Don't Worry About National Honor Society (Nhs)


National Honor Society or NHS is an organization that recognizes high school students, not only based on GPA, but by excellence in scholarship, service, leadership and character. The selection committee determines this by looking at whether students meet the following requirements. In the case of my school. These requirements were having a weighted GPA above a 93 on a 100 scale or above a 3/5 on a 4.0 scale, doing at least 50 community service hours, providing your resume getting a teacher recommendation. And being in good disciplinary, standing every year, many students and parents stress about getting in, but I'm here to tell you that stressing out about National, Honor, Society, isn't worth it, why? Because it doesn't matter that much for college admissions. The first reason is that the standards for getting into NHS differ dramatically from school to school.

They all have different GPA, cut-offs community service requirements and standards for admission. So while my high school admitted over a hundred. Students a third of our graduating class, the school in the neighboring town, only admitted 10 because their GPA requirement was much higher so NHS admission, isn't a reliable standard of achievement across the board. Secondly, and most importantly, over a million high school students are inducted every year.

Everybody does it. So just being in NHS won't make you stand out in our high school. Our NHS chapter didn't do much. We just had mandatory meetings once a month when the officers begged people to. Come to volunteer projects, but most people don't go because they're not required to most students NHS became an annoyance rather than a benefit by the end of senior year.

How you stand out with NHS is that your classmates have to elect you as an officer into a leadership position, such as president vice-president Treasury or secretary when you win, you have to organize social events partner with local community, organizations to do service projects, mobilize people to participate and be active in. This role don't think that I'm saying you shouldn't apply to be an NHS, you absolutely should apply to get in. Because if you aren't in NHS chapter of your school, it can be seen as a red flag by some college admissions officers, they think that this might be indicative of some character flaw or some disciplinary issue. You've had in the past that prevented you from getting in. So overall guys apply to get accepted to your NHS chapter.

But understand that this alone won't make you stand out in the. College admissions process thanks for watching. If you liked the video hit that like button hit that subscribe button, check out the rest of our Channel and follow us on social media for more content or to check out the materials, I personally used to get into Harvard click on the links in the description below thanks for listening. And as always stay humble, stay hungry, stay positive and stay focused. My friends.

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