2005 Honda Odyssey Fuse Box Locations & Relay Identification


What's going on guys, I've got here, a 2005, Honda Odyssey, and I'm using this car to point out to you the location of all the different fuses, I'm also going to identify all the different relays for you, so we're going to begin under the hood on the passenger side, there's a fuse box here, which we remove by squeezing the tabs together and lifting them up. And you can read all about the different fuses and relays on the back here, but I'll, go ahead and identify to you the relays, and please do keep. In mind, there is a fuse puller here that you may find useful. This is your rear window defrost or defog relay. This is your ac relay. This is your blower motor relay and up here. We have two relays for the cooling fans.

This is the cooling fan for the radiator, cooling fan motor and that's, the cooling fan relay for the condenser fan. This car has two radiator cooling fans and so has two relays. Now we can move inside the car. There are two different places inside the car where you can find fuses I'll.

Start first on the passenger side. So if you look by the passenger floor, board, there's a cover here, which you remove just by sliding it out like so. And with that cover out, you can read about the fuses here on the back, not a lot going on this side.

However, if we move to the driver's side, there are a lot of relays and fuses as well. And please do keep in mind. I have other more in-depth videos about this car concerning different things like the starter circuit, the cigarette lighters things of. That nature so check those out if you need more additional help.

Now here we've got a similar cover to what we had on the passenger side. You just slide it like so. And here we can read more about the fuses here on this side. Now there are a number of relays here as well, they're a little obstructed behind this trim piece, you can barely get an angle on them down through here, but I'm going to go ahead and pull this trim piece aside.

So I can identify some of those for you. You may wish to be a little. More gentle in the way you remove the trim piece on your car. But here we go so let's, talk about these relays. This is the PGM phi. Number two, relay that's, what Honda calls it.

I call it the fuel pump relay here we have an ignition coil, relay that's, the PGM phi number one, relay or the main relay here we have the power window relay. We have an air fuel heater circuit relay this. Last relay is the starter cut relay. And here we have the driver side, accessory power, relay. So, yeah, I hope that this information.

Was helpful for you or at the very least a good starting point drop any comments down below if you have any questions or advice, and thanks for watching.

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