Dog Eats Grapes


When you feel his mouth on your hand, just open your hand like that, you're going to feel his mouth and let it go with his tongue, it's just going to be wet. That's, a great gut. Yeah, just put your hand down. Yeah, just hold it down there. Well, wait, he has to finish that one first, okay, where the grape ain't that big all right? Hold on next time?

Come closer. I wish we could eat it. Can we eat?

It? Good job. Wiley. You can eat yours. You got some grapes. We got some more.

He was a boozy dog cowboy. Now your hand did get. With that time I have seen how wet it was you just open it up flat like that. Okay, I'm going to hold your hand you're going with me, that's all you got more grapes than just the one because he can't count like you can wally. So he can eat if it's our.

Oh, he wants to eat it from your hand, there are ants on the ground. He doesn't want to eat the ants get it over there. I'm holding him you're making him jump at you give it over there, too and get over there, see how he do it get down get all the way down like I did. He. Don't want you he wants the grape?

Oh, my god have a good.

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