding, the brown and white wire to the green and orange wire, which should show that switch. A is in the closed position, which indeed watching that data switch A's in the closed position. So you just go on so. On and so forth, verifying that the circuits are good to the module by grounding, each of them and verifying that it reads in the closed position. In this case of all the circuits check out good. So we're going to go with replacing the transfer case motor and hope that clears it up.

If you find that a circuit does not have continuity then pull the inner fender. Well on the drivers, front wheel area and check the large connector and the wiring leading out of that harness coming up from below. And then right. At the connector check from wires rubbed through primarily wires that match the color coding for the switch circuit that has the open, of course, so we're going to remove and replace the motor by disconnecting, the electrical connectors and then removing the three attaching bolts, ratchet ear, tender I suppose there's an outside chance that an internal problem with the T case could cause the ship motor to not properly fully engage in or buy and create this. Same issue. It's just not as likely and I. Have not run into that I should probably say that because I think it might be possible.

Okay, I'm going to install the four new shift motor part. If you do use the doorman, please don't email me and say, I, replace the motor, and it still doesn't work. Okay, you can only email me if you install a new ford motor, and it doesn't work. Not the other way around, please don't use a doorman part. You will not be happy with the outcome. The end it's possible. You may need to index your key case for proper alignment, I.

Believe that it needs to be in the four high position, you can see the motor is indexed here, and I'll. Just double-check the old. One see, it's, it's indexed a little off. And you don't move the new motor. You move the t case.

So we'll have to move the t case, a little counterclockwise to properly engage the new motor. So in this case, we just have to move it like one, not counterclockwise right there. And she works where's. My motor there we go. And we just reinstall the bolts reconnect, the electrical. Wiring okay, let's, go ahead and just scan tools off clear, the codes and confirm the repairs on this bad. Boy, make sure it's functioning as designed I'm sure, I'm in the right transfer case, codes, clear, yes.

Okay. Dad. Okay. We get a reading of open on all will switch to two by four by that's, what we're supposed to see, and it's, not continuing to try to switch to four by its. Just clunk goes right in measures closed momentarily, no message I'm going to try for low. And we've gone into 4lo.

We have the for. Low indication on the - excellent for high perfect. Alright that wraps this one up burning straight for repair. But if you don't have access to a stand tools, you might consider just popping that inner fender. Well, the right front or left front wheels.

And just above the shock tower, they're, the large connector, where those wires run down to the encoder motor transportation shift motor. And then just disconnect both ends and check your continuity and check for power. The ground, of course, to the circus. For the T case motor, but also those four switch indicator circuits. And you know, as those are good coming out of that connector, then it's more than likely the motor there's, an outside chance you get problem with the switch or some type of control issue, which may require scan tool, but just a little helpful information there as well I say, thank you very much for your views. All the encouragement. Thanks for subscribing.

My channel and I, really appreciate you sending Seminoles really appreciate that. It's, just what I need to do all right we'll catch you next time take care.

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