Chasing The G.o.a.t.


In this world, we will have trouble, but take courage, the Lord has conquered the world at this time I'd like to invite Jack to share some words, Jack some words for your father. Thanks everyone for showing up. My dad was a good humble person. And he never called attention to himself Jack. You can't eat it all the garden without a shirt. Yeah, yeah.

I know, I was just thinking we can eat here. Instead, look, I'm, really, sweaty, and I'm making steak. This is perfect. So how are you doing everyone at. Home, good Lloyd, still hating algebra Jack mistake explain please it's, no big deal there's. This seminar tomorrow at the gym and the sky is famous coach. Actually, you know, ray Simmons who race you don't.

How can you date a fighter and not know who ray Simmons is I bet he's, not even that famous Murray. You don't understand this guy's like like like the Michael Jordan of coaching MMA he's like our Moses. Our Brady I was like all right I, get it you're spitting out perfectly good steak for Moses is that. It, no, no I'm just he's, looking for a 135 her all right, so I thought, maybe if I cut a few pounds, keep my weight down.

He'd possibly take a look at me. You know, Jack, you haven't, weighed 135 since middle school, and we have that sales training session tomorrow, I'll skip tomorrow. What is it? Jack is this still about your dad all right?

No it's. Can we talk about something else? Please sure? So how do you plan to pay for all this steak when you lose your job? My dad worked at that place for over 37 years, and it. Took all of about 15 minutes for them to forget even existed.

One, two, three, two liver, kick go. Eddie. Ed's movement, it's, not just bobbing up and down up and down like your mommy does some stranger's laps?

Okay, I swear, if I see that again, I'll make it a point to be one of those strangers, got it all right? Then, Stiller same drill. You really call that limp. Dick of an arm, a jab, holy , who do we have here? It's Hitler's, wet dream. You ready, keep your hands up.

If I was a cop, you'd be shot right now. All. Right happy to be here? Go what the was that you want a participation trophy for being absolute or , moose, hit me. Okay, Hitler's. Wet dream. Moose, , Kermit, happy to be here.

You are all horrible, but the rest of you're worse. So get out you think this is a joke I. Checked it out sprint.

The parking lot once I think you've earned it. Then you come back we're, never coming back all right team. Horrible, grab your small Wells and get , ready, wait. They can hard spot right now. There, they're, not ready for that, and please don't call them horrible what they're just teaching them how to hold hands and blow each other that's.

What I thought big shot all right, push these let's get to it. You look like, you know, your stuff happy? Well, I'm looking for an answer, not nice, , oh, yes, sir I. Do know my stuff. Thanks for noticing I've really been working on my case. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Sure, yes. So where can I get a bite to eat? Huh?

D, foo, you know, what that is right? I'm just tired of all. This venison crap, they're, serving everywhere, there's, a pizzeria on Evergreen and Malden. That's. Great, Pizza, sounds. Good, wait.

Mr. Simmons I was wondering that a chance happy, wait, Mr. Simmons, please I'm. Sorry. I just look I work, hard, and I always give my best, and I'm never late. So whip your hands off of me and shut the up.

You spineless sack of . The only times I've had this conversation. This isn't make-a-wish dumb, , I'm, not here to whisk. You away and tell you that you're special you.

Could choke on your own spit and die right now. And no one would give a you're, a waste of space of air. And most importantly, my time, I've seen a thousand pathetic like you.

And guess what I'll see a thousand more? What makes you any different from those , a B, yeah, I hate myself. I hate myself, I hate, Who, I.

Am right now and who I'm probably going to end up being I hate myself so much that I'll do whatever you need me to do to be the best that's? What makes me better.Then everyone else, I, hate myself, and I'll do whatever you say, then when I tell you to shut the up. Well, you shut the up, got it. Good, jack-jack, Maria, I'm, fine. It was just a hard spar is all she says, Jack. What did that idiot coach duty?

He's, not an idiot. He's. Great, yeah. Great a great coach there's, a bull like this.

What did you know about great? Look, that's, that's, not what I meant - I know what you meant you think I'm, just like your dad don't. You'm, just an ordinary piece.

Of garbage right, no, no, no way. Please, Maria I want you to understand that I don't understand I'm moving to Detroit to train with Ray and I wanted you to come with me, I'm serious pack your bags and let's go that's, , jack. What am I supposed to tell my family that I'm leaving them to watch? You get killed.

We have something Jack here. We have it here. I'll. See you tomorrow? Okay, is Ray still in the left for the night , he'll, be in tomorrow, though, yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, what's. Your name Eddie. Jack nice to meet you are you here to try out?

Yeah, you could say that, oh and good luck. Gobi home with some place else. He's broke , Jack call me. Please I need to know, you're. Okay, Jack's still sick, grab that arm, Eddie ring, dings, don't.

Let him get it under you, or you're done half right now. I swear, Scott you'll, be doing sprints. Let's, go it's, 5:00, a.m. And your mom doesn't know where you are, you understand me, spring me, not let him get that arm under he's doing it. He's, wrapping it underneath. Happy glad you could finally make it? Alright, ladies. Listen up.

We have a new recruit in the ranks. This is happy. Everyone says, hi happy. Hello. Now.

Well, I was teaching a class up in the middle of . Nowhere, I wasn't expecting anything special I thought, I'd just go in watch inbred punch each other in the face and leave before they mistook me for a long-lost cousin. What I wasn't expecting was good old happy right here.

I swear, when I watched him spare, he put on an absolute clinic, defense, the angles. The footwork and that right hand, it was a thing of beauty, definitely better than anything I've seen. You

do a P was so good. In fact, that I asked him to drive down here, just to show you lazy, , what's. What let's say have newbie show you how it's done eh?

So shoot up dumb , shark tanks, waiting you're up. First, , try not to embarrass yourself too much. Okay, Happy's a real killer. Hey, Jam, I got something for you just a little present figured you needed some new gear and it is just so. Happens, I have the perfect set. Oh, wow. Thank you sir we're to be Eddie's now, it's, yours, open.

If I'll. Go kill him. Champ.

All right? Happy, here's the rundown, if you feel like puking there's a bucket on the outside, if you require someone to hold your hair, while you do it get a haircut. If you feel like quitting get the out of my gym and remember just have fun that's. It champs just stick and move. You've got them we're looking at the clock and fight . If he smiles that means it hurt. Take his ass down Eddie get up come on.

You can do it you? Okay, you are good. You think I'm. Good.

Good. That's. Good now, get out of my , gym get out of my , gym coach what's. Your Excuse Hey. Did you just forget everything I punched in your thick skull? Or did you wake up I think it'd be a great day to piss away all that time I put into you?

Huh? That's. Your rhetorical question, , I, couldn't, give two flying about your stupid weak-ass excuse because we both know the answer you quit.

Your real embarrassment, you know that to me to you to this team, , I've been even half he's embarrassed. And he doesn't even know you ain't that right, happy Tortola question now, leave? What are you deaf stupid? What do you really want to spend the rest of your life with an like me, get out you're done?

Alright, , let's, get back to it happy since you're, not paying for rent make sure you mop up the locker room before you close up, I think someone diarrhea in one of the stalls see. You tomorrow, you're, insane, you're, Happy's growing up.

His name's, Jack, look, I know, you think you have this whole fight mapped out in your head, but forget that I'm doing you a favor. You really are just a delusional even seeing the girls that stick around like you. Yeah, they usually stay for about a week or two and that week, or two it's, never pretty their fights and tears and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and they always end the same way. Trust me happy. He loves the blood more than he could ever love.

You I. Know, you don't want my advice might take it get in your car. Start it up and go back home, Oh.

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