1998-2005 Lexus Gs300 Auxbean 9006 Led Bulb. 6500K.


Hello, YouTube, I'm going to do a quick video here on packing of uh lights that I ordered from my Lexus, 2001, gs from Amazon. Um, they were on sale. They even have like, uh, I think like 10 off. So in reality, they paid like 26 dollars for this light. As you guys can see here made in China like everything else.

Uh, the numbers are x. 0. 0 1, 16 x.

D, 13 led balls made in China. Okay. So it comes very quick it's supposed to be supposed to be later, but apparently they have all kind of sale. Well packing so they're.

Called Rubin LED light led systems. They say they match my Lexus that's. The way the box come right?

There. AXA. Bean led extremely bright pure.

White 65k sunlight, standing up output. Lima bean technology, meteor exceeded after market, 35 watt hid kits, turbo, blah, blah, blah, simple to install five thousand hours without call of fading all right. Okay. So this is the way they come in the package as you can see.

This is the leader fans. These are the actual beam with the light right there. This is the other one. So like, for example, you said, go and grab my light from my car. I'm going to do an installation video let's, see? What else comes in this package over here.

So that's the way they come. You can unpack from there use exactly the same connector that I use in my Lexus, 2001, gs, 300. So I got the positive and the negative right there. I have a little fan right there. You guys can see.

I have the ring over here, exactly the same. It connects on my car. This is the next one right here.

Okay. And on the box come with a. Sticker for advertising, actually being in a little manual, right there? Okay, so you have like a Chinese Russian in Spanish and English. You got three languages, right there, give you step-by-step how to install instructions?

So I think we're going to do uh the installation. Now, I don't know let me go and grab the key. Let me tell you. Let me put a stop to this video.

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