Accel Ignition Parts - Super Coil Testing


Hi my name is Rick I'm with Excel ignition. And today, we're going to talk about how to test your ignition coil for positive spark. This is from front of us. Here is an Excel coil and a test for positive spark or to make sure we have everything hooked up properly. And this puts it on your particular unit. You're going to have these two wires coming out of your coil.

The yellow is a positive. The black is a negative in order to perform the test properly you're going to make sure all wires are disconnected. From your coil itself and yellow wire is where your red wire from your light would be connected. Your black wire is where your green water from your no light will be connected.

And your brown wire will be going to your engine block. So in order to perform the test properly, the first you're going to want to do is you're going to disconnect the prong plug here we're going to take this off carefully and set it aside. If you look inside this coil you'll, see that you have spaded terminals the one this. Side is the positive. The one on this side is the negative in order perform the test you have to make jumper wires, I've made a few this afternoon now we're going to use to be able to hook up again, taking your green wire brought in your red wire, you're going to want to run a jumper wire from your red positive, all the way into your red positive blade on your coil. You're going to take a green wire and hook it up there and hook it to your negative post on your coil.

The last thing you're gonna need is a. Jumper wire you'll test the split, and what you want to do with this, because your green wire as your trigger wire, you want to be able to jump off of it, which is right here. You hook these two together. And this whole mechanism here, this is the wire comes out of your coil that goes to your plugs and wires. So we have a spark plug here to demonstrate how the spark travels what you're going to do is you're going to take your jumper wire and tap it against clean ground on your engine block could be. Manifold, it could be anywhere on the engine, that's clean.

And it should spark just like we're showing here in the video that's demonstrating that the spark is good. And the coil is working properly and that's how you test it spark I'm here, AFCEL coil.

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