Capsule Anti Gaspillage # 16 - La Viande


Hello I'm in NYC from the relay communautaire de Laval and I. Welcome you to our series of capsules on the fight against food waste today. We're going to talk about meat, bread, it's, a product appreciated by many families of a product, which turns out to be quite expensive. We are therefore keen to keep it in optimal conditions. The meat, of course, can be kept in the refrigerator because it is vulnerable to bacteria and spoiled meat is a source of many poisonings to keep your meat safely. The. Precautionary measures start at the grocery store, make sure that the meat you plan to buy is fresh, you pay attention to its color, its smell or the date of packaging and expiry.

If the meat you bought a juice reject when you get home, you will remove the juice before you put the product in the fridge because the juice from the meat is sour this bacterial proliferation. You will prefer to keep your meat in one piece because the more you cut it and the more it will deteriorate the initial plastic. Packaging can be kept, but you should know that it has been handled a lot and that it can itself be a source of contaminants. So it is much better to keep your meat in a clean, tightly, closed container to avoid contact with the air. And therefore with potential acts and rice. You store them in aux d'Yvonne, the right part of the refrigerator in the coldest, one that ranges from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius, or in place, very perishable foods, raw meat, minced meat, meat, preparations. We will talk about minced.

Meat, special attention should be paid to this product. You consumed it within 24 hours of purchase, because it becomes contaminated much more easily than another ever minced meat in the fridge for more than 24 hours to find out how long your meat stays in the fridge. We have prepared a table for you that we have attached temperature. How long can meat be kept in the freezer. Ca, temperatures remain low. No bacteria can develop there. So from a health point of view, we are safe, but freezing meat for too.

Long can deteriorate the quality of the product, so I will use my senses. I will start by smelling my meat bought fresh or after refrigeration or freezing. If my meat gives off a sour smell, I, throw away where I compensate. We can compost in certain neighborhoods of Montreal. The meat is equal I.

Also take a look at the texture is what my meat is and sticky meat that becomes viscous is a sign that bacteria have started to grow on the surface. If I press sup it's, all gelatinous or really that's an aspect. Of the game, same things, I compost, I, look at the color. So there is something you need to know the meat, which has a bright red color is often judged to be of better quality. And besides many consumers wondered if this bright red coloring of the meat came from the use of dyes with the aim of artificially imparting, an attractive color to meat, not in Canada.

The use of dyes for meat is prohibited. It is important to note that a slightly brown color of the meat does not prevent not that. It is perfectly. Good to eat that said, if the color becomes greenish, it is doubtful. We make sure that the meat has undergone safe storage like any perishable product. The first thing I check at the grocery store is the expiry date.

If the date has passed I have my answer I do not take the product. If my meat is left on the counter I, throw it away. It is significant to throw away all stored perishable animal food. Ks, at a temperature of more than 5 degrees for more than two hours, regardless of their appearance, or their. Smells, moreover, raw foods, such as meat must be kept separate from other ready-to-eat food products, which for them have contaminated meat in case of any doubt, I throw away.

It doesn't matter how much we spent on the product how much we were impatient to consume. If it's really a question of safety to thaw meat. We know that this one is not homogeneous an example for a steak. Some parts of the gels in five minutes while the smell will need a few hours.

So if there are a hundred bacteria in the. Superficial parts and I am waiting outside for the central parts. Already we understand that there is a whole huge colony of bacteria that will have time to build up outside.

And so I have lunch in the fridge. Ok. So we understand that I never freeze I. Thaw I, meet for the hello Brit to this essential. It must also be added that the freezing of the structures, a little the tissues that they are vegetable animals besides her.

Therefore, when I freeze anal, I, miss, it I, thaw, I, cook, immediately never I. Go to leave them in particular because the texture and the taste would become very different connects them. Small remains of meat. We throw them away in no small bite left to right. All that seemed to you. You can garnish pizzas with them.

You can make boiled meatballs' meat pie. Last soups, puff, pastry seals, his leg of salty, muffins, etc., with meat. As with all food products at community relays. Everything is transformed. Nothing is lost.

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