Civilization Vi: Red Death On Consoles! (Could It Happen?)


That helicopters, mine, too, it goes fast. We like to shoot each other for fun that is so weird. Hello. Everybody. My name is Alex and battle rails are one of the in things right now. So when civilization 6 got the red death battle row last year I was pretty excited I thought.

It was a very, very interesting idea. Now because silver sins come to count consoles more specifically, the Xbox One and PS4 recently, a lot of people do ask me should the red death and content come to these consoles and more. Importantly, will it ever come? And today we're gonna look at both of those questions. So first up, we are going to take a look at the idea of should it come to consoles would such an expansion to work on consoles is important to know that, although it is more content, I, actually think this was a free piece of content on PC.

So there's, no reason to think of it did ever come to consoles that it would be free, and therefore, obviously quite good. And so I've always thought that it would actually be a really. Cool addition on consoles now, I'm, not trying to get into arguments here because I, but playing both PC and console stuff. And so don't, take it the wrong way, but console players in general like more casual experiences, I know, there's, definitely exceptions to that and people playing safe on consoles.

Obviously, do tend to like more complicates, complex experiences. But what I'm saying is that just look at the trail of the Red Death. This seems like a mode that was or could have been purpose-built for. Consoles such is it's, um casual nature. Its laid-back nature, it's, not designed to people who want to sit there and for hours and hours and hours into again. Instead, it's just designed for if maybe you're feeling a bit like I, just want to jump in have a bit of, um casual fun with a few friends, it's quite stupid, it's quite fun, and it's, certainly something different also can you imagine if they had like ball players, split-screen with this thing, that'd be pretty immense. So I could see that it would.

Definitely work on consoles, but it's all good and well, saying, this would be great on consoles, but will it ever happen? Could it ever happen? Well, hell just look at this, tweet damn. I mean, this is just raining on our parade right so civilization, tweeted back to somebody a while back who asked about this question about Red, Death coming to consoles. And they put know like that civilization, 6, Red Death was a piece of bonus content, especially built for PC, which is a pretty resounding no and pretty sad I. Mean, it's a shame they would never even consider. If I thought, you know, because the games had so many issues had quite a few issues.

It'd be nice to have a little gift. But obviously, and it was just built for PC and that's, looking like where he could stay, which is itbeing like I said, it's a shame it would fit perfectly on consoles. So I know, this was a short video, but I just thought I'd address that question today, because it's a pretty big one, and it's a shame that we don't have more of a positive answer. And what I would say, though is that, obviously they built exclusive content for the PC version with Red Death. What kind of exclusive content would you like to see for the console versions of the game?

Maybe something I don't know, more condensed, maybe a smaller tech tree for a more condensed game something like that something civilization revolution inspired. If you like that game, let me know down in the comments I would be very interested to read them all. So if you have enjoyed today, I. Want to see more save content.

I've definitely got lots more coming and those plans so feel free to hit the like foot on this video. And obviously, if you want to see that subscribe to the channel, thank you so much for watching I'm Alex. And I will see you in end of the video soon you.

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