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So click on the registration link or go to Legendre. Com.br and subscribe through our compound. Okay now, let's go to the video and Hello I'm. Tricolor connected I'm, not Bahia anymore.

All beauty relate area. Start another video. And this time one more shift to put the latest information from the Squadron de Ao for you Bahia fans were uninformed. It arrived leave the like goal of three Milagros still for the tricolor christening to give us luck.

Because we fight a lot there I liked it is helps us a lot subscribe and activate. The Link There are three daily content here on her channel, 12/27, 18 hours And share with general to give us that. Little morale beauty, Besides you, a person did as much in the Bahia game as in the other Northeast Cup games. And in other state games around Brazil and any other competition or any another sport goes there on the aesthetics site on intuition or on the link in the comments, pinned I use BP oil.

It helps you to have your first deposit left. And then just learn Take advantage of the diversity and all the reliability that you will find there. So don't waste time click on the link in the description of. The fixed tomato and make your farina at 1xbet beauty, Hello, everyone, The first information of our duty was today is about this topic that for more being beaten on some occasions is necessary, because it is part of the reality of Brazilian football. And may soon be part of our reality has still been debated in our reality, but to raise something practical correlations. You know, the anonymous football society, EA, we are always looking to bring it up here.

The reality of other clubs as well Because. Initially he saw the movement of indebted teams that are looking to know how the solution then other teams arose, the interest that had no debts or almost no debts. As is the case of Atltico Paraense, such is that people that the current Brazilian champion of the Copy do Brazil of the Super cup and who should appeal to society tomorrow, f, TESOL that is Atltico Minaret and talked about. It here, just talking about Cruzado, It can come to change the level of the whole situation of the says. And those. Who were left behind can end up getting lost in this process that feeling that we end up having no matter.

How afraid we are with relation ASA, the information of glue there in the Super Esports Minas Gerais that says, champion of the Brasilia 2001 of the Copy do Brazil of the Super cup Atltico Minaret wants to negotiate the ones here for a value close to 4 billion. That is the value to see close to Chelsea, right that Abramovich will sell now just to entertain dimension black part idea is the. Very high value very high for reality, a Brazilian show today for the other sales that we saw there. And in a global way, it is also the very considerable value, right?

So, it's there to be able to analyze Spanish. And now for us to be able to talk more about know, only that aimed at Esport Club, Bahia, Rodrigo Monterey, who is an expert in this, participated in the approval process. Skin action. There in August of last year, brought up some interesting aspects for us to analyze about the anonymous.

Society football and mixture would take In some situations So see this content in full. And after you want to see the full video, the full Live that for two more hours, just go there on TV, you'll, listen. And other elements I was essential for this Lego to be built financing for the football business. Activity, right, We predicted there, We proposed the creation that was approved both in the senate by the Unit of deputies with votes of 427 against nine against I.

Think it was the issue of the food. Debenture, a financing instrument in the market and that the massif will then be able to offer a profitability to buy that paper in pro. Consequently, from a perspective is to finance, II and access the capital market has a comment that was negative is this previous proposal is a benefit is for the individual investor. It sounds physical or legal in the form of a reduced rate of capital gain or proceeds from that installment. It was dropped at the request of the Ministry of Economy. So that the Foot. Debenture is preserved from the existing.

It is provided for by law. But without this benefit of nature of a tax nature, in any case, it is indicative of a public policy that is in the sense that we have to find a way to finance, the activity of football. And here I give an example, Of course, simple if MSF, if that doesn't make sense the question of a robbery without a project is for here because right, And as we are going to get there, imagine, for example, Zap do Bahia issuing a debenture in. Which it is organized and structured with the first line bank, as in any company, the main companies will offer a and has a slightly higher profitability than the CDI in something that is nice for the investor and which, in addition, can offer not only this fix, a little higher than the CDI as a percentage of net profit on match days, right demand from Bahia, for example, One, two three percent of net.

Profit will be added to that profitability where you attract fans, attract investors and. Reinforce the day of the game, and it makes those who have invested in that paper have a somewhat moral return. And with the work, they do, Bahia will capture at values, much lower than what I know little about Bahia's balance sheet and w at is public, but I lived much lower than the cost today from Capital do Sol do Bahia as from So Paulo do Cruzado from above all the others that use the third aspect of this pro.

We have to take from the means of financing. It is the football company. Right? It is.

Not exclusively, it will never end up in the country like ours, which generates a lot of players and has an exchange rate lag in the negotiation of players with the outside world, It will never end and I don't. Even think it has to end because this is a way of exposing station is an export route, What matters is that we didn't want Neymar or Neymar for a decade, right, They wanted Neymar 2, 3, 4 5, 6, 7, 10, POR But. If I can finance My training of players is another reality, then there's, the Bento's. Forecast to discuss, but unfortunately, it is a tooth that in this aspect does not have a benefit, but nothing prevents it from being used. And that offers the investor counterparts that make him buy Bahia paper and not Grades paper, right? There will be you have to pay a little more, But there is a whole aspect here, What can and will be when you have a well-organized plan capable of raising funds in the market.

Already definitively with the overthrow of the presidential vetoes to the tax system. And it should be conceived to stimulate the passage of the Great Dogma, one of the great domains or two great dogmas that the is still perfect in football is the reason that since paying tribute not a team survives What is a talk is about. It does not survive and about this model then I agree with everyone so well that you create an instrument of passage. So that over time, this football company has all the advantages it will have accessing capital bringing the investor improving its governance. Reducing its cost and such by investing properly in its football company, System Center that thinking about paying that debt you don't, pay falls You have an entire structure of FIFA's complaint. And so on, The defendant is And with that, You can have a business logic in the management of your taxes. Pacheco that each SAF could opt for a special taxation model, recognizing itself by recognizing the systemic relevance.

And by recognizing this relevance and systemic, if offers As has been offered in the. Automotive sector in several others, a proprietary model of taxation. This was preserved. So it is Assam. It will collect on its revenue. It is a percentage that will be distributed between Federal taxes and contributions to close our shift at Globe today. Guys Fabricio Daniel Alta.

We are giving much more Season, leaving - Limassol aroused interest. Bahia Maria, Gene brought training. You already know, very well, if you follow and follow the day-to-day of the Squadron, only other teams showed up interested. Said here that he scored a goal against Grain and was one of those responsible for eliminating Grain from the Copy do Brazil and Grain was eliminated by migration and the international that was undermining Globe do Rio Grande do Norte who are 5 to 0 were interested in by the player for the signing of the athlete who has been doing very well. So far this season with five goals in ten games and passing denied any kind negotiation with Bahia and I can leave the athletes.

Now, all the atoms of the exit. There at the end of the Campeonato Bautista specifically, but so far, nothing has been forwarded with Bayern, but that's, the name started, and it has been observed by other teams. Ok. Guys. This one was here.

We planted today's goal. If, you liked it leave a like to subscribe, active Bell share with general foot of the bed it's, not worth we're together until next time, I'm more Bahia Hey. There.

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