Adler Straight-Pull Shotgun


So here we are straight petals of a row of cake I'm, a bit excited to be honest. This is the moment, hey, I've got five hundred thirty, six, grand, triple ice it's, a best-selling filled cartridge that'll that'll, sort them out. And we've got a few light ones just to mix it up. Just, you know, just to make sure they function on all cartridges. So let's get them out let's set it up my. This is the Adler 20-inch, pistol-grip, she's, five shot, that's, a pistol grip. You can't go wrong with that.

And as I said before. All guns, you can go left or right with a cocking handle just simply have to remove the bolt, the four in push the guide back. And it just locates, whichever side you want, so it's, great, you know, it solves the problem for left hand, right hand, shooters as well, and I personally like to operate it with the left hand. Some people prefer the right in do whatever you want. But its great gun comes with three chokes, 20 inch barrel.

You can buy a 28 inch, aftermarket barrel, drop straight in no gunsmith needed. Whatsoever, people just wanted a slightly different action, that's, what we're giving you straight bull. So this is our all-weather, just as we had in lever, same gun, five shots, very similar. So when you've emptied the chamber on this one, and you're using it and firing it, you will know that magazine is empty because it will lock back there's, no more ammunition in the gun. It's good to go.

We've put the bolt handle as you can see on the right-hand side, the cocking handle. And this is just a more conventional. Gun, again, 28 inch barrel to drop straight into this. If you like those sights look perfect on this gun to play with that gun, didn't even move much.

So here we go the tactical now, this is a B 230. The others are b2 20s important. Why you asked has a slightly different receiver and mainly to accommodate this clip magazine. So these barrels will not interchange with the 220 the two guns. I've just showed you.

So we've got 28 inch drop in barrels for those guns, but don't have any drop in barrels for. These guns and we're, not anticipating a senior. This is just is what it is. Nice, little heat shield, there's, a front sight if ever I saw one and yes. So this doesn't lock back as I said, but you can see it's clearly empty you, you know, straight away with the clip magazine, it's, not like a tube magazine, that's empty straight away.

So you know, it's safe. They come with two five shot mags. So and I must say, this is a nicely made magazine. I'm, really impressed with the quality of these guns. I've got to tell.You think this new factory is paying dividends. They are really impressive. Everything locks works beautifully.

We put the bolt handle on the left-hand side, got peep sights on this thing. Go string where you go straight up there. They are adjustable to have a look at that little.

So there you go, we just shot to be 230, tactical, the 220 aw the all-weather. And the two 20 pistol grip, flawless let's, go and get into these big crackers key. Okay, you.

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