Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speakers


In 2005, Audio engine released their very first product, the a5 they followed that up with a 5, plus their best-selling speaker to date. And today we announce their newest product, the audio engine, a 5 plus Wireless, the original 5 speakers led to the 5, plus, which are favored among audio device customers today, specifically those that are looking to pair them with a turntable for a simple yet, great sounding vinyl playback system. The 5 plus Wireless looks very similar to the last 2. 5 models, same. Dimensions, same studio monitor, look and even the same three finishes, satin, black high-gloss, white and solid carbonized bamboo. The difference that you'll notice, when you put them side-by-side is the placement of the tweeters while the first two models have the tweeters off-center, the 5 plus wireless speakers are symmetrical with the tweeter perfectly aligned above the woofer on each speaker.

The speakers are about 11 inches high 9 inches deep and 7 inches wide. But they should fit nicely on. Either side of your monitor and it's worth the desk space.

When you hear how they sound, the left speaker houses, all the electronics on the front you'll, find the power indicator light and a small volume knob, though it can also be controlled with the remote, which is included in the box on the back are the connections, including a 3.5 millimeter, mini jack and standard RCA inputs as well as the speaker terminals. Everything is very high quality as we've come to expect from audio engine. There's also a. Variable out for a subwoofer as well as the connection for the included Bluetooth antenna.

All the components are custom-designed by the audio engine team. Nothing, off-the-shelf the 5, plus wireless features, 3/4 inch. Silk dome, tweeters with neodymium magnets as well as 5 inches, Kevlar, woofers with advanced voice, coils the speakers are constructed of dense MDF with the left speaker, weighing 15 pounds. And the right speaker, weighing 10 pounds.

The electronics account for the extra weight in the left. Speaker, including the toroidal power transformer and Class, A, B analog, monobloc amp. As we mentioned, the biggest change to the 5 plus Wireless is the Bluetooth 4.0 APDEX wireless capability.

We were lucky enough to get one of the very first production models of the a5 Plus Wireless off the line upon hooking it up. The first thing we wanted to test was the Bluetooth range. The a5 + Wireless was set up in the back of our Raleigh store on the main level, which is about 10,000 square feet. We were able. To walk through two rooms, all the way to the front of the store out the doors and halfway into the parking lot before we lost the signal. We tested it with both an Android and an iOS device with the same spectacular results.

Needless to say, we don't think you'll have any issue at all with Bluetooth dropouts to test the a5 + Wireless. We started by sitting them side by side with our demo a5 + speakers as expected, the a5 + demo sounded better. They've had a lot more love over the past couple of years.The 5 plus Wireless, just needed to break in after around 24 hours of running. We couldn't tell the difference between the old and new pairs since many people will be using them on their desk in a near field, listening situation.

We felt it was important to test them in this environment as well-to-do this position them. So that the speakers and your head make an equilateral triangle, equal distance on each side. Not only does this provide incredible stereo imaging. But the music is never edgy or. Bright it would be easy to listen to all day with a sweet smooth top-end and the ability to close your eyes and pick out each instrument and voice in 3d space. The combination of the class a/b am a toroidal power transformer, I mean that you can push the AFI + wireless hard without them ever sounding harsh or shrew.

We already knew that audio engine knew how to do Bluetooth. Well, as we've been carrying their fantastic v1, Bluetooth adapter since it was released. They've basically baked it into the a5.+ here, allowing you to do APDEX Bluetooth, streaming from your favorite mobile devices. Any audio enthusiast knows that this is a feature that is all about convenience music over Bluetooth still doesn't sound as good as a wired connection. But it's nice to have the option to go either way depending on this overall.

The phi+ wireless is a great successor to the best-selling a5. Plus we think it's one of the top values in audio today, whether you're sitting it on a desk using it with a turntable, or as a. Starter audio system, these speakers won't disappoint.

The audio engine, a 5 plus Wireless is now available on audio device comm and in our Raleigh and Charlotte stores we'll link to it in the description, if you enjoyed this video, please tell your friends. And of course, we would appreciate if you liked it and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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