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Hi, for some of the parts that have been added to the list, yes, some parts that I will install on the car, it's, just a coincidence. It's. A coincidence. The item is there, only for this price. I installed it, but it's already there. Using Honda, Jazz, gd3 So, What has been changed in his car, let's talk to my friend, Halloween news, If, it's, healthy, Well, Wendy, That's, my friend at Honda Jazz in the Honda Jazz group with Lenten Aging, Auto, sport, right in Beast, to be precise, This Wendy has a car.

Honda, Jazz, gd3, right, What has changed, let's talk to him? Now, McKenzie, girl, here you are taking this Honda. Jazz. Ton. 8Mn This is me, coincidentally.

And at that time, I bought a second Xiaomi. Ah. So I took this car in 2017 2017 2017. This is the car year 2006, end of 2006, 2006, finally before uh, I change anything in your car. I want to know this is the beginning of your reason Why did you buy Honda Jazz gd3 while there are many other cars besides the Honda Jazz, Bro, There are so many choices, Why did? You choose Honda Jazz gd3 Why did I choose this gd3 because it's because I'm from school, uncle, Oh, I see, So I was in high school, I've seen this car looks good, An plus It's.

The gold neighbor's position. It also happens to be using gd3 too, because silver looks good. It's good for small daily use, but what's. The inside, The advantage is that the trunk is spacious. It looks good, it's.

Simple, right, it's, not too much like a lot of curves, that's. The most, So that's. The reason the website is.

Dirt because it might be What's, the name, more flexible, better car. Full Orient is the term, Maybe there are some exterior parts, yes, There are scratches, The name is also a devil's car, But luckily, I got this car, it's used by women. That's, right, yes,, yes, yes, yes, it's, still Orient, Everything is Orient. AA. Hello, hahaha, Now, right.

Now, You told me that from the start when you bought it. Now, what has changed, the one with the fox, Please mention all of them, all of them making love with. Satay,, it's clear, what I know.

This headlamp, takes a look because of it. Most of the time I, hang out with me, I end up poisoning, him., When, I use a HID headlamp, This scream is the highest type, because is he trusted surprised if tested to He's the tallest type, while the car needs, no trusted, service, he's already done the step, even the toxic one is using the highest type. Here, When you finally got it Eh, Usually people when poisoned are there, right, there, like, uh, oh, dear, That's. A lot of.

Money, I bought a headlamp instead of taking a shower, Why did it taste good in the end, My poison is calm, what's. The point, this stuff is still there, If that's the case, be honest, For Fit partners from outside Japan, There are not many coincidences in Into, There are more things that are trusted like this, and I also want those who don't bear it, I. Take the highest type, the need to get trusted, leveling, it's already the same sweet, So the difference is the difference Same with Haida, The. Normal high-low can be adjusted for the high-low light, It can be adjusted, that's. Why I want to Ladies and gentlemen, There will be tea, it's, finished , it's also raining on the inside.

Have you ever continued, Especially when the one in front is the most part of this, you guys. What's, the name of the exterior, the color will be gray at the beginning. Oh I see, see this I'm wedding Oh, I wanted to hoax the body sticker, yes, The direction of the sticker is to open the lipstick, but it's also. Neat, that's, why most people are Manila. NPAI is painted because maybe Albufeira also started to be painted.

The blue color, type, I'm like blue capsule, who else besides rating when she enjoyed in I'm also using Oh this, aah, I'm, using the devil, I'm using the modulo type, which is www.oh first, The one www.untungqq.com,, the most plate I've got in this row, I'm using flat. Flat using pepper. So you can see it at once Yes. You can take it off.

Can you install it from the front, that's it from the. Front, At least that's just the headlamp PS series of number plates. Oh that's, right, , . It's, ready., Now, let's, go to the side. Now, let's. See what side has been changed by the Indonesian citizen in his car. First, Your researcher uses it in the afternoon.

This, captain, I. Wear Ended rims, ah, People often call him bone-. Ready.

Bones today. 15Th. Day 7th, width, RT, 35w 3535. So this month I use fx-2190 or 55 tires or 50 cute So. It looks like Fender's, flat. It's, also quite a bit out, it's, a bit lavender, Yes, on the back , you use a coil over for homework, or custom, I use Tom, Hooper, Gaston, Tandem, headquarters, cut the folder like that, right, You just have to set it high for the front, one finger, tightly, I, agree, completely. Okay.

One Rated finger goes in for the back itself, It uses uh, I mean, the height is looking for one loose. Finger. So, This is the setup of the legs too, What do you think?

I'm right? Because what I explained in the previous video about the setup of the legs is gd3? Because this. Gd3 Bro, the contour of the roof is a bit Rural automatically.

If for example, one finger is made tightly in front of this car. This car will definitely be stinging now, While Wendy's is just right I mean, The back isn't made with one finger tight, But one finger is made loose. Well, really, that's. Why the car hugs are perfect., hold 20% around 20% walk around 20%, a bit far too, use the green color to make it look more beautiful, Bi interior looks more like that, right?

I want to show you my. Interior, it's, still, original, it's, still original, it's, a bit hard to find This type of car is the original one in the RAN, all leather sits., I still have the car, Oh, when I bought the car, There was already a jazz version of Zealand, Finally, okay, let's move on to the back. Now, let's. Take a look at the back of Wendy's car, What has changed in Mobile Legends, So what are you doing on the back? Bone for the back, first, at that time, I changed this logo to the emblem of the Jazz. Kveta., Coincidentally, I got the Fit badge that we're wearing.

