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Our next guest is I, you know, oh yeah, it's said, oh my gosh, I showed up Michael Booker gave me a lady did a patient bow, konnichiwa and I want to say, I'm Korean. And then I got all I got in a panic attack. And then I see naked women, I can't do it? Well, I like though you were so accommodating, Michael, Booker, you you you mentioned that you had a kimono, and you made him - yeah and I never even owned whenever and idolized in front of them.

Hey, let's, go to kimono Bobbie Lee going to be here, leave comedy club. This weekend, how you're doing Bobby I can't be around the naked women so can I be on the other side, or I can't. Do it I? Can't? Do it I? Can't? Do it?

Okay? I'm, highly sexual. Yeah, and I'm, like, you know, I mean, something I'm having a good. We have them leave the room. No mind.

If I find her okay, I'll focus on you, I would second ago. You said, you wanted to get your body, painted I, do but because that would be fun. But then I thought maybe not are you wearing the rubber band on your head? No, no it's. Why you can't see. It on the radio, oh I'm, just curious I've, never knowing that I'm doing it like a hair thing like not, you know, a Justin Bieber. Yeah, yeah, trying to get grow out of that.

Okay, the billion agents have that first you can't call it up Justin Bieber, because we've had that hairstyle for a billion years. Yeah, oh I thought it was like a Warrior's kind of look that's. What I'm trying to be I'm, going to grow it long like Pocahontas. Okay, when it's full you'll, see, okay, helping keep it out of your. Eyes, yeah, yeah, that's. What it's doing mythological you love it. Oh, wow.

Once you wear a hat and hats. Looks cool with long, yeah, well because I'm not wearing one right now gets back. Yeah, yeah. I mean, a full-blown panic attack if they could close in the elevator. He asked her in front of someone else in the elevator.

When the last time she died reorder. Why would you even say that that was a private conversation? Because the thing is that I was just curious. Yeah.

She said, she said, maybe in a couple of years. Ago, yeah, but I have them like five times a year. It's great.

Why I like parties it's a rave, you know, I mean, I love. If I love raves in my calamari. Can you say, calamari and that's? What it looks like by the way? The thing is I was curious, but you know, I'm a human are you rooting for the Korean Republic in the World Cup?

My number one is us. Number two is Korean. Number three is England. Okay? Have you been to career? I?

Did? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Two years ago they treated me like crap, really, you don't say, hello. I'm. Like, you know, I'm not really Korean.

Yeah, I know what I'm saying, I know, I am Korean. But when I go there, they're like, oh, no. He is not real. He is the fake one that sucks, traditionally, Korean that the culture is there's, a little less of hello.

How are you doing nice to meet you right now? A little more it's more like nothing, yeah, yeah. You know, a high nickel. They make a noise Wow. Why I went there to shoot a music video with this Asian female pop/rock of the Wonder Girls there's, an actual they called me. They go.

We want you in our video. So they flew me out there. No one says, hello, I show up at this music video shoot.

And they just said, dance, let the alien see, hi I, go what it's like alien right so in the action and I don't know what to do, so I was like one day I did this all day and there's, five Wonder, Girls I must have either met one girl or 20 girls, Wonder Girls. And they individually walked in I. Go is this the same girl as the Spice Girls. But now they're, like, yeah, and they're young there's. My.

Neighbors or Kareem, and they seem very nice, I, didn't say that we were evil. Yeah, I didn't like you the people your neighbors are they from Korea? Or here I, don't know, they don't talk to me all right? So obviously there's a male-to-female Asian fetish. You know, like is there a female-to-male who it's a miracle?

But yes, there is okay. Every white girl that Caucasian women having the hots for Asian guy. Yeah, okay.

Every white girl I've ever dated had that secretly? Okay, really. Yeah. You meet them at a bar.

And they're like no I don't care about that your agent or not. And then you go to their house, and they have a Bruce Lee poster I can have it with no mugs in it everything's made out of bamboo it's crazy. She puts on a kimono. You don't need it's. Crazy, that's.

Why it's they have like the secret thing? You know, you know what it is every white girl that I met that has an Asian accent, --is-- had a dad that like karate movies, really yes. So they were like. Yeah, as a kid, my dad used to take me to see Enter the.

Dragon and stuff, and they just, so I'm just telling in any white, parent, bring their white girls to body movies, that's, why? Okay, yeah, that's. Wild did what are you? What are you attracted to I mean? You know, we like divisions, pretty accepting, and they speak English, too. Yeah, like communications. Okay, are you with someone I?

Met a girl tinder at my house, she's, nine months, it's, great, nine months. Yes, she lives with me. Nine months, it's, wonderful, guys, oh really, yeah. Yeah. Ginger. Yeah, it works.

Wait it's. A. Straight version of Grind. Yeah, yeah. And we've talked about grant what it is that it's an app that you got on your phone.

You go. The right if you like left, if you don't, it's, free it's, it's, a miracle, but it's, not it's, not so much of like a where you're actually just like a dating site,, doesn't work. None of them work. So it's works I don't want to date a girl that like plays video games that stays up till 5:00 in the morning right I did that in Army I was matched up with a six. Through a black lady, what am I going to do with the black later do rush hour? Four I have a question for Bobby first it's Bobby, Lee who's here in the studio is going to be healing comedy clubs.

And by the weekend delirious we're, looking I'm, looking at a Twitter picture that was tweeted by the gal Kamila that you're with, and you know, not to not be insulting, but you're more of an every man you're, more of an average that's dying. I was like Brad Pitt. This girl is stunning. She is way out of your lady. But here's the deal I want to ask you the first time you were with her, yeah.

And you talk about getting stressed out, oh, my god, I. Exploded. Yeah, that's. I mean, that's, that's only one word totally get it Nagasaki. Yeah.

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