2011 Kia Sorento Front Struts


Well, welcome back 2011, Kia Sorento, a friend of mine, picked the Toyota same as the Toyota Sienna that I just worked on front. Anyone hears a noise front end turn to the right. You can hear it coming to a stop hitting the brakes. You can hear it thought, maybe wheel bearing initially they thought, but we brought it back took it for a little test drive, but back to quick look I'm going to show you what I found, and we're going to do front struts on this 2011, KIA Sorrento because of it. Alright, looking at the.

Passenger side, front I'll, sneak in here, hopefully I can tell you this. Well, shut my light off. Look right in there, hopefully you can see that I'll show it to you a little more when I get it out of there. But right here on the end of the light, the lights probably not to help come on at the end of that light there's, a cool spring down below the base of a strut it's, not supposed to be there. It's actually, broken so broke the coil spring.

And it came out of the actual mount for the strut and was rubbing. Starting to rub the inside of the tire, that's obvious, I've taken a wheel strut, right here, that's supposed to be up in this pocket completely broke. This is you can't see behind, but it's, actually broken. It just didn't get out they'll just come out. They break its broke. Then probably turn in the wheel popped out let's rub it on the inside of the tire, not real bad.

These of praying, their tires, too. So we're going to do is we're going to disconnect this ABS, and we're probably going to disconnect it. Back here to 10 millimeters, bolt just be careful. They tend to break be careful with them. You know, I'm, not going to put a gun on that right 11 when I actually break it loose.

First we're going to undo the stabilizer and link, and then we're going to undo these two bolts that are the strut mount, and we'll go up top and undo the three bolts. Take them out. 17 millimeters, head, 19 millimeters.

Not on this side. So let's just get out that's, probably 18 don't. You do a little here you see that doing, yes, somewhere in. There, yeah, not much to say, 10 millimeters, hey, man, just I'm kind of just wig on it. This one's, not bad it's a little. Sometimes they get hung up, but then we'll go it out it's all it is bolted into the hub.

This looks like that not bad. So we'll, hang that up it's to cuddle. My light, that's, no longer connected. The reason we do that it's, because when I just connect the strut it's, going to drop some, and I don't want to break this I don't want to pull, and I don't know that it will, but I don't want to pull. On it and cause the problem. So I'm just going to stick this bolt right back in where it came out temporarily I'm, Way out the hunt for it later, let's go at the come over here, a little, and we're going to try to get this in like see how that goes try this for the gun. You don't have a gun you're gonna need to get a hold of this and get a hold of the nut thinking, the arrow key in there and turn the on key like you're, tightening it and that'll back it through the nut we'll, try to do it this way.

Sometimes it'll work. So now I got my camera on there under the air hose as usual. Hopefully, hey, I got lucky actually came off.

Doesn't. Hang up hangs on you like I said, you could try this. This has flats on the back to behind here.

You can get a wrench down hold it. If you need to either way I got lucky on that one. Sometimes you sometimes do you don't think I have enough play in my I went on bolt actually I'm going to see if I can get a jack stand under this control warm. So it doesn't fall too much I. Don't think it will, but I don't want it to either I have pretty much a good amount of slack in that hose problem there. So I'll just slide up stand not it right up against it, but I want to be able to drop a little, because it makes a little easier to get the strut out, but I don't want the fall all the way you know, it's, not going to fall all the way down, but two, four, okay.

So now two bolts that hold the strut. And so before I do that I ascribed the front of these I'll, take a pic now, subscribe along. The front right on the front I'm, not showing anything I'm terrible today with my camera angles, my scribe well on the front of that with a pic on both sides. So when I put it back it's close to the alignment, you have to get alignment, then you break this looser, but I need to get alignment done, but I want it closed. So you described that forcing a screwdriver or pairs just go along the edge here and Mark as much as I can just kind of keep it straight out if I can and just mark this I want it.

Really as close as I can get it to this just to get my get it closes when I put it back together, I said, you're, never going to get it right on unless you get extremely lucky, but this will get you close. So you can go get an alignment done all right? We mark that let's get that off in there. Hold the front hold the head of the bolt get a wobble on keeping do it with a wobble I think so see if I lose somewhat enough to work with this to not be able to do it, break it loose. Yep. Now, tap these out here, a lot.