Oops., Oh my, This step is more ironic, it's. A bit difficult, The trial is late, Ms. header, If the red dot is correct., red is the world Gaga is rare, who else besides this installation cave emblem,, oh, This exercise, this Wendy is talking about this spoiler, it's on the moon, yes. It's been a few months, yes, A few months back., I lost quickly to fast people until now yesterday at my friend, Anyone, who has this item, directly asks. We Andy was immediately paid the same day Don't think about it, are you afraid of being afraid of someone else's first, yes, you used the previous supplement, okay, okay, This is plug and play, How about you, it's just the paycheck section, There is a smell of three, it's already, a launch package, right?, It's already there Oh I, see., At least 16 new seats are left for Moving to drill for this contrived part, bring a cup, oh yeah, Because if the local one is different, here, it will be, while if you. Have the feat here, it's a little in the middle, So that's all The house is just slimmer, what's changed when I put the sound on when I put it on, it's, still, the only part of the iron part of the silo, Oh yeah, it's been removed, isn't, it, Oh, yeah, that's, right, right, here. Anyway, for the installation of spol, yes, that's, right., What else has been changed behind this, A lot has been changed, it's like glass, right, You use the series Oh, yeah, I've also used this, using hopeless. Diarrhea, so it looks cleaner, the wound, it's simpler, It seems, it's, really, it's simpler.

If we say we are modeled plate, So it looks more like this, Clean, it's, really, really, What's, next?, Obama, Fleur, walk, using maker only replace sorry with reviewer. But custom Senghor is empty. Ah, custom is also good if it's good.

Ah, this isn't me, you change the muffler with the blessing of this power, it's, clear, it's, clear., Usually, for example, We change. Sorry. The reason is for more power, or lighter, Let's go for Audi's forts. So. If you want to add a little performance to your car, you can replace the muffler with Rachel, Now let's see the interior.

Come on, what's, the interior for this? n. The one you already bought, Ruben Wendy, which you bought for your own interior, I'm still maintaining this, oh, here's, , only maybe there are some that I changed, like the head unit, This head I use the usual one, but it already supports Bluetooth. So it's muscular. So if we want to turn on music. It's not complicated, but it's simpler, I mean, you can make a phone too, You can, yes, The same yesterday, Right, I installed this, the sword that said, the same thing over there, Yes, it's because here Hello, what's, the shape for the interior? Clean original, The back comes quickly, Only when parts come.

It's glycerin on purpose., Okay., I, mean, it's, not that there haven't been too. Many changes. You haven't changed the calendar. Yet. This means it's in the future.

What's more, in MBA, Rare Lu's, car, Add more or change again for some of the parts that are already on the list. Some The, only part that I will install on the car is it's. A coincidence that the item has a bar. The.

Only thing is this price, lol. Oh, The price to buy this trait is what gives a little for the skirt. Yes, it's, true., Hurry up, Because if you're in a hurry, you're, bored when, even if you wake up in a hurry, you get bored, If the car is a defender, for example, I've reminded, you again.

So. Now we've seen the interior of. Wendy's, car., Now, let's, look at the engine.

Room. What's changed with Windy? It's, still a standard that you all are aware of using the default. No one at home is the same until it's changed at all because what's the position, I still carry this car, it's, still comfortable. It took days to speed things up, It wasn't too fast, but yes.

Yes, It can show a few missing creatures. Yes, The running is ok, But the running is still OK., Share, Ariana., From outside the wall, I bought the I-mobile, there have. Been problems.

Do you not take it yet, at least for overhead all kinds of things, Never mind, I've felt that way, oh, The biggest thing is to replace the hose, I really do take the floor every second for the engine. Room, eh, Wendy's car is still standard from her subordinates, I mean, because maybe you too Oh, this time, yes, it's, still comfortable with the standard, that's, really true, yes, in fact, It was a Honda Jazz, What kind of car is it, the engine is safe, There is no safe temperature. Leakage., he is most often every weekend, Toto is already in Bandung, Toto is already in Gamut, isn't. He already in Boor, This is him the most, huh?

Right, If you go from updates to updates on Instagram, you'll, find them most typically and use them using the size, which means that the car is really nice, You can use it everywhere, it's, daily. Daily For work like I use a motorbike to go to Oh, so it's more efficient at that time, If it's like this, the car actually comes out on the weekend, It may be. A long way.

That's, why it's so far away, so that's it for now. My short, video review with Wendy, discussing cars, The, Honda, Jazz gd3. If my friends want to ask Wendy, what are we, the devils, What are the legs, How? Much is the price of the headlamp or want to ask What was the spoiler price, You can directly DM me, You can Instagram Wendy, whatever her name is, wadi, Windy, Agustina, 21, at Ages, German's, wedding, 21, Samsung, yes, connect all the youngest, yes, So that's it for now, I. Thank you between. You and I can review your car.

This afternoon, friends, you can join the Wi-Fi, hopefully in the future. Hey, there's, a project, especially in this car, I can cover the pistes, maybe it's. Okay for friends who like this video, which talks about Wendy's car, friends, friends, You can like the video. And if you like the videos on the YouTube channel, you regret, the cicadas, friends, you can subscribe and don't forget to activate the bell, right, So if there's a new concrete from the cover of. Shelton, it's done, my friends, Don't, miss that, First, Assalamu alaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh.

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