Barre3 Total Body In 10 With Sadie Lincoln


Hi I'm, Sadie, Lincoln and welcome to your bar, 3, workouts. So you're going to need some optional light handheld weights in your hands and a chair behind. You let's get started take your legs out wide into horse pose turn your legs at 2 and 10 o'clock bend your knees and slide down an imaginary wall root through your feet, tailbone down belly in, and we're gonna start to lunge side to side. You can keep your hands on your hips here. Okay, I. Am so excited to introduce you to these two women behind me.

They. Are both amazing barre3 clients. And now backup dancers for a bar 3 video for you Robin has had tremendous success she's, a busy mom, she's lost 50 pounds doing bar, 3 and eating the bar 3-way and Amy over here has lost a mere 80 pounds doing the same thing.

They are both active online subscribers just like you, and they love 28:2 great. They've done it over and over again. And now it's become a lifestyle for them. So a little motivation to kick off this workout. Okay, let's just do three more two more. Last one we're going to hold it over here moving into carousel horse we're going to turn bend the front knee over your ankle, make sure your feet are hip distance and then bend that back knee towards the floor lift your chest up and bring your arms in front of you and bend the elbows for a little bicep work and hold, so you're, really rooting that front foot.

If you have any tension in the back knee, you can always lean forward a little otherwise see if you can stay nice and upright in your spine, you. Guys look so beautiful, I, love having them here with me. Okay. So from here we're just going to drop down an inch and lift an inch as we drop.

We're going to do a little bicep curl. So it really has been an honor to watch these two women to be a witness in their barre3 journey. Okay, Amy coin. The term off the scale, victories because it's, not just about weight loss, it's also about how you feel how you're sleeping, how you're connecting with your loved ones and the choices you're making all day long and. These two really do inspire me every single day to be better to be stronger and more balanced. Okay. So let's, keep this going and route your feet speaking of balance, pull your waist in reach up through the crown of the head and use your arms we're.

Just going to do three more two more last one, hold nice. Wear it turn face forward and let's. Do those lunges again side to side, we're going to incorporate some upper body so reach the arms and pull the elbows back reach and post, I'm going to turn around for a. Moment and show you the power of pulling those elbows straight back. So you really want to get into your lats, your rhomboids, all those muscles that run up and down this line that give you a lift in your body, the more lift.

You have in your body. And the more upright you stand the more energetic your life will be in general right? This is kind of a sad posture. This is a happy open, energetic posture and that's. The goal did you bar three for long-term postural benefits reach and reach and just four. More three more two more and we'll, hold it over the side, carousel horse. So bend that front knee over the ankle, make sure it's stuck directly over it.

Then the back knee down and lift your chest, use your chair for balance that's, what it's there for or reach your arms behind you for tricep work. So just like the other side, we're going to drop down a little and lift a little as we drop getting the elbow and reach bend and reach bend and reach so Annie's using the chair for balance she's got his. Sympathies and her outer body, can you see that great? And then with that grace, she has challenged. She has strength she's working at her level, that's right for her Robin's rocking the triceps over here, incorporating more of a combination style, workout so working the upper body with the lower body wherever you are today let's make it count see if you can dive a little deeper into your body into your own body's wisdom and find a way do you make every single second of this precious time for you.

Really make a difference for more three more twos. Last one, let's, taste for it again for warmish, one more set of lunges. So we're going to go side to side. This time, we're going to add a little twist vice it up a little, adding some oblique work. So as we do obliques, you want to pull in the waist lengthen, the spine. And then just add it twisting pulling the elbow back. This is my go-to move when I'm feeling a little sluggish in the middle of the day you can pop up and do this using your spine that's my side.

To side is energizing, it's, also a great way to help suggestion to massage your organs, will it all stimulate blood flow in your body? Clear? Your mind burn some calories there's so much good in this all right? Four more three two. Last one let's do some blood work. So we're going to turn to the side as an option and grab that weight and squeeze it between your knee and then pull your leg back behind that standing leg use your chair for balance and stand upright square the hips you can always hinge for it.

A little if that feels better wherever you are we're going to go slow here, take it back an inch and forward an inch back and forth. We nice and slow engaging through the glute. So Robin is an advanced practitioner, she's been doing barre3 for a long time. Now and she's learned to go small.

The smaller you go. The deeper, you go and same thing with Amy, both of them advanced practitioners, not necessarily and that they do the full expression of every posture. But they do the postures that they choose in a way. That honors their truth and the honor that's right for their bodies. And as they can tell you the more you do by three I'm sorry, if you like this means to you what the harder again, right?

Okay, three more two more last one, hold and switch sites. Okay, it's a flip around use your belly bar at home for balance that might be a kitchen counter or sofa. Pull that knee back behind you lift through the glutes lift through the belly, engage the feet, and we'll.

Take it back an inch and pour it in this back. And forward back and forward, so tendency here is to dump in the side of the hip. Your supporting leg sees if you can zip it in hold the waist in shoulders out of the ears long dancers neck, I've designed bar three to be doable. You can really do this workout anywhere. You can do it in your street clothes, maybe your in your street clothes now or your pajamas wherever you are you're noticing that one inch can be done anywhere.

It requires very little space, it's, not high impact. It's good on the joints. Forgiving on the joints, not so forgiving in those areas we want to work like the feet.

Okay, four more three two. Last one, okay, let's do narrow feet. Guys. So go ahead and turn forward glue, your heels together and bring your toes four inches apart. Then your knees and slide down an imaginary wall. So you might want to keep your feet. Flat, that's, fine or lift.

Your heels, just a little and push your heels together. The more you push your heels, the more you're going to engage in the glutes, the more you're. Gonna engage in the hamstrings.

So we want to tone the touch. We want to tone those hamstrings from here. We're going to add a little of upper body.

So we're going to reach the arm across the body. And then the other side go nice and slow so pull the arm across yep and then across so Robin in, and you're. Staying pretty forward-facing here and that's fine, or you can take it into a deep twist and turn your shoulders around the hips I happen to know, them pretty well, and I know that Robin is working through. Low back stuff, just as I am. And so she often stays more upright and doesn't do as deep of a twist and Annie, nurses, shoulder issues, and so she's, keeping her hands down without weight. So good job guys reach one of the pleasant things about working out at home. If it gives you a little more permission to take care of your stuff, write less, peer pressure, you're, not in a group with a lot of other people doing it deeper or bigger or better it's.

Just you so make it count do it for you all right? Two more each. Side and we'll go into our large range elbows to the side.

So we're gonna lift and reach the arms upward to shoulder height like Amy, and then we're going to draw down that imaginary wall shoulders and tailbone along that wall and then reach up tall a little faster, take it down for two and reach for two down for two reach for two. Now, as you come up, really come in zip the inner thighs, all the way up through the heels opening, the legs and then flipping them back up using your arms or not let's work. Those legs, this is our last set make it count.

The hardest part of this workout was pressing play right? So, remember that next time all you have to do is press, play we'll be right here. Ready to take you through a quick workout before, you know, it every single muscle, your buddy, who's going to be worked and reach and reach last one down and down lift it tall.

Alright, good job. You guys, nice work. You.

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