Of times is it going just on the other side started here, I always like to put the not right back on the bolt, so I'm off to Mary about where it is push it out as you spin. It hit the camera that's. It struts loose. Now we're going to go up top I bolt from the top we'll, just leave it like that. In fact, let me uh, I'll, just put maybe put one of these back in here, temporarily you can see I can roll it all over, but make it a punch I. Just hold it in place because, I'm, not I'm going to undo the time moving around. Just a regular socket, ratchet I will say, it's got the four summit, it's got a ton of room to work in that you not gonna really do work back there, but it's kind of nice that you just pop that off.

You don't need to but make cities. Your city I'm going to do that I did put that punch on you'll. See it in a second, the whole nuts, strung up that's.

Why I'm able to back yourself easily, turn? Alright, backed up a little give it a little more room. So it's, just this punch is just sitting in there. So it doesn't. Roll out without me, one, two. And now I should be able to just roll this out of here, just like that moved it just a little roll. This forward just to be careful, you're actually, won't roll, it is too much and pull your axle the boot on your axle I just want to get this enough, but I can slide it by the Cassini boot, careful of the boot slide.

It out that's. It that's it for ruined pretty, pretty simple, not too bad to do these obviously I've got the new one here, careful of your wife. Yes, I'm, just gonna. Line this up, and we're going to feed it up into the top, and let us start be tight just want to hold it got two of them started up top I, don't, hold it down that punch I used earlier fine doing these tapered punch like this helps a lot. So I'm just going to go this back I can get it close enough, get the punch in there. Punch put this taper, just pushing it as far as it'll go, usually we're lining, up, pretty good that get the bolt started texture to the front right in there.

Hammer then what pound is in. Should be able to just tap. These should like stuff started here punch-out in their starter. These are 130-foot pounds, that's a to expect consistent all with Drive I, don't know that it matters. But all right 30 now look at my mark here, different shape to the mount a little, but I still have that one line where I can line it up, and it's actually pretty close where it is I'm, not going to move it that's for having alignment done.

Anyway, let's run these back in both of these that was, actually. Pretty easy you see there, they can be a real pain. 17, yeah, I forgot myself, maybe a sensor back in the bracket here, 10 millimeter bolts. Well, crush this bolt it's only ten millimeters.

So snug, it up let's, go back up top and just the top by top nuts to the strut. Now we're back up top just snugging these up to it zip the top all right. Let's. Go torque, the strut mount, and we're done it's in the earlier.

One hundred thirty foot pounds for this small expansion of hoping to be able to reach should go to. Get both of these so that the hold of the head here as it wants to move just like go against the rotor the whole you that's, if it's pretty much it. You know, alignment done like I said, but really with a quick strut, really simple to do not that very hard at all well, that's it for there's. 2011.

Kia Sorento. Cool, it's, pretty crowded here. So close here's, the end, that's, broken, right? There it's supposed to be up in the seat it's all the way around the seat out of the now past the pocket for it and need to. Be replaced, no big deal quick, struts to make this easy.

And with the mileage it's on this car, I really just do coil springs and put a new strut and compress this spring because high mileage everything else when this wears as well, you know, it's, bearing in here's, a mount they don't wear. So quick strut just makes it a lot easier if you can get them for you, unless you have a specific like high-performance strut. You want on this car. Pretty easy job. Really probably take a half an hour side, maybe a. Little longer I think if you have air of tools or not if I'm not filming, 20 minutes, Sad possibly because, you know, I'm, not moving the camera around and all that kind of stuff.

So you can see if you have this problem with your car, you need to do struts in your Kia, Sorrento, I hope. This helps you out if you like the video subscribe below thanks for watching. So one thing I forgot the show and really didn't show and didn't know it.

So I didn't do the other side and thought it was about I thought about it. A.Little is if you unbolt this top bolt on that that's, a 14 millimeter on the top of the caliper and loosen the bottom one, you can roll this Cal for and roll it out of the way it allows you to get to this bottom bolt on the strut, a lot easier. So just do that do yourself a favor unbolt that loosen the bottom rotate it down. And that just makes it easier to get this bottom on and torque it and get it out of there. It gets this brake line and everything out of the way.

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