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Hey, everybody welcome back to another episode of Minecraft. Hope. Everybody is having a good day today.

Guys, I've got an awesome video for you, I'm going to be showing you a shrimp mine that is super efficient in finding diamonds. I would almost say a hundred percent, but that's not possible. So not a nine point, nine. Anyway, guys, like challenge for this video is going to be three hundred and fifty likes let's.

Smash that challenge question of the day is when you're starting the world or playing the. World how do you like to find your diamonds? Do you like to cave? Do you like the shrimp? 9 d does like to dig in a straight hole? What do you like to do? Let me know down the comments section below otherwise let's, go ahead and get into today's video.

Ok, guys, let's. Go ahead and talk about the strip-mine. So typically when somebody should mine, they really just either mined in the straight line and kind of do some cut-offs. Well today, I'm going to be showing you a technique that I want to start using in. My own world that will help you find a lot of diamonds, and it's really, really efficient, there's, really only one spot that diamonds really can spawn that you can't see, and you could fix that by doing it in a smaller version. So today, what we're going to do is we're going to start off by making a cut here.

And so since this cut, we can see all the blocks right here, and then we're going to move over three. Now typically I like to do cuts of two because of the middle issue here, but we're going to fix. That by going above so really the only like spots, we can't see are this middle spot right here. So let's, go ahead and make another cut over here.

So I recommend doing this one layer at a time, so you're going to do every three. So with that, you can see all of these different blocks I'm going to use this rule to display it just like. So. So you can already see a lot by just doing this method right here. And the chances of you missing diamonds are very slim with this setup right here. But there. Is that bottom block and I have seen diamonds spawn in one thing before just one in a vain.

So there isn't, there is a chance you can miss them and that's where the next layer comes in the next layer. We are going to go up just like this and I suggest this using ladders it's, very simple and that's going to allow us to cover that bottom block right there. So by putting these here, all of those there we go.

So as you can see with mining, all of this, we cover a very, very big distance. And one thing that. I kind of recommend is that wait to put your ladders in until the very last minute, because if you do so then you can see that there are some free spaces, and even so just by coming over here and putting this in and doing the visual representation with the wool there we go put it up there. It is there there there there we go so with all of that, mined right there, you can see just about that entire wall as you mind forward.

Now, there's only the four spots that you really miss and. It's, you know, and if you keep going up you're going to eventually see just about all that you can, and if you were to go up one more level because right now, we're only on level five, but this is only level 9, so you're going to go up to level 16. You could possibly end up getting a lot of diamonds because of this method. So what I recommend is actually doing it on all four walls, and so I call this like a super efficient strip mine, but it could be called a 99.9 percent.

If there's only like a little.A bit of percentage that you're really not seeing and that's just that bottom row. Because if you go up you'll, see these well, I, really like this efficiency, short, mind, and it's, a really easy thing that you can even do on the first it's, all you really need is ladders to go up. And you can just pretty much get to anywhere that you require it's, very, very effective. Okay. Guys. I did a small batch test just to kind of see how it would work.

I did 15 long and I did the five layers. Furthermore, I found diamonds in this. One. And in this one now, obviously this depends more on the seed than anything, but just the results from that right there. You kind of show me that this is definitely the way to go I haven't, even done we're. Only on level 5, two bundles.

So we have quite a system here. At least you Jeff, do you think that's in your world? So if you guys do use this in your world, I would love for you guys to report back, and let me know how you like it. So I think that's probably going to do it for this episode of Minecraft I. Hope you guys enjoyed the video and I hope you enjoyed the shirt mine. Anyway, this is AI Devon. Pizza.

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